Showing a black spinel crystal in the context of black spinel gemstone meaning
March 25, 2020

Black Spinel Gemstone Meaning – Why should you wear it?

Spinels are one of the most favorite gemstone types of many gemstone and jewelry lovers. It comes in a range of colors including red, blue pink, white, purple, yellow, black etc. The main purpose of this article is to discuss the Black Spinel Gemstone Meaning. We will also give a brief introduction to spinel as well as some benefits of spinel in general.

Brief Introduction to Spinel

Spinel is a gemstone which became very popular in the last couple of decades and it was identified as an individual mineral only 150 years ago. Before that, red spinels were also considered as Rubies. The famous “Black Prince Ruby” in the imperial English state crown was later found as a spinel.

The origin of the name “spinel” is not clear and it might be from the Greek word “spinos” for spark or the Latin word “spinella” for “thorn”. The main chemical composition for spinel is MgAl2O4. The different colors occurs from iron, vanadium, chromium and cobalt. 

Here is a great video which shows a group of miners finds a piece of calcite with black spinel crystals in it.

We will now move in to discussing the Black Spinel gemstone meaning but before that, let’s just quickly go through some important benefits of Spinels in general.

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Benefits of Spinel 

Spinels can benefit you in both personal and professional lives. It is associated with positive attitude and it gives courage and joyful spirit. Spinel can especially be useful during a change in life as it will help to reduce fears and stress.

Spinel gives confidence and supports you to be consistent in your thought process and actions. It will hence increase decisiveness and self-acceptance.

The gemstone is known to support in spiritual life as well. It will help you in meditation and in achieving inner peace.

Spinel is known for revitalization and can re-energize your life. It will refill your low energy levels . This property makes this stone ideal for hard workers and workaholics and it will also you to get rid of stress and anxieties.

If you are looking for inspiration, spinel is great for that as well. It is known to bring new hope. It will improve your creative thinking and gives you strength and courage to face challenges.  The stone will make you determined and stay focused under pressure to get over any difficult periods.

Spinel will help you to cleanse your physical body by getting rid of wastes and toxins. It will also help you to cleanse your aura by removing negativity.  It will effectively help to rejuvenate your body and mind.

Spinel boosts the positive things about you and help achieve greater heights while preserving humility. It will also help you face failures with positive attitude.

Black Spinel Gemstone Meaning


Black spinel gemstone meaning can be discussed under various section since it there are quite a few.

Emotional Benefits

Black spinel empowers the wearer. It gives courage, confidence and perseverance through its channeling and structuring energy. The gemstone has high energy which charges a person to become very energetic inside out.

It supports when going through a change regardless of whether it is a professional or a private matter.  Black spinel increases the capacity of a person and empowers to strive for more success.

It is also a great stone for people who are going through the sadness of losing someone as black spinel helps to get over the past and move forward by freeing any burdens in mind.

Black spinel is also used to cleanse the aura which helps to remove negativity and frustration that might be haunting you and bring you positivity to achieve what you want to achieve.

Physical Benefits

Black spinel also brings a number of physical benefits. It has a positive effect on the brain and helps to increase mental and intellectual power. It will help to improve memory and make your brain sharper and faster. Black spinel also has a positive effect on the nervous system.

Love and Relationships

 Black spinel helps you in maintaining and improving relationships. It will also help to resolve issues and fights if there are any.  Black spinel will make you think more about your partner and give more attention to his or her needs.

Health Benefits

Black spinel will make a person more dynamic and increase muscle strength. It also improves digestion and cleanses the skin.

It is also believed that black spinel will improve immunity and promotes healing especially in inflammations and injuries. (Special note – This should not in any way stop you from taking medical advice in such occasion)

For best results, the stone should be worn in the way that it rests directly on the skin.

Black Spinel Stone and Wealth

Although there is no direct relationship of black spinel to wealth, some previously mentioned benefits will result in your professional or business success which in turn result in more wealth and success. The confidence and positivism this stone gives you will make you successful in important meetings and taking decisions.

The ability to cleanse your aura and remove negativity will also result in taking a positive approach to problems leading to more success in business ventures and also in professional lives.

Black Spinel Stone and Zodiac

Black spinel is associated with zodiac signs Scorpio and Sagittarius. It is believed that the stone will help to overcome future fears of those who are with Scorpio sign.

Black Spinel Stone and Chakras

All crystals are associated with Chakras and black spinel and red spinel both activates the Root chakra. The Root Chakra is the center of the Kundalini energy. One important thing about Kundalini energy is that it helps to activate all other chakras.  Body, mind and spirit will work in harmony and you can enjoy a balanced body when all chakras are activated.

Other spinels and associated chakras will be mentioned here as it will be beneficial for some readers.

Blue spinel is good for throat chakra while green is good for heart chakra. Yellow spinel works well with the solar plexus chakra while violet spinel is for the third eye.

A set of crystal shape black spinel and a faceted black spinel is depicted in below images.

Showing a black spinel crystal in the context of black spinel gemstone meaning
image 2 : A Black Spinel crystal
Black spinel jewelry with black spinel cut and and polished stones
image 2 – A jwelery with Rubies and Black Spinels

How to Purify Black Spinel Stone

To make sure you get the best effect of this stone, it is vital to recharge the stone often. Holding the stone under running water will clean and discharge the stone. Keeping under the sun for a short time will reload it.


The main objective of this article was to discuss the Black Spinel gemstone meaning. While discussing the benefits of black spinel, a very brief introduction to spinel in general and some general spinel benefits were also discussed.

Hope you found the article useful and I would love to hear your thoughts, comments and also any questions you may have. 

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