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April 7, 2020

Star Sapphire Gemstone Meaning –Benefits, Believes and Other Interesting Facts


Star Sapphire Gemstone is a stunning Gemstone that makes different visible kinds of stars across the face of the stone. Star Sapphire gemstone meaning is particularly a subject of interest for the admirers of this wonderful creation of nature.

Star Sapphires are cut into various cabochon shapes and sizes with the help of a high dome because this appears to be the only way an individual will see the shining star from the stone.

Sapphire represents all the Gemstone that can be found in the mineral group of Corundum except Ruby, which is from the red variety. Sapphire is considered a strong gemstone as it made out of Corundum, which happens to be the third hardest Mineral on earth. Hardest is diamond and the second hardest is Moissanite.


The Star Effect

The appearance of the star in the Sapphire is caused by a phenomenon known as Asterism. Star sapphire gemstone, when viewed using a single head over source light, will show rays in a six-star pattern. This pattern is caused by microscopic inclusions that reflects light. For sapphires and rubies, these inclusions are titanium dioxide impurities.

Here is a nice video which introduces several nice star sapphires and discuss some important information with regard to star sapphire.

Star Sapphires Gemstone Meaning

Over many decades, the Star Sapphires has a record of preserving one’s chastity, protecting one from being poisoned by evil people, plague, healing fever, skin diseases, and also to discover fraudulent acts and treachery.

The Star Sapphire Gemstone does not fail to carry out its duty. As long as its holder keeps to their side of the bargain by doing what is expected of them. Of course, you should know that the Star Sapphires gemstone isn’t and doesn’t work like magic; it follows principles and guidelines from mother earth.

As Star Sapphire is also another type of sapphire, all the benefits associated with sapphires are applicable to star sapphire as well. I have discussed some benefits of sapphire in this article

Benefits of sapphires ( along with some specific benefits of Pink Sapphires) 

Now let’s go through Star Sapphire gemstone meaning


Emotional Benefits

Star sapphire enhances your intellectual capacity and concentration. You can analyze and organize a complicated set of thoughts.

Star sapphire helps to clarify information and situations which are seemingly complicated. This stone will help you when you want to predict the future or the results based on information available.

Star sapphire is great if you are involved in some work which requires a lot of brain power. A good example would be various type of researches.

The stone is highly useful in many situations in life as we are always faced with new problems. The stone will effectively help improve creativity as it pays the way to come up with fresh thinking and solutions.

Star sapphire will help you to get rid of negative thoughts. You can use it as a talisman against negativity. The stone helps you to achieve a more peaceful mind as it will remove the unnecessary tiring thoughts and enable you to see positive sides. 

Star Sapphire triggers Honesty, fidelity, and commitment to its wearer as it is referred to as the guardian of the innocence or Heavenly Gem

Often, it is worn as a Talisman, and it brings good fortune to travelers and seekers.


Love and Relationships

Effect on love and relationships is another important aspect of Star Sapphire gemstone meaning.

Star sapphire increases your luck for love and also in human relationships. It helps you to understand the feeling of each other better.

The stone is useful when you want to make a relationship better and faithful. In love relationships, the stone helps to make the love deeper and committed.

Star sapphire will help you to break free of the shell you are in and make the most out of every moment you have with your loved one.


Health Benefits

( Note – The benefits mentioned here should not be considered as an alternative for professional medical advice. )

Start Sapphire eradicates scorpion and snake venom from the human body entirely when the water-soaked with the Gemstone is drunk by the victim.

Star Sapphire symbolizes emotional well-being as it eradicates fear of the unknown, dementia, fever, headaches, and insomnia from its wearer.


Largest Star Sapphires Gemstone

Star Sapphires Gemstone comes in various shades of colors like blue, yellow, pink, purple, orange, or greenish color. These colors can be traced to natural earth elements like chromium, copper, titanium, iron, magnesium, and vanadium. It (Star Sapphires gemstone), is the birthstone for September.

Getting a large sapphire is such a difficult task since it is almost impossible to find one. No wonder, the 1404.49-carat blue star sapphire is well known and considered the largest blue sapphires ever mined. It is called “the Star of Adam.” The Gemstone was mined in the south of Sri Lanka.

The second-largest is the “largest star of India,” with 563.4-carat blue star sapphire, while the “star of Bombay” is also considered to be an excellent example of a large blue star sapphire (This is kept in the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History).

blue star sapphire the star of bombay
image 2 : “Star of Bombay”

 Not forgetting the “Black Star of Queensland,” the most massive black star sapphire, having 733 carats, which is the largest gem-quality for Black Star sapphire.

There is a star sapphire is aslo kept in the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History which weighs 287 carats. The sapphire is know as  the “Star of Artaban” and it is believed to be from Sri Lanka.

Showing an image of a blue star sapphire
image 2: “Star of Artaban”

Star Sapphires are categorized according to intensity, Visibility, and Colour of the Asterism, so if for any reason you need to get this stone for personal use, make sure these features mentioned are carefully assessed by a professional alongside other essential sapphire elements.


Specifications of Star Sapphires Gemstone

  • Toughness =Excellent
  • Luster =Vitreous
  • Specific Gravity = 3.58-3.61
  • Hardness on Mohs scale = 9
  • Refractive index = 1.712-1.740
  • Cleavage = None
  • General Chemical formula = Al2O3 ( Aluminum Oxide )

Value of Star Sapphire Gemstone

On pricing, the star sapphire gemstone, color, and clarity play a vital role in determining the prices. A gem with a very transparent body tends to be extremely rare and hence cost higher than that of which isn’t transparent and rampant. The purity and intensity of color in Star Sapphire is of utmost importance.

It is a known fact that the best star sapphires will have a translucent blue body color, mixed with a deep blue color with a very sharp, vibrant star that can be seen clearly.

Untreated Star Sapphires are more expensive than treated stones just like for all other precious stones.


Star Sapphire Gemstone Mining Locations

Here are the known Star Sapphire Gemstone mine locations; Australia, Kashmir, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Sri Lanka, Magok: Burma, the Umba Valley, Tanzania also Songea and Tundra. Please note that their might be other mining locations too.


Wrap Up

The main purpose of the post was to discuss Stat Sapphire gemstone meaning. In addition to the meaning, I also discussed some important information with regard to Star Sapphires.

Hope you liked the article and I will be delighted to hear your thoughts or to answer any questions you may have.




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  1. Sapphires are certainly beautiful and the images you have here of the larger sapphires are stunning… not sure I’m on board with the Emotional/health benefits…. love and relationships maybe, from a beautiful and thoughtful gift perspective.
    Interesting post

    1. Thanks Bob. Yes, these benefits were argued for generations but they have also survived for a long long time.
      Glad you like the article.

  2. I am so excited to have found you. I have collected rocks and gems since I was very young. Just over the past ten years I started looking into the meanings and metaphysical values of gems and stones. The STAR SAPPHIRE is so beautiful. Enjoyed the information and look forward to more. Thank you.

  3. Well, where to begin? This post was very interesting.
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    1. Hello!
      Glad you found the article interesting. About the cost, it really depends on the quality and size of the star sapphire. I would say you will be able to find $200 upwards.

      With your second question, each stone has its own benefits. You can definitely have more than one but one is also enough.

  4. That’s so beautiful! I really like the color of sapphires. It’s always shiny and elegant! Thanks for providing this beautiful content 🙂

  5. How interesting! I went mining in a sapphire mine in Australia once in the late 90’s. Still have the tree little sapphire gems I could take home, planning to have them put in a nice piece of jewellery. Never realised that -part from it’s beauty- sapphire had a deeper meaning and health benefits. Thanks for sharing the knowledge!

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