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March 25, 2020

London Blue Topaz Facts – Properties, Features and Benefits

Topaz has been a popular gemstone for centuries. Although sometime ago, all yellow, golden brown and sometimes even green gemstones were called Topaz, today all actual types of topaz are equally very popular.

Topaz comes in a wide range of colors. The pink to reddish-orange is the most valuable. London Blue Topaz is the also a highly sought after among all different colors. Therefore, I am going to go through a number of important london blue topaz facts in this article.

I am going to go through the making process, physical properties,  features and also the numerous metaphysical benefits.

Making of London Blue Topaz

The process of making london blue topaz is one of the most important facts among all other london blue topaz facts. This color of london blue topaz is not a naturally occurred color. When white topaz is exposed to high energy gamma radiation in a nuclear reactor, three colors of blue topaz can be generated. Namely sky blue, swiss blue and London blue. London blue is the most expensive out of these three types.

Other types of treatments used in topaz are heat treatment and coating with a metal oxide. However, London blue is generate via irradiation. All types of treatments are fine as long as the treatments are mentioned.  However, coated topaz can change its color with the time. Some factors such as rapid temperature changes will lead to weakening the bond between the topaz and the color coat reducing the lifetime of the coat.

Types of Blue Topaz
image 1 : Different shades of Blue Topaz

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Topaz Deposits

During the 18th century, the most famous topaz mine was at Schneckenstein in the souther Voigtland in Saxony. Brazil has now become the most important supplier and deposits are also found in Afghanistan, Australia, Burma ( Myanmar ), China, Japan, Madagascar, Mexico, Namibia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia, Sri Lanka, United States and Zimbabwe. Light blue topaz are also found in  Nothern Ireland, Scotland and Cornwall, England.

Here is a cool video we found where a group of people are hunting for Topaz in a rocky mountain.

Identifying Features of Topaz

One key feature of Topaz is that its hardness. It has a hardness of 8 in Moh’s hardness scale which is higher than many other gemstone varieties such as Beryl, Tourmaline and Garnet. Therefore Topaz is frequently used in jewelry. Its orthorhombic crystal structure is also another key difference from other gemstones.

It has perfect cleavage which is sometime very important in distinguishing rough topaz stones. It also means that, despite its hardness, it will tend to break along cleavage lines.

Topaz also has strong pleochroism. Which means that the best color will be in one particular direction that this should be considered in cutting the gemstone.

London Blue Topaz Facts- Physical Properties

Since london blue topaz is a color variation of topaz, all the physical properties of london blue topaz are similar to topaz. Since it is important to get to know physical properties of topaz when learning about london blue topaz facts, I will list the most important ones here.

Chemical CompositionAl2SiO4(F,OH)2
Crystal SystemOrthorhombic
Specific Gravity3.49 – 3.57
Refractive Index1.61 – 1.638

Benefits of Topaz

Meaning and benefits are also important when learning london blue topaz facts.  Before going into London Blue Topaz meaning, lets first discuss some believes about topaz in general.

Topaz is a stone which is long believed to contain mystical powers by many cultures around the world. It was believed that Topaz gives extra strength to the holder by the Greeks. They believed that it can give invisibility to warriors and avoid injuries in the war. It was believed that Topaz has a strong connection to “Ra”, the sun of god, by the Romans.

Topaz is also believed to improve communication and opening up the “Throat Chakra” in the Indian culture. As a birthstone, Blue Topaz is the birthstone for December.

Topaz help you not to be judgmental by clearing your mind and making you see the practical side of life. It cleanses your emotions, removes stress and brings you joy.

Topaz will give you inspiration and energy to positively change yourself from the current position you are in.  It helps to identify the much stronger version of you within you and help to keep fighting for what you believe in. It is also believed that this stone will help the wearer in the fight against depression and insomnia.

Imperial topaz is said to be great in meditation. It helps to receive universal energy and could help when used in meditation.

London Blue Topaz Meaning

London Blue Topaz meaning can be discussed under few sections as described below.

Love and Relationships

The stone attract positivity and better luck. It will be a powerful talisman to overcome bad luck in love. The stone will help you to sect those who really love you while keeping those don’t way. So be sure to wear this on your serious dates.

Health Benefits

Emotional Health

This stone help to strengthen our self-confidence which in return help to solidify our decisiveness (assertiveness). It will help us when dealing with others by making us appear open-minded, polite and charming. The will be beneficial in new projects.

London blue topaz will help you to calm your mind whilst helping in mental growth. The stone will guide you to success in life as it motivates you to focus and work hard.

Physical Health

Topaz improves digestion. It stimulates taste buds and the pancreas. It is believed that topaz also helps in endocrine, asthma and thrombosis. Nervous systems and in general the whole organism.

image 2 : An 18k white gold ring made with a london blue topaz

Taking care of your London Blue Topaz

As mentioned earlier, Topaz has a strong cleavage which means that it can easily break along a cleavage line with a single considerable blow. Therefore you should be very careful not to drop it while cleaning.

You can easily clean your stone with soap water and a soft cloth. It is even a good idea to gently wipe off the stone with microfiber cloth regularly as it will remove some of the dust. Do not use any ultra-sonic cleaners because it can harm the stone.

You should remove the jewelry when doing any sports, household work or when going to the gym.

Final Thoughts 

London blue topaz is a popular gemstone among many gems and jewelry lovers. Therefore, I discussed some of the important londong blue topaz facts in this article.

It discussed briefly about the variations of the topaz stone and how certain colors are generated via different treatments. Then I discussed the countries topaz are found and key features of Topaz.  London Blue Topaz meaning was discussed next along with generic benefits of Topaz as there are many readers looking to metaphysical properties of gemstone.

I hope that you liked the article and helped you to get the knowledge you were looking for.

Finally, if you are planning to buy london blue topaz stone or a jewelry, this article will give you some tips to help you buy it online ” How to buy jewelry online ?

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  1. Topaz is a very beautiful gemstone with great healing ptroperties. I used to be a gemstone collector and brought in stones from around the world for alternative healing therapies. It is also great fun being a rockhounder finding raw stone and crafting it into beautiful jewelry. Thank you for the in-depth history behind this stone I learnt some new information today.

    1. Hey Nadine, I am so glad to hear that you were a gem collector. Yes, it is indeed fascinating to be a gem lover. So happy that I was able to give you some new information.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I learn so much about the London blue topaz from your post, Is different colors of London blue topaz have different meaning?

    1. Hi Lena, Thanks and glad to hear that you learnt something new. Actually, “London Blue” refers to this specific color. So as per the article, there are certain benefits which are common to all topaz and certain benefits for London Blue Topaz.

  3. I didn’t realise topaz could be bought in blue and green. Interesting article especially around its meaning and benefits. I definitely think I need to purchase topaz.

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