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March 25, 2020

Moonstone Gemstone Meaning – Special Powers and Benefits


“Moonstones were known to humans probably for as long as the moon itself”. 

Funny it may sound, it gives an idea as to how long humans have admired this beautiful stone. We have used Moonstone for thousands of years and it is still an extremely popular stone around the world among many gem and jewelry lovers. Its unique beauty and variety captures the attention of anyone easily. 

Therefore many are interested in getting to know more about Moonstone gemstone meaning which is the main purpose of this article.

I will first give you brief introduction to the properties of the stone and then discuss the Moonstone gemstone meaning.


About Moonstone

Moonstone belongs to the feldspar-group mineral orthoclase. There are two main subgroups in feldspar that produce gems. The potassium feldspar and plagioclases are the two.

Moonstone is potassium feldspar of the orthoclase species with white shimmer similar to moonshine and hence the name of the stone. Deposits are found in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Brazil, India, Madagskar and United States.

There are three different types of moonstones classified based on the color.  Those are white moonstone, blue moonstone and rainbow moonstone. The following pictures depicts the three types.


White moonstone
Image 1 : White Moonstone
Rainbow Moonstone
Image 2: Rainbow Moonstone
Blue Moonstone
Image 3 : Blue Moonstone










Here is a great video which gives some more valuable information about moonstone.

Moonstone gemstone meaning will be discussed next under several sub sections.


Historical Beliefs

The power of Moonstone resides in its connections with the moon, and it traditionally ignites metaphysical powers.

Moonstone gemstone meaning was a topic of interest even in the middle ages where it was a love talisman during the waxing moon —love increased as the moon grew bigger. During the waning period, Moonstone enabled the wearer to accurately predict the future. In some cultures, the stone was placed under the tongue to activate its properties, linking it to the central channel through which Qi and kundalini energy flow.

In hindu culture, moonstone is considered a sacred stone. They believe that a spirit lies in the stone which brings good luck to the wearer. Moonstone is linked with Archangel Gabriel. 

Moonstone Gemstone Meaning 

Moonstone gemstone meaning can be categorized into few sections as described below.


Healing Power

Moonstone helps to synchronize our hormonal cycles with rhythms of nature, specifically the different phases of the moon. People experiencing sleeping difficulties and uneasiness caused by the moon will be benefited by moonstone especially when used for a period of four weeks from the new moon.


Moonstone traditionally prevented lunacy and calmed the soul. It regulated menstruation and menopause. Blue Moonstone may specifically help females as it helps to bring their reproductive system to optimum energetic functioning prior to conception. Moonstone eases menstrual complaints and provides relief during the hormonal changes experienced in puberty and pregnancy, as well as in the menopause.

Blue Moonstone powerfully adjusts the physical body to assimilate the nutrients and minerals required for light body integration when placed over the thymus.

Moonstone is ideal to reset your biological clock. It will be help to boost fertility, relieves menstrual ailments, sleepwalking, lack of normal and deep sleep, deteriorating hair, eyes, skin as well as other organs. Moonstone will also help you to boost detoxification. Healing of digestion problems and excretory system problems can also be benefited by moonstone.

People in the Basque province in France believed that this stone will help epilepsy.


Transformational Power

Spiritual powers are also important when discussing about moonstone gemstone meaning. White and blue moonstones work hand in hand when comes to spiritual powers. Though white moonstones can induce delusions, those can be transformed into profound insights with the combination of blue moonstone which helps to unearth your spiritual potential and increase consciousness.

Coherent multidimensional awareness can be achieved with blue moonstone. It enables you to be aware of several things simultaneously. A tough male can be helped to find his inner feminine qualities and similarly, an aggressive female can be helped to find her soft side with blue moonstone.   Hence this crystal will help to balance masculine and feminine polarities. This will prepare you for an alchemical marriage and androgynous being

Blue Moonstone takes you to the peak of coherent multidimensional awareness, enabling you to be “here” and “there” simultaneously. Gentle Blue Moonstone helps a “macho” man get in touch with his inner feminine qualities or an overly aggressive female to find her gentler side. Using this crystal balances the polarities of masculine and feminine and prepares you for alchemical marriage and androgynous being. (Note: If Blue Moonstone energy is difficult to assimilate, hold Hematite to reground yourself. You may need to remove Blue Moonstone at full moon.)

Opening metaphysical abilities and preparing to receive a large sum of spiritual energy can be achieved via white moonstone.

You will be infused with spiritual and cosmic light through rainbow moonstones making you a part of life and consciousness cycle.

Ascension through vibratory levels can be achieved by placing the three different types of moonstones successively on the soma chakra.


Spiritual Benefits

Moonstones are significantly connected to spiritual world and hence also known as Psychic stones and also crystals of Gods and Goddesses. It is believed that moonstones can help to overcome attachments to the physical world, materialistic interests and ego.

Considered ideal for hermits and monks, moonstones help to open your mind and enhance synchronicity as well serendipity and perceptive powers.


Emotional Effects

An ideal crystal that helps to master emotions, Moonstone helps to stabilize emotional health and stimulate confidence as well as thinking power. As moonstones increases emotional strengths, it also helps to overcome emotional trauma and anxiety attacks. It is also known to stop nightmares and also help to overcome stress.

Another belief was that during the waxing of the moon it was an efficacious love charm; while during the moon’s waning it would enable its wearer to foretell future events.


How to use a Moonstone

The application is equally important as the benefits itself. You can either apply it directly to the body as jewelry, place close to the bed, in the room, for gemstone oil, as gemstone water, arrange as a stone circle, use for gemstone massage or in meditation.

Moonstone Effects

Fine layers of potassium and sodium feldspar refract a white or blue shimmering light; this stone refines our intuition, perception and dream memory while intensifying our emotional life.


Wrap Up

This article was prepared to discuss the Moonstone gemstone meaning. The benefits of the stone were discussed under several areas such as health benefits, spiritual benefits and emotional benefits.

There are so many believes about this wonderful stone as its history runs for many years. Hope you were able to get a fairly good understanding about Moostone gemstone meaning from this article and we would love to hear your comments, and questions if there are any.


If you are looking to buy a moonstone jewelry or a stone it self, check this article here “How to buy jewelry online ? “ and you might fins some useful tips to make your purchase online.


10 thoughts on “Moonstone Gemstone Meaning – Special Powers and Benefits

  1. I enjoyed this article about moonstone as I’ve always had an interest in all things spirtitual. The history of the gem stone is interesting, and I’ve never hear of rainbow moonstone. I love the idea it can help balance female hormones, as well help with healing. Thank you for sharing:)

  2. Hi Rajith,
    Great article on moonstones. I had no idea of their mysterious mystical, metaphysical properties and health benefits for women. Amazing! Wow ? love it. My boyfriend gave me blue moonstone earrings when we first met and I cherish them. I think now I’ll see if I can buy more and utilize them in my daily meditation practice. Good information! ✨?

  3. Hi Rajith
    Thank you for this post. Moonstone is one of my all time favourite gemstones, and my friends that travel the world, often return with moonstone for me. I currently own blue moonstone, and use it for its metaphysical/spiritual properties.

    Whenever I use this stone I will also feel more centered and balanced, it gives me a sense of peace and well-being, and as I work in male dominant environments where I am having to be more masculine in nature, Moonstone really balance out the feminine energies inside. It always leaves me feeling my innate self and complete. Thank you for your post on gemstones I thoroughly enjoy reading your work.

    1. Hi Nadine,
      Your comment my day. It is always great to hear from people who are actually benefiting from gemstones. Thank you for sharing your story and experience. I am so glad that you liked the post.

  4. It’s pretty interesting to see all the benefits that this gemstone can provide us. I particularly love the fact that it has healing effect for women. Menstrual time is horrible, at least if this can help, I would take it! I also like the emotional effects since we are never protected enough from anxiety attack. Oh and I hate having nightmares, it scares me. ?

    Very interesting, thank you!


    1. Hi Audrey, So glad to hear that you liked it. Crystals or gemstone healing therapies are gaining popularity.I will keep posting more.

  5. Thank you for this article, it was really an informative read about how the Moonstone can help in different areas of our lives.

    I personally love the Moonstone, and I find it suits very well especially brunettes 🙂

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