Garnet crystal in the context of garnet stone meaning
May 2, 2020

Garnet Stone Meaning – How Will It Benefit You? 

With a unique and powerful set of benefits, garnet is a stone which has been popular for thousands of year. From energizing you in and out to bringing order in chaos, garnet brings a heap of irrefutable metaphysical properties.

Hence, I am going to discuss the garnet stone meaning in this article along with a bit of background information about the stone as well.


About The Garnet Gemstone

Garnet is not a single mineral but a large group of rock forming minerals. The minerals have similar crystal structure and related chemical composition.

Even though it comes in several colors, the word “garnet” usually refers to the red version of it. Green, yellow, orange, pinkish red are some of the other colors of garnet. ( You can learn more technical facts about Garnet from here)

Garnet gemstones are mined in several countries around the word including Sri Lanka, India, Brazil, Madagascar, Tanzania and Russia.

The name comes from the Latin word for pomegranate – “granatum”,  as the seeds of this fruit resembles red garnet. It is also the birthstone for the month of January and for the zodiac sign Capricorn (The sign of the Goat).

Ancient Egyptians have used garnet more than 5000 years ago and evidence have been found that it has also been used in the bronze age in the area of former Czechoslovakia. Garnet was also used in Sumeria around 2100 B.C and in Sweden between 1000 B.C. and 2000 B.C.  Apart from that, garnet has been used throughout the history including the Greek and Roman empires, middle ages and during the more recent European colonization era.

image 1 : An orange color garnet specimen

Garnet Stone Meaning

As it was earlier said, garnet consists of a wide range of powerful benefits. Hence, I will discuss the garnet stone meaning under the below subsections.

  1. Physical Healing Properties
  2. Emotional Healing Properties
  3. Business, Work and Wealth Benefits
  4. Love and Relationship Benefits
  5. Chakra Healing and Energy Balancing


1. Physical Healing Powers of Garnet

Garnet was famous in the medieval ages for its powers in healing and providing protection. Back then, it was used to neutralize poison, reduce fever and also depression. Red and yellow garnets were used in sympathetic magic rituals. Red stones were used for its perceived anti-inflammatory powers and yellow stones to cure jaundice.  Garnet elixir (garnet infused water) was used to improve digestion.

Garnet was used in the past to remove toxins from the body and cleanse blood and organs, especially the heart and lungs. It was also used to relieve arthritic pain, rheumatic pain and some psychological illnesses.

It was also placed on wounds to speed up the healing process and also to stimulate blood clotting.

Today, garnet is used to encourage the absorption of minerals and vitamins to the body including calcium, magnesium, iodine and vitamins A, D and E.

The stone also helps to regenerate the body by improving the metabolism. It is also used in treatments for the cellular and spinal disorders.

Garnet helps to reduce acne and improve libido. It also alleviate cardiac rhythm disturbances and regulate blood pressure.  (However, it is reported that garnet can worsen the arterial hypertension and therefore it should not be used with those patients).

Garnet is used to improve the heart conditions in general and to rejuvenate the entire body.

image 2 : A sterling silver natural garnet pendent

2. Emotional Healing Benefits of Garnet

Emotional benefits are another important area in garnet stone meaning.

Garnet is famous for cleansing abilities as discussed before and it helps to cleanse your body energies as well. The stone also provides support to balance the energy system of a person and helps to alleviate insecure feelings. When you internal energies are balanced, you will feel more confident about the path you need to take and the decision you have to make.

It helps to get you to the correct state of mind when you have to take serious decisions in your professional as well as in your personal lives. The stone also helps you to become a more pragmatic person.

As a protective stone, it is believed to safeguard against potential money losses. It is also a talisman for protection in your journeys.

Garnet helps during crisis situations where everything seems to be destroyed and you cannot see a way out.  It provides strength and courage to overcome such situations and also solidifies the survival instinct. You will be encouraged to come-out of the challenging situations with determination.


3. Business, Work and Wealth

Garnet also brings good luck to your professional and personal lives including your love life.  It will help you in achieving your goals and always provides the encouragement to achieve more.

Garnet will have an overall positive effect in your attitude and also in your personality. It helps to increase your likability, popularity and self-confidence. The stone will have a positive effect on your business relationships and in the overall business as well.  Mostly, the square cut garnet is believed to bring the business related successes.

Garnet is popular as an executive stone especially among women.

Another unique garnet stone meaning is that it helps widows to regain the positive joyful spirit by overcoming pain and grief. Garnet is in general good to get back on after going through extreme painful situations.

When placed under the pillow, the stone is known to help you alleviate bad nightmares.

Garnet is good to increase your motivation and fuel you with determination when you are mentally down and it also provides the mental strength to refuse negative things.

image 2 : A sterling silver butterfly pendent with natural garnets

4. Love and Relationships

Garnet is especially known to benefit you when there is a change, a transition, happening in your relationship as it helps you remove insecure feelings and be mentally strong for the right decisions.

Red always represents a strong romantic bond and garnet is a stone for stability. So if you are looking for a stable, long lasting relationship, garnet is a stone you should definitely consider. Romance is probably the most popular benefit when comes to garnet stone meaning.

It is a stone which helps you to be honest with yourself and at the same time to your partner as well. It also encourages to solve any issues in the relationship which affects the harmony of the two. The ability of garnet to balance the head and the heart is one of the main properties of garnet which makes it suitable in such situations.

Just like the positive effect it has on widows, even when you have become single after being in a relationship, the energy of garnet helps you to come out of that emotionally stressful situation. Hence you will be open and better prepared to let someone new into your life.

During the early days of your relationship, the energy of the stone will help you to maintain your composure and emotional balance.

5. Chakra Healing and Energy Balancing

The red garnet stimulates the Root and Crown Chakras. Hence it provides physical and spiritual energy (effects of a balanced root chakra) and makes us feel connected, inspired and well belonged to the physical world (effects of a balanced crown chakra).   As a powerful rejuvenating and regenerating stone, it cleanses and energizes all the chakras.

Here is a video which shows the cutting process of a garnet gemstone.

Final Thoughts

As a gemstone which is not as rare or expensive as sapphires or rubies, the garnet stone meaning is truly remarkable. You can use it as a crystal for healing purposes or wear as an everyday jewelry even.

This magnificent creation of Mother Nature will continue to amaze humans for many more thousands of years.


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  1. I was interested to learn all of the aspects of life that the Garnet gemstone has a positive impact on – healing, business, love, and relationships. And of course my favorite area – Chakras – this time the Root and Crown Chakras.

    Best of all for me was the video – thank you for including this. Actually watching the video and seeing how the gemstone is cut was very enlighting – something I have never seen before.

    Thanks again for another great post taking your readers into the wonderful world of gemstones.

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