A Moldavite crystal in the context of Moldavite healing powers
April 11, 2020

Moldavite Healing Powers – A Stone from Space

Moldavite has captured the love of many people around the world for generations. One of the main reasons for this could be the fact that the origin of the stone is from a meteorite which collided with the earth 14.7 million years ago. The stone’s unique beauty is of course another reason.

The purpose of this article is to discuss Moldavtie healing powers. I am also going to discuss a bit of history along with its physical and chemical properties.


The Facinating History of Moldavite


Moldavite is a tektite, a large group of impact glass formed as a result of a meteorite colliding the earth and subsequent melting of the surrounding rocks.

The impact is believed to have happened in the Ries crater in Germany. A giant fireball created with the impact sprayed this molten rocks around the areas which is now the Czech Republic and some parts of Germany.

The stone was first discovered near the Vltava river in Czech Republic. The German name for this river is “Moldau” and the German name for the nearby Bohemian city where the discovery was made is “Moldauthein”. This is where the name “Moldavite” comes from.

A professor for Natural history by the name Dr. Josef Myer, who worked in the Charles University in Prague in the late 1700s is accredited with the discovery of Moldavite.

Although he thought it to be a variation of Beryl, centuries later, the real history and nature of Moldavite was brought into light.

Moldavite crystal in the context of Moldavite healing powers
image 1 : A Moldavite Crystal

Moldavite Healing Powers

With that bit of fascinating history, let’s now move into the main purpose of this article, which is discussing Moldavite healing powers. Since there are many healing powers associated with Moldavite, I will break it down to subsections.

  1. Physical Healing Powers
  2. Emotional Healing Powers
  3. Chakra Healing Powers
  4. Spiritual Healing Powers

Let’s go through the list one by one.

(*Note -These healing powers should not be used as an alternative for professional health advice. It should be used with other medication you use as a support stone.)

1. Physical Healing Powers

Moldavite has the ability to highlight the cause of an illness and hence it is useful in the diagnosis process. Once the treatments have started, the stone helps the cell growth and healing process The stone contains high vibrational energy which makes the cells to return to the original positions by cleaning blocked areas.

Moldavite has a great positive effect on the aging of the body. It slows down the aging by encouraging self-satisfaction and fulfillment. Brain cells also have a positive effect where it will ensure smooth flow of electrical impulses. Moldavites slows the mental aging process as well and improves memory.

Moldavtite will help you to overcome allergies as well. If you are suffering from various types of allergies, this is one of the best stones you can use.

Many green stones are good for the eye so as Moldavite. It is believed to be good in treating illnesses in the respiratory system.

image 2 : A Moldavite Crystal

2. Emotional Healing Powers

Moldavite has a very special emotional healing powers with regard to the heart. Most us have certain aspects buried deep inside ourselves which we should focus on unearthing. Moldavite helps us to reach out to those, identify what matters, make us understand the importance and merge with our existing selves. It also helps to get rind of those unnecessary or evil aspects buried inside.

The stone also creates a better relationship with the heart and mind where it enables us to use our intelligence with kindness, forgiveness, sympathy and empathy.

Moldavite helps those who are always skeptic about others actions. It helps to come up with creative solutions in financially troublesome times and hence helps to forget worries.

The stone is useful for those who have relatively sensitive hearts to cope up with grief and strong emotions.


3. Chakra Healing

Chakra healing is another important aspect of Moldavite healing powers. Being a green crystal, Moldavite activates the heart chakra. Heart chakra is responsible for regulating our interactions with the world. It helps us to retain ourselves without getting overly influenced by the external environment as it controls what we accept and reject. An unbalanced heart chakra can result in we being controlled by the external world or trying to overly control it.

Moldavite also activates the Third Eye and Crown Chakra. Third Eye chakra is the one which controls our consciousness. It is through this chakra that our mind comprehends the world and relate to us. A balanced Third Eye chakra makes us open to creative, innovative and even seemingly unachievable things.

Crown chakra is linked to our intellect and spirituality. Our thought process and reactions to the world is controlled by this chakra. When it is balanced, we see the reality of the world better which leads to a stable and fulfilled life.


4. Spiritual Healing

Moldavite helps to protect our aura from negative energies providing spiritual protection. It also helps in meditation by making us more sensitive to intuition.

Here is a video where someone who used the stone speaking about his experience.


Best Ways to Use Moldavite

Use Moldavite in a way that the energies are close to you. Carrying or wearing will be great with this stone. Any type of jewelry which you can comfortably wear will be good.

Keeping it in the place you work or even at home will be great as the stone can make use of the wood energy as well.

Using it accurately will help to maximize Moldavite healing powers.

Physical Properties

Some of the main physical properties are capture in the below table.

Chemical Composition A silica rich glass
Color Predominantly Green, Sometime mixed with yellow or brown
Streak White
Luster Vitreous
Hardness 5 – 5.5
Refractive Index 1.48 – 1.54
Specific Gravity 2.32 – 2.38
Pleochroism Absent
Chemical Compositions SiO2 (Al2O3)


Wrap Up

Moldavite is indeed a special stone given its origin. It is a stone which gained much popularity lately and it will continue to amaze its fans.

This article was to discuss Modavite healing properties as it is a topic of interest for many. I hope you liked it and managed to learn something new. Would love to hear your comments and also please let me know any questions you might have.


P.S. – If you are interested in buying a Moldavite stone or a jewelry, check out this post “How to buy jewelry online” which might give you some tips.

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