Blue Sapphire Meaning
March 28, 2020

Blue Sapphire Gemstone Meaning – Discovering the powers of the most desired sapphire

As one of most highly sort after gems in world, blue sapphire gemstone meaning is important to many. This is the main objective of this post and we are hoping to cover several areas. We will touch a little bit of background as well as meanings and benefits of sapphires in general.

What is Blue Sapphire?

Blue sapphire has been one of the most sort after gemstones in the history of mankind. The stone has been used by the royals and wealthiest around the world to demonstrate their power, wealth and superiority. Believes about blue sapphire gemstone meaning contributed to importance given to the stone apart from its heavenly beauty.

Sapphires are gem varities of the mineral corundum which is predominantly Al2O3. It can be found in many colors such as blue, white, purple, pink, yellow, orange, green, colorless and black. The red variety of corundum is called Ruby and it is not included in the sapphire category.  Out of all sapphires, blue sapphire is the most valuable and sort after.

Out of all Blue Sapphires, Royal blue has the highest market value due its mesmerizing, remarkable and unparalleled deep blue hue. This is also a reason for it to be popular among extremely different groups such as emperors, lovers, fortune tellers and healers.

Ancient Persians and Catholic church considers blue sapphire as a holy stone. Ancient Persians actually believed that reflections from blue sapphire made the sky blue.

Another reason for importance and extremely high popularity of sapphire is it hardness. It has a hardness of 9 in the Moh’s scale which is second only to diamond.

There are many other tones of tones of blue sapphires where some of them are quiet expensive but not as much as royal blue sapphires. Different color tones and names of those tone will be introduced in the latter part of this post.

Sapphires were given that name from tte Greek word “sappheiros” meaning “blue color”.  It is one of the most precious gemstone varieties in the world along with diamond, ruby and emerald.

Sapphires are also the birthstone for the month of September. 

corundum crystal
image 1 : A Rough Blue Sapphire Specimen

Blue Sapphire Gemstone Meaning

As there are several main factors, blue sapphire gemstone meaning will be discussed under few main areas.

Emotional Benefits

Blue sapphire will help you to get over from depression inject you with joyful energy. It will free your mind from mental prisons and suffering and enable you to become emotionally open.

You will be able to better focus by calming our mind and also bring back the balance to your body.

The stone make your mind stronger so that it will not be easily influenced by the thoughts and ideas of others.

Blue sapphire will make you trust your own intellect and believes and help you to understand yourself better.

If you are a person who is facing difficulties of expressing yourself to others, this stone will help you to overcome that and hence improve your relationships to a much better position.

This will also help you to take part in social activities with confidence about your opinion and thoughts.

If you have a dream which you wanted to achieve from your childhood or a strong ambition but seems like you cannot find a way or too many obstacles, this stone will provide you the needed support.

When comes to chakras, quality sapphires with strong blue rays will help you unlock the third eye and throat chakra.

These two chakras works hand in hand to improve your imagination and makes your concentration and communication more efficient and effective.

The stone will get rid of any blockages and allow you to freely express yourself. You will be able to better convey your feelings, values, thinking and thoughts.

Sapphires are strongly associated with wisdom. Therefore blue sapphire strengthen your intellect and decision making.

For those who are not organized and do not have self-discipline, this is will be a great stone as it will help you overcome those issues. The type of daily work which requires a high level of focus will also be benefited.

Health Benefits

( Special note – These benefits should not be taken as professional medical advice and should be considered in addition to proper medical advice)

Blue sapphires will help the health of overall body as it can remove toxins by providing purifying energies to organs.

Treatments for degenerative disease and blood related illnesses can be benefited.

The stone will improve eye sight and also heal any eye infections. Headaches and fevers can also be eases by blue sapphires.

Sapphires can also help ear infections and imbalances.  Medication for thyroid and other swollen glands can also be benefited by blue sapphires.

Benefits for business or professional lives

Blue sapphires will help you to overcome financial issues quickly.

The stone represents integrity and deeper principles which will help you make the right decisions during important and difficult stages.

The stone will help build good leadership as it will increase your good judgement.

If you are planning to give life to a new idea, blue sapphire will be a great choice as it will help to make the idea a reality and support you all the way till it is completed.

Love and Relationships

Blue sapphire represents faithfulness, commitment and love.  If you are planning on moving your relationship to another stage such as living together, getting engaged, married or becoming parents, this stone will be very useful.

Blue sapphire will help each other to be more open by getting rid of shyness and insecurities. It will eliminate fears, doubts, worries and anxieties and deepen your love.

By helping to get rid of these problems, the stone will help you to bring new positive energy and joy to your relationship.

Different Blue Sapphire Tones

There are many different tones to blue sapphire. The most expensive and sort after is royal blue in general but depending on customer requirements, some other tones can also be very expensive.

Some other popular color tones are cornflower, peacock, twilight, indigo and pastel.

 Below is a good video I found which demonstrate blue sapphires of different color tones. 

Wrap up

The main objective of this article was to discuss the blue sapphire gemstone meaning. A little bit of background and beliefs of blue sapphire, some benefits of sapphire in general and also the meaning of blue sapphire was discussed in this post.

Blue sapphire gemstone meaning was discussed under several areas such as emotional, health, business or professional and love and relationships.

Different color tones of the blue sapphire were also introduce very briefly.


Hope you were able to get something out from the post and we would love to hear any thoughts or questions you have.

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  1. Hi, Interesting article. I think the article was quite educational on my behalf. I learned a lot from the article.

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  2. Interesting article and a gemstone that people don’t know much about or associate with.

    Brought to my attention many things I didn’t know about this gem, although I do touch base on stones, that I use for grounding due to Reiki that I do practice.

    You touched based on the chakras that many people know about but tend to be none-believers. Especially as the Chakras belong to the spirit or astral body. People just can’t get their head around it, but eventually are in for a very big surprise.

    Thanks for sharing I did enjoy the post.


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