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April 17, 2020

Aquamarine Stone Meaning – Beliefs, Powers and Benefits

Aquamarine is simply a wonderful gemstone which brings the beautiful calm feeling of nature just by looking at it. I discussed important properties of this beautiful gemstone in the previous post and as promised in that post, aquamarine stone meaning will be discussed here.

As aquamarine is a gemstone with such a wide range of perceived benefits and powers, there is a lot we can discuss under this topic. It is a stone which can do wonders to many aspects of your life.  I am going to discuss areas such as love and relationships, wealth and business, emotional benefits and healing powers. So without further due,  let’s get into it.


Aquamarine Stone Meaning

There is a thinking process bonded with our intellect involved in all our actions.  Aquamarine helps to accelerate this and shorten the response time to any stimuli.

The stone helps to learn about the external world as well as the inner self, making a person superior with knowledge. Aquamarine also encourages perseverance, determination, discipline and cheerfulness. Aquamarine has obtained a position as a stone of justice. It supports a person to be courageous and rational in solving confrontations by promoting negotiation and compromise.

Aquamarine was used by ancient sailors as a talisman for good luck and protection in sea journeys. The belief is still there where people use it in sea travels and well as other long distance travel.

To discuss the benefits of this wonderful stone further, I will divide those into few sub sections for the convenience of reading as well as grasping.  Therefore, I am going to discuss aquamarine stone meaning under

  1. Love and Relationships
  2. Wealth, Business and Professional Life
  3. Emotional Benefits
  4. Physical Healing Powers
  5. Chakra Healing and Balancing Energies

1. Love and Relationships

Aquamarine energies makes a person more empathetic. It will help you to understand the feelings and requirements of your partner. You will be able to better understand the mood of him/her as you will be more sensitive to their emotions, body language and indirect communication. It makes you focus on the message your partner is trying to communicate rather than limiting to the words they might use.

Aquamarine makes you a more understanding and tolerant person and you will be able to control your anger. You will become a more understanding and caring lover without being judgmental.

Another unique aquamarine stone meaning is that it provides support when you want to end a relationship as well.  It helps the mind to find answers without fighting with different scenarios and you will be happy to accept that things happen for a reason.

2. Wealth, Business and Professional Life

Aquamarine enhances your intellect which enables to come up with creative solutions. As it encourages fast logical thinking, you can solve complex and difficult problems.

If you are a procrastinator, aquamarine will help to overcome that problem and start taking actions.  Aquamarine is a stone which brings good luck, fortune, wealth and abundance.

Just like the ocean hides unlimited amount of invaluable treasures, we all have a great potential sleeping within ourselves which we can unearth by working with the correct attitude. Aquamarine is a stone which will provide us with the motivation to do so.

Aquamarine enables a clear communication between heart and mind and this has a positive impact on professional and business matters as well.

Since aquamarine enables you to communicate your ideas and stance with more confidence and belief, this can enable you to climb the corporate ladder much faster.

In your own business, you are often faced with tasks which you haven’t done before. You find yourself in a position where you want to go where no one has ever gone or have been successful. Aquamarine will support you in that by providing the determination and good luck which you are going to need all the way.

image 1 : A15,256-carat (6.8 lb) natural aquamarine crystal at National Gem Collection by Jeffrey E. Post

3. Emotional Benefits

Aquamarine provides emotional support, stability and protection when you are overloaded with responsibilities and feel overwhelmed.

The stone helps you to forget emotional issue which your mind keeps dragging you into and move forward. Aquamarine makes it easier to pardon those who may have hurt you in the past and yourself for wrong decisions you may have taken.

It removes negative energies of the past which haunts you and clear the present in order to move forward with joy and hope.

Aquamarine makes you see the good things happened to you from your negative experiences by showing how those negative things shaped you to become who you are today.

Aquamarine is good when one is going through a change as it helps to take out resistance to change as well as dubious fears of unknown.

4. Physical Healing Powers

(* Please note that this information should not be considered as an alternative to professional medical advice)

Aquamarine stone is good for some health conditions in the respiratory system such as colds, chronic sinusitis and cough. Some allergic reactions can also cause these same symptoms and the stone is also good in such situations.

Since aquamarine has a strong connection with throat chakra, it is helpful in cooling down irritated throat or over used voice box (also known as laryngitis).

Aquamarine is also good for synchronizing pituitary and thyroid glands and controlling growth and hormones.

Aquamarine supports treatment of skin diseases which occurs as a result of allergies and also shingles.

Try placing aquamarine on your eyelids for 20 minutes every night if you are suffering from vision problem or tiered eyes.Aquamarine is said to relax nervous contractions when placed on the solar plexus.

5. Chakra Healing and Balancing Energies

Aquamarine activates the throat chakra and hence it eases tension and fear of speaking.  Therefore it is good for any presenters, public speakers, teachers and lectures. It helps the speaker to relax and be conscious of his knowledge and intellect which makes it easier to communicate with the audience clearly and confidently. It also helps to control emotions such as anger and focus on clear communication.

The stone acts as a stimuli for energy to flow from heart to the throat encouraging a person to talk truthfully.

Throat chakra also acts as a regulator of energy between other chakras. A blocked throat chakra affect all other chakras. A balanced throat chakra allows us to freely communicate what we think and feel. There will be a free and smooth energy flow in within inner spirit and body.


Here is a good video which shows quite a few Aquamarine stones with different colors.

How to Use Aquamarine

In order to get the best benefits of aquamarine stone meaning, wearing it in a jewelry which you can keep the stone close to the skin is the best. E.g. rings, pendants, bracelets etc.,

This ensures a direction connection between your aura and powers of the stone.

If you want to use the positive energy of the stone inside your home to change certain negative factors in the atmospheres, keep the stone in spaces where you feel it is most required. E.g. bedroom, living room, etc.


Final Thoughts

We have come to the end of another article about the benefits about another remarkable gemstone. Here we discussed aquamarine gemstone meaning under several different aspects.

As you may have realized by now aquamarine is truly a magical stone with its unique beauty and amazing benefits.

I hope you liked the article and I would love to hear your thoughts as well as any questions you may have.

If you are keen to learn about the history, physical properties and other interesting information about aquamarine, please refer to this article : “Aquamarine Gemstone Facts”

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16 thoughts on “Aquamarine Stone Meaning – Beliefs, Powers and Benefits

  1. I love the colour of the Aquamarine stone such a beautiful blue.
    The physical healing properties are amazing,
    I’m quite often overwhelmed and can have negative energy.
    After reading this post I need to look into purchasing something with
    this stone in, it would be very beneficial to me.

  2. I love how detailed everything is and also how well categorized the entire information is. I’m so glad that there are people like you out there who write and teach us about such wonderful stones. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you Lulia, I am glad that you liked the structure of the article. It is always great to get feedback on the content as well as how we present it. Thanks again for the encouragement.

  3. Another great post. It’s fascinating to read about the different effects of rocks and minerals. I might just have to buy some and test it out for myself. The idea that it can help you convey your ideas is very interesting.

  4. I had no idea how many benefits there are with aquamarine stones. Your article helped shed tremendous light on the subject for me.

    I look forward to getting one and experiencing the benefits for myself!

    The Affiliate Girl

  5. I read your last article and I must admit that this stone I as generous as the previous one. I can see a few similarities between then too. Which one do you think is more beneficial and why?

    1. Hi Srdjan,

      Thanks for your comment. Which post are you referring to? If you are talking about prasiolite vs aquamarine, then I will go with aquamarine. but it is a very personal choice. I love sea and blue color both. So from that point of view, I prefer aquamarine. But from a benefits point of view, both are excellent.

  6. Hi Rajith,
    I didn’t know much about gemstones besides some basic information, until i found your website. It has given me a much more clear idea now and i thank you for that.
    Concerning the aquamarine stone, the energy it provides is amazing plus it has so many benefits in so many aspects.
    I will have that in mind next time i want to buy gemstones for jewelry and give a gift to my wife.
    Thank you again. This is great work of information.

    All the best.

    1. Hey Ioannis,

      Thank you for the comment and I am really glad that I was able to give you some new knowledge. Yep, you should definitely consider aquamarine if you want to buy a gemstone jewelry also because it is not expensive compared some other gemstones.

  7. This is really interesting, I had no idea stones could have these properties. I am definitely going to learn more about this.

    Thanks a lot for sharing!

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