March 28, 2020

Pink Sapphire Meaning – Awesome powers and benefits of Pink Sapphire

All sapphires are varieties of corundum and corundum is a crystalline form of aluminum oxide. Sapphires are one of the most desired and expensive gemstones in the world.

Although the blue sapphires are the most famous, sapphires form in many more colors such as pink, yellow, green, purple, white, green and black. The Red varieties of corundum are called Rubies. 

All colors of sapphires demonstrates their own metaphysical properties and also vibrational patterns. But in general, all sapphires are known to be stones of wisdom.

Sapphires are associated with intellect, higher mind, getting insights and self-control. Sapphires were worn for centuries (if not more) for bringing good luck, security and spiritual achievements.  Sapphires were often worn by the royals and the wealthy as it was a symbol of power and strength. But in addition, it was also a symbol of kindness, compassion and intelligent decisions.

Pink Sapphires are found in Sri Lanka, Eastern Australia, Thailand, Madagascar, China, East Africa and in North America.


Sapphire Meaning and Purposes

Before going into discussing pink sapphire meaning, lets first discuss of benefits of sapphire in general.

This stone is perfect for emotional and mental protection. If you are in a situation where things are out of control but you cannot leave due to various other reasons, this stone will especially be useful.

A quiet and peaceful mind can be achieved by sapphire. It helps to free yourself from stress and overwhelming thoughts and allow you to focus. When you are stuck with problems, the stone will help you to lighten you and bring joy. It stimulates the mind to be open to enjoy beauty.  Sapphires will help you to balance your physical, mental and spiritual bodies.

Sapphires are also known as the “wisdom stone” and each color is associated with its own type of wisdom.

Star sapphires – mainly pale shades- are associated with honesty and integrity. It represents wise and truthful leadership and especially a good gemstone for female entrepreneurs and businesswomen.

Sapphires, in hardness, is second only to diamond as it has a hardness of 9 in the Moh’s scale.  Therefore sapphires are widely used in many industrial applications including scientific instruments, medical equipment, air and gas analyzers, UV and IR windows and lenses, etc. Synthetic sapphires are used in these industrial applications due to their economic viability.


Pink Sapphire Meaning and Purposes


(Special note – All health benefits mentioned here should not stop you from taking doctors’ advice or stop you from taking any medication you already take.  )

Physical Healing

Pinks sapphires are known to be good for those who are facing blood sugar level issues, both high sugar levels and low sugar levels.

Sapphires balance body systems and supports proper regulation of glands. Sapphires are also known to improve the strength of veins and their elasticity.  It will help to resolve blood disorders including excessive bleeding.

This stone also helps to strengthen and balance the heart.

Emotional Healing Energy

Pink sapphires are useful when you need to move forward without getting stuck by worrying about the past and helps to overcome depression. It soothes heart and revitalize emotions. It can bring joyful spirit to all types of relationships open ones hear to love and to be loved.

Pink Sapphire and Heart Chakra

Pink Sapphire stimulates the heat chakra which is located in the middle of the chest. It controls what we accept and what we reject from the external world. It helps us to live a balanced life within our environment. Energy of pink crystals help us understand our requirements and thoughts clearly as it clears blockages and re-balance hear chakra. We will be able to get better insights and understand our emotional relationships.

Motivational Energy

A very important aspect of pink sapphire meaning is its motivational and inspirational energies and benefits.

Pink sapphires has this strong power to attract things required for one’s prosperity. Pink sapphires will manipulate positive energy to support what we want to achieve even without our conscious and deliberate actions.

It also helps us to understand the value of appreciating people and things.

The stone will help you to overcome difficult problems through wisdom. Stone is also believed to increase the love luck of a person.

Pink sapphire will cleanse your aura and help you to be a charismatic person. Pink sapphire is useful when you want to win the trust of other people. It will also help you to stand out and to build batter human relationships.  These benefits will make pink sapphires very useful when doing business.

Pink sapphire will also save you from making wrong decisions because of greediness. It will help you to get through some traps in the materialistic world.

Color Energy of Pink Sapphire

Pink is the color of compassion, love and nurture. Its calmness will help to control anger. Pink color helps in sensuality also helps to cure heartaches.

Some Pink sapphires are depicted in the following image.

Pink sapphire color tones
Image 1 : Pink Sapphire Color Tones

Cleaning Pink Sapphire

Pink sapphire does not absorb negative energies like many other crystals. Therefore cleaning does not have to do anything with removing negative charges.

But when you want to actually physically clean it, just use a damp cloth. If there is a lot of dirt, an ammonia solvent (mix ammonia in water with equal parts) will clean it well.

Some other properties of Sapphire

We thought some properties of sapphires will be useful to know.

As mentioned earlier, it has a hardness of 9 in the Moh’s scale.

Sapphires demonstrate double refraction and the two refractive indexes will be between 1.762 and 1.788.  Therefore sapphires have pleochroism and this is a very important factor in cutting a sapphire rough sapphire gemstone.

It has a triagonal doubly pointy crystal system. The main chemical in corundum is Al2O3 ( Aluminium Oxide)

Wrap Up

The purpose of this article was to discuss Pink Sapphire Meaning.  Many benefits of pink sapphire as well as sapphire in general were discussed throughout the article. Pink sapphire is indeed a wonderful gemstone and these benefits makes it even better.

Hope all of you like the article and managed to learn something new. We would love to hear any comments and questions you have.




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