Watermelon Tourmaline Crystal
April 9, 2020

Watermelon Tourmaline Facts – Formation, Properties and Meanings


Watermelon tourmaline, with its unique mix of red and green, is indeed a remarkable stone which manages to grab the attention of anyone just at a glance. Here in this article, I am going to go through important watermelon tourmaline facts together with its benefits.


Watermelon Tourmaline Facts

As there are many interesting things to discuss, I am going to put down watermelon tourmaline facts under few sub categories.

A bit of Background and History

All stones in the tourmaline family are made up of the mineral boron silicate. Some of the trace elements are aluminum, iron, lithium, potassium, sodium and magnesium.  

The stone was first found by the Dutch from Sri Lanka (Used to be Ceylon) in the early 1700’s. Some argue that tourmaline was also found in Brazil and off the west coast of Italy during that same period.

However, the name tourmaline comes from the Sinhalese (the main language of Sri Lanka) word “Thuramali” which means “multi colored”.

The green tourmalines found in the early days were confused with emerald and it was only in the 19th century that tourmalines were a recognized as a different group of mineral.  With the advancement of technology, tourmalines are now divided into 14 different minerals based on composition and properties.

Most colorful tourmalines are categorized as Elbaite.  Pink to reddish pink or purplish pink which is known as rubellite, the blue variation – indicolite, neon blue Paraiba and watermelon tourmaline are all Elbaites.

Needless to say that the name “watermelon” is used because the stone resembles the colors of one of our favorite summer fruits.

How watermelon tourmaline is formed?

Let’s first understand how tourmalines are formed. 

This gemstone is formed during volcanic activities. Molten magma is formed during volcanic eruptions. In certain occasions, patches of water containing many elements such as silicon and iron are caught inside the molten magma.

These watery patches gradually cools down together with the molten magma and crystalizes.  These crystal formations are called pegmatite rocks.  These pegmatites contains different types of mineral crystals including tourmaline.

Pegmatite is characterized by containing large crystals and by being coarse-grained. (Coarse-grain refers to a rough or harsh granular structure).

In addition to tourmaline, many more gemstones such as emerald, zircon, garnet, aquamarine, beryl, chrysoberyl, topaz, kunzite, amaznonite, etc., can be found in pegmatites.


Colors of Watermelon Tourmaline

As trace elements get used up or becomes available during the formation of these crystals in a pegmatite, the tourmaline crystal will obtain different colors. Magnesium as a trace element can bring red, pink, yellow or brown while chromium can bring green.  Iron will bring blue which will produce indicolite crystals.

Here is a video by GIA which explains this briefly –

A tourmaline crystal can have up to 15 different colors


Where is it mined?

Watermelon tourmaline was first found in a mine in Newry, in the North American state of Maine back in 1902. The state is still well known for the beautiful watermelon tourmalines it still produce. Apart from here, watermelon tourmalines are also found in Brazil, Nigeria, Afghanistan and Madagascar. 

Brazil is a famous place for tourmalines in general and the fascinating paraiba tourmaline was also first found there.


Watermelon Tourmaline Colors and Shapes

As the name suggest, watermelon tourmaline consists of the colors of a watermelon. Green and reddish pink will mostly be distributed like in a watermelon cross section – a larger reddish pink core surrounded by a rim of green.  These two color bands are often separated by a thin white or light pink line. Sometimes a bit of blue can also be present in the crystal.

The complete cross section of a watermelon tourmaline crystal has a rounded triangular shape. (Please refer to the below image)

Watermelon tourmaline cross sections in the context of watermelon tourmaline facts
image 1 : Cross sections of different types of watermelon tourmaline

This video here shows a pendant made with a nice piece of watermelon tourmaline.

Watermelon Tourmaline Meaning

The meanings and powers are also an important part of watermelon tourmaline facts.  These meanings will also be discussed under several sub categories.


Metaphysical Benefits

The stone activates the heart chakra. It cleans and remove blockages in the heart.

The combination of red and green shade is perfect for the super activation of the heart chakra. 

We possess both female and male energies and this crystal brings the balance and harmonizes both energies.

Watermelon crystals helps to remove uncertainties caused by your weaknesses by improving your strengths.

It provides protection against negative energies. Watermelon tourmaline protects your life and relationships from negative thoughts.

If you feel as if you are unable to find the purpose or the meaning of life because of unnecessarily sensitive emotions, the stone will help you to overcome the situation.

It will pave the path to come up with creative and practical solutions overcome challenges faced in order to achieve your goals.

Watermelon tourmaline will enable you to see the positive meanings of seemingly negative things happened and take away depressive feelings. 

The stone helps you to get rid of bad and unhealthy habits. It brings positivity and opens room for improvement.

Both watermelon and green tourmaline are great for spiritual practices. Both the stones resonates with chakra energies.


Health Benefits

(Note – These benefits should not be considered as alternatives for advice from healthcare professionals)

Watermelon tourmaline can strengthen organs such as brain, heart, lungs and intestine.   It helps in the process of regeneration of the nerves and muscles.

Metabolism can be improved and relieve tensions and pains in the body.  Therefore, for quick relief and fast recoveries from injuries, place the stone on the injured.

The stone boosts the immune system. It will be good for treating heart problems as there is a strong connection between watermelon tourmaline and heart chakra.


Wealth Benefits

We often feel a lack of energy and inspiration to work towards our goals in life. Watermelon tourmaline will provide us with the needed inspiration and energy needed to strive for our dreams.

It will take away fears of uncertainties to try new business and money related matters.  It fuels you with motivation and provides confidence to act according to your plans.

Stone protects you from negativity of people around you and keeps the distractions away.

showing a cut and polished watermelon tourmaline
image 2 : A cut and polished watermelon tourmaline gemstone

Benefits in Love and Relationships

Watermelon tourmaline is known to help you find the ideal partner.

As the stone cleanses your aura from negativity, more positive love energy start flowing into the relationship.

Stone helps you to overcome problems in current relationships as well and bring peace and joy.

Watermelon tourmaline helps to bring more empathy and patience to the relationship. Each other will be more forgiving and hence bringing happiness and life to the relationship.

The crystal brings honesty to the relationship and enables each other to speak more openly, freely and truthfully.  This prevents misunderstandings and wrong conclusions.

 Wrap Up

We have come to the end of another article. The objective of this one was to introduce watermelon tourmaline facts. I discussed the formation process, certain physical properties and meanings. Meanings were discussed under several aspect such as health, wealth and relationships.

Hope you found this article useful and I would love to hear your comments. Also let me know if you have any questions.



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  1. These are truly beautiful stones. I don’t think people realize how much information is truly available about the energies these stones possess or their benefits. Thanks for pointing them out so clearly. It amazes me that people could know of the benefits of these stones over 2,000 years before microscopes could even make microscopic organisms visible. The knowledge of ancient medicine amazes me and I love that it provides so many benefits. Much better than throwing big pharma at everything.

    1. Thank you Tina. Yes, one big negative of the development of technology is that we have lost a great deal of ancient knowledge. For some people, these benefits sounds funny, but there are reasons why these believes prolonged.

  2. As per usual your article is fascinating, and is depth with all its information though I am not a spiritual person I can understand the affinity of gems to your personal aura. Thank you.

  3. Tourmaline is an incredible stone… I only knew black tourmaline and now I discover that there is another kind with superb colours and multiple virtues. Thank you for this clear and very informative article, you definitely hooked me with this gem !

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