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March 25, 2020

Pink Spinel Meaning – The Benefits to the Wearer

Spinel is a gemstone which became very popular in the last couple of decades.  Before discussing about the pink spinel meaning, let’s first get to know some general important information about Spinel.

Brief Introduction to Spinel

Spinel was identified as an individual mineral only 150 years ago. Before that, spinels were also considered as Rubies. The famous “Black Price Ruby” in the imperial English state crown was later found as a spinel.

The origin of the name “spinel” is not clear and it might be from the Greek word “spinos” for spark of the Latin word “spinella” for “thorn”. The main chemical composition for spinel is MgAl2O4. The different colors occurs from iron, vanadium, chromium and cobalt.

When discussing about pink spinel meaning, it is important to get to know spinel benefits in general. Therefore, we will be first discussing the general benefits of spinel and then move on to pink spinel meaning.

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Benefits of Spinel

Spinels can benefit you in both personal and professional lives. Spinel is associated with positive attitude. It gives courage and joyful spirit. Spinel can be especially useful during a change in life as it will help to reduce fears and stress.

Spinel gives confidence and supports you to be consistent in your thought process and actions. It will hence increase decisiveness and self-acceptance. Spinel is known for revitalization and can reenergize your life. It will refill your low energy levels . This property makes this stone ideal for hard workers and workaholics.

Spinels are known to support in spiritual life as well. It will help you in meditation and in achieving inner peace. Spinel will help you to get rid of stress and anxieties.

If you are looking for inspiration, spinel is great for that as well. It is known to bring new hope. It will improve your creative thinking and gives you strength and courage to face challenges.  The stone will make you determined and stay focused under pressure to get over any difficult periods.

Spinel will help you to cleanse your physical body by getting rid of wastes and toxins. It will also help you to cleanse your aura by removing negativity.  It will effectively help to rejuvenate your body and mind.

Spinel boosts the positive things about you and help achieve greater heights while preserving humility. It will also help you face failures with positive attitude.

Pink Spinel Meaning

We will discuss the pink spinel meaning in point form as it will be easier to understand and absorb the key points.

  • Pink spinel is good for those who are suffering from fatigue and chronic conditions.
  • Pink spinel is also great for those who are in long distance relationships as it is believed to carry love.
  • Pink spinel concentrates positive energy. This will give you courage and confidence to hold your opinion without getting intimidated or influenced by the surrounding information. This confidence will make your opinion or the idea more valuable than before.
  • Another important pink spinel meaning is that this stone will energize your efforts in achieving something and help you get better results. Pink spinel will help you to keep your motivation during the struggle. It is good to use when you are after acquiring money.
  • Pink spinel will get rid of your negative energy by replacing your body and mind with positive energy. For those who easily get filled with negative emotions, stress and frustration, this stone is stone is recommended. It will help to clear the negativity by creating self-belief and hope.
  • Pink spinel helps to win over tough situations. It is useful when you want to keep going till the end without giving up. Stone will support you to get over the fear you feel during tough situations and the emotional difficulties during uncertain situations. It will help you to establish a clam and quite environment.
  • Pink spinel is also great to leave a lasting positive impression that resonate in consumer’s mind if you are doing a business. If you are in a creative business such as art, video, photography, publication, design, etc. pink spinel will be useful to create memorable work.
  • Most of you will be fascinated about this Pink Spinel meaning. Pink spinel can help you to remain young in mind. You will be able to keep your mind and thoughts young without getting restricted to past knowledge and experience. Keep up with the time and be on the top of the ear.

Some images of pink spinels are depicted below. The first image contains a rough pink spinel . This rough spinel demonstrate the crystal shape very well.

pink spinel crystal
Image 1 : Spinel crystal

Physical Properties of Spinel

Spinel is an oxide mineral and its crystal system is cubic. It has a relatively high hardness compared to some other minerals and its 7.5 – 8.0 in the Mohs hardness scale. Specific gravity of spinel is in the rage from 3.58 to 3.61 but sometimes it can increase depending on the composition. For example, the Zn-rich spinel has a specific gravity of 4.40.

Spinel also has a wide range of colors such as red, pink, lavender, violet, blue, dark green, brown, colorless, gray, yellow, orange and black. Spinel is single refractive and some demonstrate anomalous refraction. Since it is single refractive, spinels do not have a pleochroism.  Refraction index of spinel is 1.718.

A stone which can be mistaken to spinel is taaffeit.  Taarfeit demonstrate double refraction and that can be used to differentiate taaffeit from spinel.  Taaffeite is an extremely rare stone and it is much more expensive than spinel of same color.

Spinels can be found as transparent, translucent or opaque.

Some spinels may demonstrate magnetism. Fluorescence under UV light can be observed for some red and pink spinels. Sri Lanka has been known for spinels for a long time and lately more countries were added to the list.

Therefore it can be said that spinels are found in Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Burma ( Myanmar), Vietnam, Cambodia, Tanzania, Afghanistan, Australia, Nigeria, Bolivia, Brazil, Tadzhikistan, Thailand, United States, Nepal, Albania, Algeria, Atlantic ocean and Belguim.

Spinels can also be found as 4 rayed stars and 6 rayed stars. Some spinels demonstrate color change due to presence of Fe, V and Cr. Color changes can be seen as blue to violet, violet to reddish violet and greyish blue to reddish violet.

One very special type of spinel is Cobalt spinel which has the cobalt spinel an hence the name. Cobalt spinels are very rare and expensive.



Main objective of this article was to discuss about pink spinel meaning. The article gave a brief introduction to spinel and also some important general benefits of the stone.  Specific benefits of pink spinel was discussed next and finally we discussed about some important physical information about spinel in general.

Hope you found this article useful and please feel free to comment or ask any questions may you.

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10 thoughts on “Pink Spinel Meaning – The Benefits to the Wearer

  1. So interesting to read about the history of the Pink Spinel! I did not know how the stone was being used for so many purposes.
    Thank you for the intriguing article!

    1. Hi Daniel, Thanks. You can’t really point out one factor as the main factor for price. Let’s put it this way. The price depends on the color, carat weight, cut and clarity. If the last three are the same, then the price depends on the color. When it comes to pink spinel, the most desired color is called “hot pink”. Which is a really nice strong pink color.

      But practically, the price is determined by a combination of all those 4 factors. For certain gemstones, the location it found also matter. For example, Sri Lankan blue sapphires are priced higher among other blue sapphires and same goes to Rubies from Myanmar.

      Hope I answered your question.

  2. Wow. Who would have said that a gemstone can carry so many benefits, ha? I’ve read something similar before but this is much better. Thanks a lot for sharing this article.

  3. I love beautiful stone and crystal. I can feel the energy of them. The raw one usually has a stronger energy compare to those polished gemstone.

    Even the same type of stone can have a different energy. Therefore, for those people who are really into collection of stone and crystal, they like to feel it in their hands.

    You believe it or not, these stone and crystal actually also looking for a owner. If they like you, they will use their energy to attract you. This explain why sometimes something that some how catch your eyes and you fall in love with it and feel like owing it.

    Because we have energy too! In fact, everything around us are energy.

    1. Hey Janet,

      It is always a pleasure to find more people who are in love with crystals and gems. Thank you very much for adding more value to the article.

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