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June 7, 2020

Most Popular Etsy Jewelry Shops – My Top 10

Etsy has fast become a trusted market place for almost all kinds of creative products including fine jewelry. It has opened the global jewelry market for amazingly creative jewelry makers in different cities and countries. In this article, I will list some of the most popular etsy jewelry shops which I came across.

The Criteria

I have selected these shops based on the following basic criteria.

1. Designs

One very important aspect of jewelry is the design. You can find as many designs as you want for any type of jewelry you want with just a click of a button. But as I believe, having unique designs is something very important.

2. Using Natural Gemstones

Lab created gemstones are abundant and inexpensive. Natural gemstones on the other hand brings a lot more value. Even relatively inexpensive gemstones are still creations of earth and there are no two 100% equal natural gemstones in the world. Shape and color might look equal but there will be so many differences in terms of natural inclusions and composition. Therefore, if you own any type of natural gemstone, you can be proud about processing something unique.

The value obviously increases when you a buying natural rare gemstones.

Therefore, the list I have given priority to jewelry shops who use natural gemstones. Some of them use both natural and synthetic and you can decide which one you want to buy.

3. Reviews

Customer reviews are so important when buying from etsy. Since you do not get to meet the jewelry shop owners, reviews are the best way to measure the product quality and their service.

4. Number of people who have “favorited” the shop

Etsy has this feature where a customer can add a shop to their favorites. When enter the hope page of the shop, you can see the number of people who have favorited the shop, just under the shop name. This is a good indication of how popular this shop is among etsy customers.

These are the four basic criteria I have used to come up with this list.

Most Popular Etsy Jewelry Shops

Following is the list of most popular etsy jewelry shops that I found and fit my criteria listed above.

1. Ferko’s Fine Jewelry

2. The Aladdin’s Cave

3. Tomas Brothers

4. Cecile Raley Designs

5. MS Jewelers

6. MinimalVS

7. Rosados Box

8. Ellyn Blue Jewelry

9. Gold Adore

10. Pompeii3

I will briefly introduce each store one by one.

(Note : If you are planning to purchase jewelry on Etys, I recommend you to read “How to buy jewelry online?” article as I have given some important steps to follow when buying jewelry or gemstones from etsy.

1. Ferko’s Fine Jewelry

This shop tops the list mainly because their unique designs. It has also gained a lot of popularity within the 3 years they have been selling on etsy.

Pay a visit and see, I am sure you will fall in love with their designs. They have a good range of gemstone jewelry as well, both precious and semi-precious stones. Another great thing about this store is that I did not find any jewelry done from synthetic gemstones. They have only used natural stones.

I found only yellow gold in Freko’s Fine Jewelry collection but it may have changed by the time you read this article.

2. The Aladdin’s Cave

This shop also offers a great set of designs but maybe not as unique as the last one. But they do offer all the metal types including silver. The gemstone variety is better than Ferko’s Fine Jewelry but they have used lab created gemstones for some jewelry. They have mentioned whether the stones are natural or synthetic, either in the title or in the product description.

Unless it is specifically stated, the stones must be lab grown. It is better to write to them and ask if you are going to purchase such item.

3. Thomas Brothers

This is predominantly vintage jewelry shop. They have a great range of vintage designs and offer silver, yellow gold and white gold jewelry. They also offer s great variety of gemstone jewelry.

4. Cecil Raley Designs

This store sells a large collection of gemstones as well in addition to jewelry. Therefore, one unique advantage is that you can get a customer jewelry done with a gemstone you love in their collection. They also offer all metal types.

I really liked their jewelry designs as well.

5. MS Jewelers

One thing I liked about MS Jewelers is that some of their designs are a great mix of modern and traditional styles. MS Jewelers also offers all metal types and a good variety of natural gemstone jewelry as well.

There are synthetic (lab created) gemstone jewelry as well but it is specifically mentioned in such situations.

6. MinimalVS

As the name suggests, they have a great collection of elegant and minimalist designs. They offer a wide range of gemstone jewelry as well. I could not find any silver jewelry in their shop and looks like they are specializing in gold jewelry.

I particularly like their designs as I am also a big fan of minimalist designs.

7. Rosados Box

This is another shop with a great collection of simple minimalist designs. They offer a good variety of gemstone jewelry and I did not find any jewelry with synthetic stones. In terms of metal types, they also seem to be specializing in gold jewelry.

8. Ellyn Blue Jewelry

Out of all the shops in this list, this is the only shop which offers jewelry done with raw gemstones. Raw gemstones ads a unique beauty to jewelry as the shape and beauty of those stones are very different to faceted gemstones. You will really like the large collection of rings done with raw gemstones.

Almost all the designs are gold and there are few silver jewelry as well.

9. Gold Adore

In terms of design variation, this shop is one of the best I found. They have a great selection of elegant, simple, vintage, etc. collection of jewelry. They offer all metal types except silver and also a great range of gemstone jewelry.

10. Pompeii3

This is one of the biggest shops I came across in terms of collection. They seem to be specializing in engagement and wedding rings for both men and women. They also have all other types of jewelry and a great collection of gemstone jewelry as well.

Their collection is so big and paying a visit is definitely worth it.

Final Thoughts 

The objective of this article was to come up with the 10 most popular etsy jewelry shops. Since there are so many jewelry shops on etsy, I used a criteria which I have listed at the beginning of the article to select 10 out of all the popular jewelry shops.

6 thoughts on “Most Popular Etsy Jewelry Shops – My Top 10

  1. Hi Rajith,

    I wasn’t aware if there were numerous finest jewellery shops on Etsy. I know the market is very competitive these days. I’m happy to have come across your website to choose out of 10 of your best recommended shops on Etsy. Thank you for making the hunt for jewellery easier for us.

    Best wishes

  2. I often visit Etsy to look at jewellery so it’s nice to find this post. I always look for gemstone and one of my favourites is sapphire. I also like simple, minimalist designs, so will take a look at MinimalVS. Thanks for sharing:)

  3. Thanks for sharing with us your top 10 lists of jewelry shops. I think I prefer the gold adore shop as it design fulfills my requirements. I hope thet do have many choices on couple rings as well. Thanks again.

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