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April 23, 2020

Blue Lapis Healing Properties


The lapis lazuli (also referred to as blue lapis) is another gemstone with such a long history behind it. The brilliant celestial blue of this magnificent stone is used as a symbol of royalty, power, spirit, dignity and vision.

This stone has been used for jewelry as well as for healing for thousands of years. The blue lapis healing properties will be discussed in this post along with a little bit of background and its history.

What is Blue Lapis Gemstone?

The stone is made out of several minerals such as Lazurite, Calcite, Sodalite, and Pyrite (gold color flecks). The blue comes from both Lazurite and Sodalite. The blue lapis with more white and with a lighter blue is sometimes called as denim lapis. The name lapis lazuli comes from the Latin word “lapis” for stone and the Persian word “lazhuward” for the color blue. ( More information on its chemical composition is available here )

composition minerals of blue lapis lazuli
image 1 : Main minerals of Blue Lapis

The History of Blue Lapis

The history of blue lapis runs back about 6000 years. As the earliest found occurrence, blue lapis has been traded between the Mesopotamia and now Afghanistan in 3500 BC. The stone is also believed to be first mined in Afghanistan.

Blue lapis is a stone well connected with ancient Egyptians as well. King Tutankhamen, one of the most powerful Egyptian emperors, wore a blue lapis scarab bracelet along with many other blue lapis jewelry. Even his tomb is filled with blue lapis ornaments.

Blue lapis was also a symbol of the starry night in the ancient Persia and pre-Colombian America. Blue lapis was also used in the Greek and Roman times and in the medieval Europe as well.

The ultramarine pigment from the blue lapis stone has been in used for centuries as a coloring agent in many applications.

image 2 : A blue lapis jewelry belonging to an Egyptian emperor


Blue Lapis Healing Properties

Blue lapis is a great stone to stimulate the deeper intellectual capabilities in mind. It encourages the eager to know the truth, gather more knowledge and the desire to understand the truth. It also supports the learning process and improves the memory power.

The stone is also a stone of truth as it promotes honesty. Wearing Blue lapis helps you in deep communication. Stone promotes friendship and brings peace to relationships.

As there are many more areas to discuss, the blue lapis healing properties will be discussed under following sub topics for your convenience of reading and grasping the content.

  1. Physical Healing Benefits
  2. Emotional Healing Benefits
  3. Chakra Healing and Balancing
  4. Spiritual Benefits
  5. Wealth, Business and Work Related Benefits

(Note – information presented here should not be considered as an alternative for professional medical advice)

Let’s us got through this list one by one.

1.     Physical Healing Energy

Blue lapis is particularly good for the throat area. It is beneficial to the voice box (larynx) and vocal codes. It also helps the regulation of thyroid and endocrine glands.

It is also good for complications with the nasal passages and ear and also to overcome loss of hearing. It also reduces vertigo.

Blue lapis is good for the blood system as it improves circulation, lowers blood pressure and improves the heart rhythm.  It also relieves sleeplessness (also called insomnia)

Blue lapis when heated in warm water can be used to stop blood flowing from a small wound, on infected swellings and also for eye infections. Just rub the area with the water heated with blue lapis (put the stone in a bowl of water and heat it). You can also use the cooled water to wash eyes. A blue lapis stone heated in sunlight can be used to reduce bruising, insect bites and also for other minor skin issues.

Blue lapis helps the nervous system and also illnesses in the brain. The stone is good for children suffering from illnesses such as attention deficit disorder (ADD), autism and Asperger’s syndrome. It is also good against migraine.

The stone is good for pains in the lower back and also for all stiffness and cramps. Blue lapis is believed to be good for women who are suffering from irregularities in menstrual cycle and in general it alleviates pain and swellings.


2.     Emotional Healing Benefits

Emotional healing benefits is another key area in blue lapis healing properties.

As mentioned earlier also, blue lapis is considered as the crystal of truth. It will allow you to learn the inner truth of you and promotes self-awareness as well as the embracing of that knowledge. You will be able to better see your values, beliefs and inspirations so that you can get a clearer understanding of yourself. You will also see your weaknesses, areas to improve and how to use the naturally gifted talents for the development of yourself.

People often have things that are suppressed inside them for a long time which results in grief and regret. Lapis lazuli helps to release these and express yourself without having a negative impact.

The stone promotes self-respect in social relationships. The stone helps the good qualities such as kindness, empathy as well as honesty and directness when comes to relationships with others.


3.     Chakra Healing and Balancing Energies

Blue lapis stimulates the intellectual aspect of the third eye chakra and help balancing the energies of the throat chakra. This explains some of the main benefits of the stone explained above.

Third eye chakra controls how we see the world and awareness of it. We relate the world to us through this chakra. When the third eye chakra is activated, we are able to distinguish important from the unimportant and hence better interpretation of facts.

We are also able to see things more clearly when the third eye chakra is in balance, meaning the interpretation of what we see will also be better.

There will be harmony in the internal communication and thoughts within ourselves. New ideas and seemingly impossible imaginations will be better accepted. Our intellect will be open, observant and critically analyzing the dreams and visions.

Throat chakra plays a very important role in the chakra system. It regulates expression of the energy from other chakras. A blocked throat chakra has negative effects on other chakras. When the throat chakra is in balance, we will be free to express our feelings and thoughts. A balance throat chakra allows us to communicate our beliefs, values, emotions, personal truths and also new ideas to the world.

The energy flow within the body and spirit will be smooth. Energy flow from the lower chakras will be freely expressed and released.

The positive effect the stone has on the third eye chakra and the throat chakra is another reason for the brain and throat related blue lapis healing properties we earlier discussed.


4.     Spiritual Energy

When comes to stones which is used for spiritual awakening, lapis lazuli is one of the oldest known to the world. It is used by healers and priests to activate spiritual abilities and vision.

Blue lapis enables you to achieve contentment and peace by releasing stress. When placed of the third eye, it stimulates intuitive capabilities and awareness to achieve spiritual success. Blue lapis helps to tap into the spiritual power.

5.     Wealth, Business and Work Benefits

Blue lapis is great for many professions as it stimulates intellectual power and good judgement. Any profession where a sharper brain and better judgement helps such as inventors, writers, psychologists, lawyers, managers, business owners, etc. will benefited from the stone.

It also attracts achievements, promotions and acknowledgements. If you are involved in activities where you are presenting something to the public, wearing Lapis lazuli helps you to attract fame.

Here is a good video by GIA which shows a blue lapis market in Afghanistan.

Final Thoughts

Blue lapis is indeed a fabulous looking gemstone with a whole lot of metaphysical powers. In this article, blue lapis healing properties were discussed under its physical, emotional, chakra, spiritual healing properties as well as its impact on the business life as well.

I hope I covered the main areas reasonably well and would love to hear your thoughts. Let me know if you have nay questions as well.

p.s. –

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Sources for this article can be found here. 

4 thoughts on “Blue Lapis Healing Properties

  1. I have thyroid and vertigo problems. This is such a versatile stone this Blue Lapis. It has great healing power, it has a bearing on spirituality and it helps you in your business.
    Your explanations are so rewarding they make me want to buy the stones and experience their true power.
    Thank you for sharing this excellent information.

  2. Great post. I find the promotion of self-awareness very interesting. Do you know why rocks and gems are known to have special metaphysical powers whereas other materials may not have? It’s interesting why only gems and minerals would have these effects.

    1. Hi Umar, this is a great question, a question I ask myself. The scientific explanations I have read talk about the energy that is stored inside these minerals. The minerals were created inside the earth for millions of years under extreme thermodynamic conditions. Therefore the molecular vibrations are different from other materials and also each mineral has different vibration frequencies. Our body also has an energy field. The crystal healing techniques use the energy inside the crystals to change our body energy field in a positive manner. This article here might give you some background to what I am talking about here – https://minutiaemoments.com/scientific-studies-in-crystal-healing/ . I am planning to write more articles on scientific studies and hopefully I will be able to give you more answers.

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