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May 3, 2020

Ruby Stone Meaning – Amazing Benefits of A True Beauty 


Ruby is one of the most expensive gemstones in the world along with blue sapphire and emerald. Its remarkably unique red color is unmatched to any other red gemstones. Due the extreme popularity of this outstanding gemstone, many are searching for the ruby stone meaning when it comes to crystal healing powers and metaphysical properties.  Ruby is the birthstone for the month of July and for the zodiac sign of Cancer which adds to the curiosity of learning the benefits of this gemstone.

Discussing these various benefits of ruby gemstone is the main purpose of this article and you can find a lot more other information about ruby in this article : “Ruby Gemstone Facts”

Before starting, an interesting thing to know about ruby is that the exact ruby gemstone was categorized accurately only a couple of centuries ago. Before that, even high quality red spinels and some garnets were also called ruby.  Even the large red gemstone in the imperial state crown was also thought to be a ruby but later found out that it is actually a spinel.

image 1 : Imperial State Crown with the Red Spinel which was thought to be a Ruby

Historical Beliefs

Ruby was a symbol of royalty for thousands of years and it is said that Kublai Khan, the Chinese emperor, exchanged an entire city for a large ruby.

According to an ancient Burmese legend, one could become invincible by inserting a ruby in the flesh.As per the middle age European lore, ruby was believed to give good health, alleviate negative thoughts and resolve disagreements.

Ruby was also carried as a talisman to prevent war and danger during ancient times. The Mesopotamian goddess of war and sexual love, carried a ruby which has illuminated her temple with supernatural light. She has used it to watch souls of the dead.


Ruby Stone Meaning

There is a wide array of benefits when comes to the ruby stone meaning. As it was mentioned earlier, ruby was used for thousands of years for its remarkable benefits. In order to present these benefits in an order, I will break down those into following sub topics.

  1. Emotional Healing Benefits
  2. Physical Healing Benefits
  3. Chakra Healing and Energy Balancing
  4. Love and Relationship Benefits
  5. Spiritual Healing Benefits

Let’s go through the list one by one.


1. Emotional Healing Properties

Ruby supports you to strive for your dreams wholeheartedly by stimulating passion and determination.  It has the energy to remove negative thoughts of defeat and frustration and to infuse with positivism and fortitude to strive for the goals.

Ruby brings feeling of control and power to the wearer which improves the self-belief and self-confidence.

If you are looking for a change in life, ruby is the stone for you as it is a magnet to attract adventure and novelty. Its energy attracts new opportunities and unexpected positive changes in situations.

Even if you feel stuck and seems to be going nowhere in any area of your life, ruby can inject the energy you need to get going again. It brings this positivism, enthusiasm and passionate energy to make the steps needed to get to the next level.

Ruby helps to adjust to the unknown and overcome anxiety. It gives courage to deal with doubtful situations. It makes you confront with your fears and enjoy the challenge. Ruby inspires you to move forward amidst challenges.

Ruby also inspires the caring and protective side of a person. It will make you stand up for those who are in need, be it your family, friends or even the nature. The confidence ruby gives will make you stand against more powerful people than you when needed.

A balancing stone to have with ruby is sapphire, which brings the self-control and discipline aspect to balance out the adventurous enthusiasm.

During stressful times and also when the stress should be endured until results are achieved,  ruby will be a strong ally.

Ruby is also helpful for those who are trying to overcome the pain of sexual abuse as it will help to heal the emotional connection with the body. It is also great for someone who is recovering from a bad addiction such as drugs.


2. Physical Healing Powers

Ruby is recognized as a blood stone and has many positive effects on the cardiovascular system. It is known to strengthen many parts of the heart including the ventricles, myocardium and coronaries. It also helps to improve the blood circulation.Due to its positive effects on the heart, ruby is used in treating different other medical conditions of the heart as well.

Ruby is a stone which has many benefits for women in particular. Its ability to stimulate a proper blood flow has positive effects in regulating menstrual flow as well and in relieving menstruation related pains. It is also beneficial to overcome early menopause. In addition, the gemstone is used as a support in gynecological operations.

Ruby is also considered to have positive effects on reproductive organs. Therefore it is used in treating impotence, infertility and sexual dysfunction.

The stone is believed to have positive effects during the pregnant period especially for older mothers. Ruby is considered to have positive effects on the child during the early stage where all organs and structures within the child is formed, also known as the embryonic state.

Ruby is beneficial in detoxification of blood, lymph and the body.  It is also used to treat fever, inflammations, hemorrhage and infections.

The stone can be used to help in weight management especially by regulating where excess weight is held in the body. It also stimulates reproductive organs, adrenals, spleen and kidneys.

image 1 : A ruby gemstone crystal

3. Chakra Healing and Energy Balancing

As ruby is an excellent stone for the first and second chakras (root and sacral chakras), it is used to ensure a proper circulation of energy flow in legs and feet.

As a stone for the root chakra, it stimulates the life force energy to flow throughout the body and provides the energy for a person to strive for the dreams.


4. Love and Relationships Benefits

Ruby is another stone known to stimulate the sexual energy and desire and also supports in alleviating sexual dysfunction and certain types of infertility.

It helps to understand the sensual pleasures of your body and to build a better relationship with your own body.


5. Spiritual Healing Benefits

Ruby encourages you to understand the spiritual energy that exists everywhere in the physical world and helps you to master in controlling the thoughts and determination to manage the physical world.

Ruby also supports you spiritually to get over the memories and grief of past losses or physical abuse.

Ruby is also great to connect the energy field of a person to that of the earth and release the excess energy. The stone is great for grounding, which helps to relieve from symptoms like dizziness, disconnected and also when someone feels overloaded with energy.

Here is a nice video which shows a gem market in Myanmar (Burma).

Final Thoughts

The unparalleled beauty of this gemstone becomes even more special with its unique and powerful ruby gemstone meaning. As discussed, there are many emotional, physical and spiritual healing powers in addition to the positive energy its ads to your life.

I hope you liked the article and managed to learn something new. If you did, it would be great if you can leave a comment and share with your friends who love gemstones and crystals.

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  1. Hi again,
    I have learned so much about gemstones since I started following your blog.
    This post is again a great source of information. I didn’t know garnets and spinals were once considered rubies.
    I also didn’t know that the ruby is also called a bloodstone. I thought they were two different things.
    Keep up the good work because I still have a lot to learn.

  2. Hi Rajith,

    What a wonderful post about the many benefits of the ruby stone!
    I’m interested in the use of gems to support my overall health and wellbeing. Did you also write something about amethyst? That is my birth stone and I would like to find out more about that.
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  3. This is a fascinating article. Rubies are one of my favorite gemstones as it is, and I now have a better understanding of its origins and what it truly means. One of my Indian college professors always wore a pair of ruby earrings, and she told us that she wore them as a sign of royalty. Your article has certainly confirmed that. God bless you!

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