An alexandrite crystal in the context of Alexandrite Metaphysical Properties
May 11, 2020

Alexandrite Metaphysical Properties – A Stone of Joy and Spirituality


Alexandrite is a stone known to fill your spirit with joy and encourage you for a positive inner transformation. This is such a unique stone which demonstrates two different colors in different light conditions and therefore alexandrite metaphysical properties are quite fascinating indeed.

I am going to take you through meaning of alexandrite and hope to cover various benefits, powers and healing properties.

In order to start that discussion, it is important to first understand what alexandrite really is.


What is Alexandrite?

Alexandrite belongs to the beryl family of gemstones and it is a verity of chrysoberyl. Its core chemical component is beryllium aluminum oxide (BeAl₂O₄) and it has a hardness of 8.5 in the Moh’s hardness scale. Therefore, it is one of the hardest gemstones after diamond and corundum.

Alexandrite is also one of the rarest gemstones in the world. It is a color changing gemstone and stones which shows strong color changing properties are even rarer. “Color Changing” means that the gemstone exhibits two different colors under different light conditions. Alexandrite demonstrates green or a bluish green in day light and red or purplish red under incandescent light.

This is a gemstone which was discovered recently, in 1830 to be precise, and hence it does not have a long history like many other gemstones.

If you are interested in learning, more technical and historical information about alexandrite, please refer to this article.

(*Note: If you are planning to buy alexandrite jewelry, you have to be extra cautious as most of the alexandrite used in jewelry are lab grown synthetic alexandrite. Since alexandrite is an extremely rare gemstone, natural ones are quite expensive. Therefore, it is always better to buy from a trusted seller and also request for a gem certificate if you feel so. You might be able to get some more tips from this article here: How to buy jewelry online? )

image 1 : A Natural Alexandrite Crystal

Alexandrite Metaphysical Properties

As a stone of joy and spiritual awakening, alexandrite metaphysical properties are fascinating to learn. I am going to discuss those under following sections.

  1. Emotional Benefits
  2. Spiritual Benefits
  3. Wealth and Work Related Benefits
  4. Chakra Healing and Energy Balancing
  5. Physical Healing Benefits


1. Emotional Benefits of Alexandrite

Alexandrite is believed to carry a joyful energy and the power to transform a person from inside. Since the stone contains two colors, it carries both those color energies – green is the heart energy and purple is the mind energy. This is a representation of adaptability where one can respond from heart, mind or both together when needed.

As a stone of joy, it reminds us of the importance of enjoying even little moments in the life and spending time with whom we love and love us back.

The stone helps to get through a period of grief. It also facilitates to get over self-pity and to focus on the strengths, and move forward. This stone is considered as a great ally to those who tend to procrastinate and always delay actions due to fear.

Even in cases where you feel that you are not receiving the love and encouragement from people around you, the energy of alexandrite will provide you the assistance required to get through such tough times.

Alexandrite encourages to learn from emotionally difficult situations. Even in the most difficult times, the energy of alexandrite will provide hope and aid for you to find solutions.

image 2 : A 14k Rose Gold Alexandrite Pendant

2. Spiritual Benefits of Alexandrite

The effects on spirituality is one of the most important aspects of alexandrite metaphysical properties.

The inner joy which is stimulated by alexandrite is an encouragement to use it for the spiritual gains. The inner ecstasy alexandrite unearth is a glimpse of the joy that can be achieved in higher spiritual realms.

Therefore, a person should be motivated to achieve spiritual success and happiness which is so much peaceful than the happiness achieved in the materialistic world.

Alexandrite also facilitates the mind to connect with its deeper pure form. This communication enables you to understand your life experiences and do what is necessary while having a better understanding of life. This understanding always encourages to develop your better qualities such as compassion, kindness, generosity etc.


3. Wealth and Work Related Benefits of Alexandrite

Alexandrite is a stone known for abundance and can attract wealth since its discovery. It is considered as a sign of fortune and prosperity.

As a stone of heart, it enables to manifest the dreams and desires of you. Alexandrite is also believed to help you emotionally when a change is taking place in your life.

The joy alexandrite brings has similar vibrations with the joy of revealing something. Therefore, this stone encourages intuition and psychic senses. It also helps to trust your intuition better and hence suitable for those who find it difficult to put faith on inner voice, more commonly referred to as gut feeling.

The stone is suitable for teachers and also counselors as it encourages a heart centered approach.

image 3 : A Natural Alexandrite Gemstone – 0.40 carats

4. Chakra Healing and Energy Balancing

As it was mentioned earlier, alexandrite encourages to learn from difficult situations. This benefit of alexandrite can be attributed to its ability of activating both the heart and third eye chakras. Third eye chakra controls our consciousness and the heart chakra is responsible for our needs and emotions.

During difficult times, the energy of alexandrite will helps to keep the emotions balanced ( through activating the heart chakra) and the improved consciousness ( through third eye chakra) will help us to understand the insights which are hidden in the emotions.

In addition to the heart and third eye chakras, alexandrite also stimulates the crown chakra. Crown chakra is the core of our beliefs and values, and defines who we are. It is responsible for how we think and respond to the world around us.

image 4 : A Natural Alexandrite Gemstone – 1.48 carats

5. Physical Healing Properties of Alexandrite

stimulates the pineal and pituitary glands. This stone is good for the brain as well and assists balancing of brain functions.

Since it awakens spirituality of a person, the relaxation of the body it stimulates indirectly benefits the healing of many physical illnesses. Alexandrite helps during the recovery period from a surgery and therefore it is a good stone to have when preparing for a surgery and also for someone who is scared of the post-surgery period.

This stone has a capacity to improve mental and physical energies and therefore suitable for those who are suffering from prolonged illnesses and chronic disorders.

Purification of blood and strengthening the blood vessels are also believed to be supported by alexandrite and thereby by improving the blood circulation. It is also good for patients undergoing treatment for leukemia.

As per crystal healers, this stone has positive effects on medical conditions affecting the pancreas and spleen. Regeneration of neurological tissues is another benefit of alexandrite.

Removing toxins and other impurities from the body is also facilitated by alexandrite as it has great detoxifying effects. Assimilation of proteins and relieving tensions from the neck muscles are also benefits of this stone.

Here is a nice video which shares more information on alexadrtie and also shows some stones.

Final Thoughts

As one of the rarest gemstones in the world, alexandrite is a highly sort after gemstone in the world. Alexandrite metaphysical properties discussed in this article only adds more value to this truly mesmerizing gemstone.

As it was mentioned earlier, pay extra attention when buying an alexandrite gemstone or jewelry as most stones available in the market are lab grown synthetic alexandrite.

Hope you found this article useful and managed to learn something new. If so, it will be great if you can leave a comment and share among your friends. Please also let me know any questions you might have.


Sources for my articles.

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