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April 15, 2020

Prasiolite Gemstone Meaning – Powers and Benefits


Also known as Green Amathyst, Prasiolite is indeed a beautiful gemstone. Its pale green color sometimes mixed with yellow provides a unique beauty to gemstone and jewelry lovers.  In this article, I am going to introduce the various aspects of prasiolite gemstone meaning including its meaning on personal and professional lives and emotional, physical  and spiritual healing powers and


About Prasiolite

Prasiolite belongs to the quartz gemstone family and hence it bears all the physical properties of the quartz family.  Most prasiolites which exists in the market today are heated amethyst. Natural prasiolite do exist but it is mined only in few locations.

When natural amethyst are heated to 500 degrees Celsius, its color changes from purple to pale green or yellow-green prasiolite.

Natural prasiolite or green amethyst came from a small mine in Brazil but the mine died out in February 2019. There is another small mine in Lower Silesia in Poland and prasiolite has also been found in an area called Thunder Bay in Canada.

image 1 : A Prasiolite crystal

Prasiolite Gemstone Meaning


Prasiolite is a stone which promotes one to be their selves and bring the best in themselves. It encourages individuality and uniqueness rather than being ordinary. Since there many aspects to prasiolite gemstone meaning, I will discuss those under few categories for your convenience.


Wealth and Business

Prasiolite takes away lethargy and infuse you with energy and eagerness especially when you meditate with the stone at the start of the day.

Hold it or keep it closely throughout the day as it will continue to provide you with enthusiasm and drive your commitment for work.  Keeping it on your desk helps you to improve productivity.

Prasiolite ensure high motivation level in new projects.

Since prasiolite helps to think clearly, it also helps to be target oriented and focused on the end goal. A clear mind also helps to see more income opportunities which can result in getting additional income streams.

Prasiolite brings good luck and prosperity. It has the power to attract wealth and abundance. As prasiolite helps to clear the mind, it helps clear your goals and bring the good luck to strive to those goals.

Taking away the negativity and clearing the mind has a positive effect in almost everything we do.  It helps immensely in staying focused on the mission and achieving objectives.

Its effect on your courage to express yourself and your ideas with confidence also has an immense positive effect on your work.

It makes you see yourself better and release your hidden potential by arousing your creativity and imagination. This will have a positive effect on all aspects of life including your thinking, work routine, habits, etc.

The stone doesn’t let you confine yourself to a comfort zone and inspires you to reach for your dreams.


Love and Relationships

Prasiolite effect on love and relationships is indeed a unique aspect of prasiolite gemstone meaning.

Prasiolite boosts your love and care for your family and close friends.

As it fuels the love in you, prasiolite will encourage you to find a partner if you were single for a long time. Since prasiolite fills you with joyful energies, it helps to attract suitable love energies.

Prasiolite boost self-confidence and it helps you to trust yourself more in relationships.    Being yourself makes others see the real you and this takes away a great deal of potential issues in a relationship.

Prasiolite removes negative energies and makes your emotions and thoughts positive which helps to maintain loving, joyful and strong relationships.

It makes the connections with the people stronger as the stone encourage us to live in the present moment.

Prasiolite helps you to control explosive emotions which prevent you from quarrels and fights.

It will help you improve your patience and empathy making you look at problems from different angels.  Understanding the reasons for your partners thinking and actions is invaluable for a great relationship.

As mentioned earlier, prasiolite helps to boost self-confidence and hence makes you love yourself more. When you love yourself, it is far easier to spread that love to others.

As prasiolite boosts self-confidence, in effect it helps to takes a decision and stand your ground in a relationship.


Emotional Healing Powers

The stone boosts self-confidence and self-belief. The stone continuously provides you with energy when kept close to you and improves your creativity.  Those who are suffering with depression will also benefit with prasiolite as it boots your trust in yourself.

It fuels fighting competitive energy to you persona.

We sometimes get stuck thinking only about the worst things that can happen and feel as if we are left only with negative energies. Prasiolite will help you to get rid of these negative energies and bring back confidence.

Prasiolite encourages us to take decisions without compromising your own well-being and to do what is good for you.  It also helps you to communicate your emotions better.

Prasiolite helps to focus on the things which actually matter with kindness.

It protects you from toxic negative forces that can help your mind and spirit and strengthen your emotions and determination.


Physical Healing Powers

Prasiolite helps the healing of nervous disorders.  It is also an excellent crystal for improving and retaining memory and gives the ability to think clearly.

These properties make the stone ideal for students and children as it will help them in their studies.

Prasiolite is good for muscle and joint pains. It is also good for relieving pains of Arthritis and bones.

The stone helps you to clean your body of toxins. It removes blockages and useful in treatments for ulcers, tumors and growths.

Prasiolite is also great for absorption of nutrients to your body and reducing stomach acid.


Spiritual Healing Powers

Prasiolite improves intuition. It will help you to see what lies ahead of you and help avoid possible dangers. It helps to open your spirituality to acquire skills such as clairvoyance.

It helps you to achieve a peaceful mind and calm your psyche. The “spirit of nature” like energy of prasiolite creates a deep connection between you and nature.

Prasiolite helps to connect spiritual and physical self and achieve higher spiritual levels.

image 2 : Some cut and polished Prasiolite gemstones

Final Thoughts

As a gemstone which is quite affordable, the benefits prasiolite brings is pretty awesome. I hope I covered prasiolite gemstone meanings well enough for you to get a good picture of the benefits of this great creation of nature.

I would love to hear your thoughts and any questions you may have.


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  1. Wow I am amazed by the benefits that a single stone can have. When I was little my mom always bought me this magazines that came with a special stone as a gift. Now I have exactly hundred of them but to be honest I haven’t read anything about any of them. I had no idea that stones can have such an impact on our lives. I will go to them and see if I can find something more about Prasiolite

    1. Hey Delqna, Wow. Great to hear that you have such a big collection. You should certainly take care of it. There might be some rare ones as well.

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