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April 14, 2020

Green Tourmaline Benefits – Amazing Powers and Meaning

Green Tourmaline, probably nature’s best healing crystal of one’s physical heart, is widely known by most people as “Verdelite.” With its ability to channel its stored electrical energies into the center of you, it creates a flow of wholesome energy to all parts of your body and self.In this article, all you need to know about green tourmaline benefits will be discussed, Ranging from its healing powers to its origin, and its compositions.

Before that, I will discuss a bit of its history and some important other information about green tourmaline as it is always fascinating to know the background of the gemstones we love.


History of Green Tourmaline

Green tourmaline was first recorded more than 500 years ago. During an exploratory visit to Brazil by a Spanish conquistador in the 1500s, he found a green tourmaline crystal. Since tourmaline was not known by then, he considered this crystal to be an Emerald.  This crystal was tested in 1800’s and only then that these scientist found it to be a tourmaline.

Green tourmaline got it reputation as a gemstone mostly after 1876, when the famous New York based jewelry store Tiffany and Co. bought a green tourmaline from the famous American mineralogist George Kunz. Popularity of the stone rapidly increased after this.

The Dutch brought the tourmalines to Europe in 1700’s from Sri Lanka but the colors of those stones are not recorded. Tourmaline name is also is derived from the Sinhalese ( The main language in Sri Lanka)  word “turamali,” which translates to mean “mixed color Gem”

The best quality of green tourmaline gemstone is known to be produced in Brazil. Hence, the Green Tourmaline is widely known or called Brazilian Emeralds, although the name is a misnomer.

image 1 : A Green Tourmaline Crystal

Properties and Composition of Green Tourmaline

Green Tourmaline is part of a very diverse family of borosilicate aluminum combined with magnesium, iron, or other metals. Depending on the proportions of its components, tourmaline takes different colors like pink, red, yellow, brown, black, green, blue, or violet . Its colorful, thick, and columnar or vertically striated crystal may be long and slender and are triangular in cross-sections being transparent or opaque.

The green color in this gemstone is gotten from the impurities in chromium. Exposing the green tourmaline to sunlight brightens it hence making them look outstanding.

One of the tourmaline’s most distinctive properties is its ability to become electrically charged by simply rubbing vigorously with the palm or by heating it directly.

When charged, one of it ends becomes positively charged, while the other end takes the negative charge, allowing it to attract to itself light papers and dust. These properties were well known in the 1700s by the Dutch traders who made use of the tourmaline to remove ash from their meerschaum pipes, calling the stone “ash puller” or Aschentrekker.

As per geographical occurrences, green tourmaline is typically mined in Brazil, Namibia, Nigeria, Mozambique, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Here is a great video which shows the cutting and polishing of a rough green tourmaline stone.

Green Tourmaline Benefits

Because green tourmaline is the masculine counterpart to the feminine heart energies of pink tourmaline, it enhances courage, strength, vitality, and stamina. It commands spiritual vibrations that harmonize perfectly with the earth’s energy as it opens the heart chakra and stirs up a strong resonance with divine love.

I am going to highlight all the other green tourmaline benefits under few main categories as it will help you to digest and remember.


Wealth and Work Related Benefits of Green Tourmaline

Green Tourmaline attracts success, abundance, luck, and prosperity to its wearer. It inspires your creativity and maybe used to create and cause your life goal to come to manifestation.

If you are a low-income earner, it will create an opportunity for a second stream of income. It will do this by turning your interest and hobby into a profitable business where you can get paid.


Emotional Benefits

If you are a female with emotional problems associated to a father figure in your life or other male forces, green tourmaline will help you get rid of them in lesser time than expected.

Many can attest to the fact that the green tourmaline is an emotional healer. It can heal you if you suffer from psychological sickness.


Health Benefits of Green Tourmaline

( Note : These benefits are not an alternative to professional health care advice. You may use these benefits together with other prescribed medication in order support the healing process)

As mentioned earlier, green tourmaline is an excellent gemstones for vibrational healing of the heart.

Green tourmaline is a stone of strength and energy. It is great for anyone who requires to do heavy physical activities on a regular basis such as athletes, those who are doing jobs which requires heavy work and soldiers.

The green Tourmaline strengthens your sense of smell. It can also improve your perception of pheromones, which produces an aphrodisiac effect.

The stone is great to get a peaceful sleep as it helps to keep a quite mind. It can also help someone who is suffering from claustrophobia (fear of being stuck in a closed place without escape).

Green tourmaline may also assist you in restoring the shine and luster of your hair and nails.

image 2 : A beautiful ring made out of a Green Tourmaline

Chakra Energy

As a green crystal, green tourmaline activates the heart chakra which is located right in the center of the chest.

Chakra energy effects of green tourmaline are the same as for Moldavite which we discussed here. Therefore I am not going to repeat the same points in this article but I hope you will refer to the Moldavite benefits article because the Chakra energy related benefits are quite important.


Spiritual Benefits of Green Tourmaline

Spiritual benefits are another important aspect of green tourmaline benefits. The green tourmaline metaphysical properties promote compassion, particularly towards one’s self. With its delightful green color, the tourmaline will connect you to earth and get you attached to the vibration of Mother Gaia ( ancestral mother of life ).

It may be used to commune with nature’s spirits in meditation, and to connect with the spirits of animals and plants physically. The rejuvenating ability of the green tourmaline makes it the most favorable and adorable of all the green life-giving stones.

Green tourmaline also improves the strength and cleanses the nervous system enabling it to carry a greater amount of spiritual energy. The higher the energy your physical body carries, higher the level of consciousness you maintain. The stone is great to close the holes in your aura which exposes you to negativity.

This gemstone provides you with full protection during ritual work. Because it’s a shamanic stone, it can be used for scrying (foretell the future). It was also used in past times to point out the cause of a problem or an offender and also to show you the right direction in which way to move.


Industrial Uses

Green tourmalines are highly regarded for performing TV and radio transmissions as electric tuning circuits. Because they are of high durability, high frequencies can be passed through them without shattering.


Final Thoughts

As you may realize by now, there are so many green tourmaline benefits spanned across many areas. I hope I managed to give you a fairly decent overall understanding of those benefits and you are now more enlighten about this wonderful gemstone than before.

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  1. Glad I found this site. It is nice to learn that green tourmaline attracts success, abundance, luck, and prosperity to its wearer. I need it and will definitely find this gemstone and add it to my jewelry collections. Also, green is my favorite color. It’s perfect!

    1. Hey Ferra, Glad to hear that you learnt something new and also fell in love with green tourmaline. You will definitely love green tourmaline jewelry.

  2. This is a really great article. I am very interested in rocks and minerals so it’s great to have more information on them, especially information on spiritual effects. It’s not common to find that perspective so I appreciate it.


    1. Thank you Umar. Glad you liked it. Yes, there aren’t many people who talk or believe about powers of gemstones, crystals and mineral.

  3. Interesting post. I had never heard of Green Tourmaline but I like what I read about it. Being that it is green, it makes sense that it would bring money (a second stream of income) to you. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Rajith, thank you for sharing this information! Very cool perspective and uses of this crystal. I recently did a 21 Days of Abundance guided meditation. It sounds like green tourmaline would have been a perfect addition to that!

    1. Hi Vince, Thank you. Glad you liked the article. The program you participated sounds great. Yes, many such teachers use crystals and gems.

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