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April 13, 2020

Black Sapphire Meaning – Believes, Benefits and Powers



The Corundum Group has so many mineral varieties with different colors, which Black Sapphire is one of them. It was in the habit of the ancient men, to refer to only blue gemstone as sapphires. But presently the corundum varieties of all colors are considered as sapphires except for red color which categorized as Ruby.

As sapphires are adored by so many gemstone lovers, I will go through black sapphire meaning in this article. I will also share some background information and physical properties of sapphire as well.


About Sapphires

Sapphire, in general, is known as the stone of wisdom. It has its focus making the mind free from unwanted thoughts and mental tension. It aligns the spiritual, mental, and physical planes while restoring the balance within your body. Place it to touch the body, where it’s appropriate or especially on your fingers. As known already, there are many colors in sapphires with each having its specific properties such as the black sapphire.

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Black Sapphire Meaning

Black sapphire is yet another amazing gemstone when it comes to the metaphysical meanings and powers. I will discuss black sapphire meaning under several sub categories so that it is easier to digest all the information.

Emotional Benefits

Black sapphire is also a stone of courage, providing the strength to continue and go beyond unattainable height, and strengthening your ambition. Black sapphire gives you unlimited access to the right information that will allow you to grow.

The black sapphire is a protective gemstone which also helps you to focus. It installs confidence in you.

Black sapphire protects you almost always and keeps you very far away from things that will hurt you and cause you sadness. It will also help you to maintain mental and physical control over your life.

This gemstone will attract the power of light and healing towards your path. It will make its transformation very possible, and also strengthen your purpose of life. Nevertheless, the black sapphire will guide you in your journey through the long river of taking care of every step you make for the better.

Black Sapphire, will keep you calm in bad situations and keep you away from chaotic people. It is the excellent crystal against panic, especially if you are oversensitive to others’ quarrels or during times when almost everything goes in the wrong direction, and you have no way of putting things right. It guides your instinct in determining what and if anything can be done to right the wrongs that have been done.

The black sapphire stone, serves as a shield against bullies and unnecessary anger from other people, protecting you against fear and intimidation. It establishes boundaries to one’s self and calmness to your strength, giving you the courage to walk out from ill matters without hesitating.

If you have a very stressful carrier or task at hand, wearing the Black Sapphire will help you ease the stress especially those dealing with human tragedy, such as the armed forces or rescue services to divert negativity, shock, sorrow and horror and to help you deal with most complicated matters more compassionately. It will also help you relate to the need for sick or terminally ill people primarily if you work with them, without becoming over-empathetic and taking on their symptoms and sorrows.

image 2 : Two identical black sapphires

Physical Healing Energy

( Note- Information provided below should not be considered as an alternative to professional medical advice. You should use the power of gemstone together with the medication provided by doctors)

Black sapphire is great to relive pains and especially useful in healing wounds and trauma from an accident.  This is also helpful in stopping excessive bleeding and also removing any blockages in the blood circulation system such as clots. It helps in the treatment of blood related illnesses by improving the strength and elasticity of veins.

Black sapphire is also good in the treatment for Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). Stone can be used in treatments to ulcers and boils and also to calm overactive body parts.


Chakra Healing and Balancing with Black Sapphire

Black sapphire activates the Base or the Root Chakra which is located at the end of the spine. This controls our awareness of body parts and their movement, also known as kinesthetic feeling.

Root chakra is also the key to balancing both physical energy and spiritual energy.  We feel lethargic and sluggish when physical energy is out of balanced. The moods changes quickly and feels distant from reality when the spiritual energy is out of balance.   A balanced root chakra give physical energy as well as psychological power which leads to being independent and ignite situational leadership.

Black sapphire is great when you want to eliminate the negative forces and energies of the chakras and the aura, which is acting as a reminder field of total responsibility of your thoughts and feelings. This gemstone goes beyond, allowing you to understand and assume your responsibility and gives you excellent guidance and acceptance.


Industrial Uses of Black Sapphire

Because of the hardness of this gemstone (black Sapphire) second to Diamond, they are used in different industries for different applications such as components for watch crystal and movement bearings, high durability windows, scientific instruments, and insulating substrate is particular purpose solid-state electronics.


A Bit of Background to Black Sapphire

Black Sapphire, a variety of Corundum (aluminum oxide mineral) that forms in prismatic tabular, bipyramidal crystal, as well as a massive habit or granular, and maybe either opaque or translucent. It almost always comes in the form of a brownish-black or black. It, in rare cases, can come in different colors like dark green, gray, or dark brown.

The name Corundum is an Indian name that is derived from the Sanskrit kround and applied to massive opaque gem, which is generally a dull color. With its exception being Red Corundum, that is Ruby, all other colors are certainly Sapphires.


How to Use Black Sapphire

Wearing the black sapphire is the best way to unleash all the benefits and power of the stone. Ring and pendants are good options and black sapphire is also a very popular choice for engagement rings. Normal rings and pendants are also

image 2 : An engagement ring done using a Black Sapphire

Final Thoughts

Black sapphire is, of course, a powerful and protective gemstone, which will go any length to help you to remain on top of things.  I believe I  shed you some light on black sapphire meaning.

Please let me know your thoughts and also any question you may have.



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