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May 19, 2020

Black Agate Healing Properties



One of the most significant stones in the world is the Black Agate. This stone is characterized by being one of the most impressive and enigmatic gemstones in the universe. Its aura of mysticism and its striking black color make it one of the most attractive varieties in the jewelry market.

Known as a protective stone, black agate is a semi-precious stone, a variety of chalcedony that is formed by amorphous silica in thin layers of different colors. It is found as a tonsil agate in eruptive rocks, meláfido. Agate Black stone can present intense colors, and due to their abundance, they have been used since time immemorial as amulets for good luck.


History of Black Agate

Being a cryptocrystalline mineral, it is composed of silicon dioxide, an abundant composition that explains why agates can be found so commonly throughout the world in places like Brazil, Egypt, Nepal, and Germany.

The formation of Black Agate is more often from the deposition of layers of filling holes in volcanic vesicles or another cavity. The layers are formed in stages with some new segments that provide an alternate color. Since the cavities are irregularly and uniquely, each agate forms its own pattern based on the original shape of the cavity.

When a cavity is completely filled, a solid mass of black agate is formed, but it is often only partially filled, leaving a hollow void that often has crystalline quartz growths in its innermost layer. This is the cause of agate formation.

You can find in volcanic rocks whose size can vary. It is a hard rock and resistant to chemical reagents and is used to build small mortars. Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana are the main sources of gems. Most agates appear in cavities in eruptive rocks or contiguous lava.

image 1 : A Black Agate Geode

Meaning of Black Agate

Black Agate stones are known to protect against negative energies and also to help in introspection processes. Black Agate possesses these qualities, but it is also a stone that helps to get rid of negative energies because it does not only protect them but also transforms them. This is why it is so popular among those who feel that some negative vibes are behind them.

As far as the energy field is concerned, black agate is associated with the search for success and the protection of its wearer. That is, if the person who is using it has any goal or desire that he is trying to fulfill successfully, the stone will give him all the protection he needs. You will not have to worry about bad times and will always be shielded against any bad energy that comes close.

On the other hand, black agate has an essential meaning within any piece of fine jewelry. This stone can be placed inside a silver frame in any piece you want to use. Now, what you have to do is to choose the type of accessory where you want to place the piece and also on which surface it will be maintained. After that, the stone will shine on its own.

The meaning of black agate stones can vary in various areas, and that is why it is such a popular stone. There are those who say it heals as it relieves tension and discomfort in the upper body and around the throat.

Something significant about black agate is that you should always keep it close to you once you start using it. She can be a protective stone against bad vibes as long as you use it with that intention. The meaning of the stone is very broad, and that is why you must be very careful when using it.

image 2 : Black Agate Earrings

Uses of Black Agate

The main properties of Black Agate are the protectors. They function as an unequivocal symbol of protection and vitality. This stone is considered the greatest ally to protect its wearer not only from external energy evils but also from physical discomforts and internal imbalances. Some cultures even claim that this gem has its most significant protection power concentrated in internal stabilizing elements, so in some way, it is assumed as a tool to protect oneself.

Its protection encompasses dominant relationships and destructive connections and serves to remove any link that may be harmful to its wearer. As for the healing and energetic properties, being a stone of introspection, it is ideal for internal growth work. Not only can it protect against negative energies, but it also cleanses and allows the flow of pure energy from the inside out.

The healing properties of black agate are one of the most striking. Their properties connect with the energy of the Earth since they are thought to bring harmony to all aspects of being, physical, spiritual, and emotional.

Using black agate during times of imbalance, when it feels as if the yin and yang inside, you were operated out of proportion, can reintroduce a balance in your tempered soul.

The healing properties of the black agate of this variety use the gentle vibrations to relieve tension inside the throat and allow fluidity between the mind and mouth. It is an ideal stone for people looking for strength for lasting resistance.

In ancient times it was thought to give protection against epilepsy and mental disorders. It was also used as an amulet. Its scope is extensive, Relieves balance disorders, ailments in general, digestive problems, infections. Black agate is very beneficial for the skin, hair, sleepwalking, and insect bites.

Black Agate is a stone associated with elegance, and that makes you increase your self-esteem when you use it, also courage. It allows people to recognize true friends and helps even guide you in legal matters.

The Black Agate drives away fear, protects against disease, and is a circulatory system leveler. Excellent to avoid obstacles. It promotes high spirituality. Boosts high esteem and gives long life and prosperity. If used for healing, the etheric body is positively affected. Calms relaxes and balances nervous functioning. There are even cases in which the restoration of normal temperature is associated with the bearing of this stone.

image 3 : A Black Agate Headband

Final Thoughts 

The black agate not only protects against negative energies but also cleanses them. It helps to resolve conflicts because by cleaning the negative energies, it leaves a more transparent channel of communication between those involved. Its meaning is enigmatic, but it is always aimed at helping people’s problems be solved in the most assertive way.


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