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April 8, 2020

Yellow Sapphire Meaning – Powers, Benefits and Believes


Among all beautiful sapphires, Yellow sapphires hold a very special place. This is due to the yellow Sapphire meaning as well as for its remarkable beauty.  The bright yellow sparkles of a yellow sapphires can take your breath away.

It is also a perfect stone to take us into the summer mode as its color reminds us of the sun on a bright summer day.

The purpose of this article is to discuss the yellow sapphire meaning. Meaning will be discussed under several areas such as benefits in the business or professional life, health, spiritual and Chakra healing.

If you are curious on seeing how the stone actually looks like before going into the meaning of the stone, you can check out the following video from GIA.

Yellow Sapphire Meaning

Yellow sapphire is a stone which has immense value both physically and metaphysically in multiple aspects of life. Therefore, I am going to discuss yellow sapphire meaning under several key areas.


Business, Profession and Wealth

Yellow sapphire is very much connected with money and prosperity. It brings abundance to those who wear or carry it. 

Yellow sapphire is one of the most well know stones to improve your financial situation and bring success.

It is suitable for the stable operation of a business and also for all money related matters. It adds optimism to one’s character and gives patience, wisdom, empathy and enthusiasm. What comes from using this gemstone is happiness, wealth and prominence.

It provides general wellness and spiritual knowledge. Wearing a yellow sapphire without flaws and of at least 3 carats would be a promise of money and wealth.

Yellow sapphire is great for anyone in a profession which requires wisdom for career success. Professors, teachers, researches, philosophers and scientists are few examples.

People who desire to be managers or politicians should look for yellow sapphire as an ally. It should also serve as a talisman. You will be able to convey your ideas and feelings in a relaxed and confident manner. It also allows you to defeat your fears and empowers you to be able to accept challenges and do some incredible things in love.

By keeping you directed towards your ambition, it can defeat the doubts and fears that are holding you back from achieving your dreams. Yellow sapphire helps you maintain the vision and stimulate the confidence of ultimate success.


Yellow Sapphire Meaning in Astrology

According to the traditional Indian astrology, different gemstones are recommended based on how different planets are located in the horoscope.

The Pukhraj (another name for yellow sapphire) is among the most precious and promising stones that controls the mighty planet Jupiter. Yellow sapphire is recommended if the Jupiter is having negative effects as per the horoscope. 

Yellow sapphire improves the positive powers of Jupiter.  As a planet of happiness, prosperity, good luck, and religiosity, Jupiter is a measure of wealth, children, control and God’s grace.

The aura of a person can absorb the constantly vibrating energy of Jupitor when a yellow sapphire is worn as a ring or a pendent. This will empower the aura to protect that person from challenges created by external negative energy. 

Jupiter bring good luck to pregnant women as well. Jupiter looks after pregnant women by easing the delivery and protecting miscarriages.


Love and Relationships

Yellow sapphire improves the tense relationships between couples and increases love. The powerful yellow sapphire can bring you miraculous progress when used correctly.

Ancient books says that wearing a yellow sapphire by a girl will help her to find the dream man.

The stone brings happiness to married women as well by attracting joy and abundance to their lives.


Yellow Sapphire and Chakra Healing

Chakra healing is another aspect in yellow sapphire meaning. The stone activates the solar plexus chakra. It is located in the upper part of your belly, where the diaphragm rests.

This is also the chakra of relationships and the distribution center of energy.  Solar plexus chakra controls the digestive system and the immune system.

Balancing this chakra both physical and spiritually is important.  Our immune system as well as the digestive system will improve when the solar plexus chakra is balanced physically.

Improving the immune system means we are capable of fighting viruses, infections and allergies better.  When the digestive system works well, out body absorbs the nutrients of the food we consume much better.

Spiritual imbalance of the solar plexus chakra means that we are controlled by the fear of displeasing others. Pleasure of others will be the priority just because we are afraid to take decisions which might make them unhappy.

Spiritual balance of this chakra gives us the power to freely express ourselves so that we are not forced to live to please others.


Spiritual Benefits

There is always a discussion among us on what we are doing and what were born to do. What is the role we are supposed to play?

Well, yellow sapphires are believed to bridge that gap and align our work to what we are actually supposed to do in the world or as it is called, the divine will.

Yellow sapphire will make us understand that the challenges we face in life is essentially a blessing in disguise to make us do what we are supposed to do. The stone will give us energy to overcome the obstacles we face in a way that we will do what we are destined to do. 

Additionally, yellow sapphires helps people to focus and stay focused with what they are doing.

Meaning of Sapphires ( including special benefits of pink sapphires ) 

Physical properties

As yellow sapphires are part of the sapphire family, physical properties are the same for the sapphire group.

Mineral – Corundum

Chemical composition – Al2O3  ( In most cases, yellow color in yellow sapphire is from the presence of iron)

Refractive Index – 1.762-1.770

Pleochroism  – Weak ( This strongest for blue sapphires )

Specific Gravity – 4.00


Where is it found?

The most famous place for the finest gem quality yellow sapphires is Sri Lanka.

In addition, yellow sapphires are mined also in Thailand, Myanmar (Burma), Madagascar, India, Tanzania, Kenya, Pakistan, Afghanistan and also in Montana USA.

Here is a video of a raw (uncut) yellow sapphire gemstone found in Sri Lanka.

Wrap Up

Yellow sapphire meaning was discussed in detail in this article. I hope you will find value and some applications to your life as well. Please let me know your comments and also any question you might have.







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