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May 4, 2020

Fire Opal Gemstone Meaning – Its Benefits and Powers


Fire opal is a variety of opal which comes in light yellow to bright red color range. Though fire opals rarely display a play of colors, unlike the Ethiopian opal, it is still a marvelously unique gemstone. The fire opal with a considerable play of color can be very expensive.

Many gemstone lovers are eager to learn fire opal gemstone meaning which is the main objective of this article. Opal is also the birthstone for the month of October and for the zodiac sign Libra which ads to the value of this remarkable gemstone.

I am going to discuss a number of metaphysical properties of fire opal. But before that, let’s quickly get to know this gemstone a little better.


 About Fire Opal 

The name opal is believed to stem from the Sanskrit word “upala” for precious stone but some say it is from the Latin word “opalus”.

The ancient Aztec civilization has used fire opal as early as 850 A.D. It was found in their burial sites – in jewelry and as decorations for their art and figurines. It is reported that fire opals were still a part of  Aztec culture when Spanish invade Mexico in 1500s.

Fire opals are contains silicic acid just like other opals but with a comparatively higher water content. The color of fire opal is unique and it comes from the iron oxide content.

Mexico is the world’s most famous mining destination for fire opals and hence it is also called “Mexican Opal”. The soil layer which contains fire opals runs all across Mexican highlands with many died volcanoes.  But several years ago, yellow to orange color fire opals were discovered from Brazil. Since then, Brazil has produced considerably large fire opals and it is becoming a popular source for this gemstone.

Fire opals are also mined in small quantities in countries like Guatemala, USA, Canada, Ethiopia, Turkey and Australia.

The hardness of Opal in the Mohs scale is 6 – 6.5, hence extra care should be taken when designing and making jewelry.

When comes to pricing of fire opal, color of the stone, transparency and play of color are the main deciding factors. The deeper the red color and higher the transparency with “fire”, more expensive it will be. The rarest and hence the most expensive is the strong red-orange fire opal from Mexico with a solid play of color.


Fire Opal Gemstone Meaning

Since there are many areas to discuss under fire opal gemstone meaning, let’s break it down following subtopics.

  1. Emotional Benefits
  2. Physical Healing Benefits
  3. Spiritual Benefits
  4. Chakra Healing and Energy Balancing
  5. Business, Work and Wealth Benefits

Let’s go through one by one.

1. Emotional Benefits of Fire Opal

Fire opal awakens the passion in a person. When it comes to passion, it can be anything from personal to professional matters and even spiritual.  Whatever your passion may be, fire opal can will increase your intensity. It will also enhance the pleasure of the experience you go through.

Fire opal also helps in sexuality. The connection of opal to your emotional body will help to combine more love into the relationship. The stone promotes creative energy associated with sexuality and physical energy.

Sometimes, ones passion is held back by fears, personality traits, shyness or shame. Fire opal helps to relieve these uneasiness and discomforts, and allows to explore the passions and enjoy more.

Another advantage of fire opal is that it enhances the creative energy as its energy is attune to the creative energy of the universe.  It stimulates the creative person inside you and motivate to express emotions in the form of art. The stone’s energy will help to direct the creative energy to achieve your dreams.

Negative, defeatist thinking and fear of taking actions can be alleviated with the energy of fire opal. It assists to become a more positive person with confidence and belief about his/her abilities and talents. If you are an overly introvert, fire opal will help to be outgoing person. The stone brings a joyful energy and curiosity to the life.


2. Physical Healing Benefits of Fire Opal

Fire opal is well known for treating fertility issues with both men and women. The stone is useful in treating menstrual problems caused by hormonal imbalances. Chronic fatigue is another health conditions which can be treated with fire opal.

In acupuncture, fire opal is a perfect simulator for triple-burner meridian.  Endocrine system is also stimulated by fire opal.

image 1 : A ring made of fire opal and some raw fire opal pieces

3. Spiritual Benefits of Fire Opal

Spiritual benefits are another important aspect of fire opal gemstone meaning.

As discussed earlier, fire opal allows person to ignite the passions in a person. This is applicable for the spiritual path as well. Fire opal increase passion in the quest for the spiritual enlightenment as well.

For spiritual enlightenment, it is said that what matters the most is the intensity of the desire to achieve success. Fire opal supports precisely on this as it enhances the emotional intensity considerably during spiritual practices such as meditation.

“Fire Opal can assist one in experiencing complete spiritual abandon to the frequency of creative energy that flows throughout the Universe” – ( Ahsian, The Book of Stones, page 294)


4. Chakra Healing and Energy Balancing

Fire opal contains the frequency of ecstasy and activates the Root (Base) chakra and the Sacral chakra. Therefore, this ecstasy will be initially felt in sexuality. But as the kundalini energy is activated and start its upward movement, ecstasy will be felt in the energies of other chakras as well.

In the concept of yin and yang energies, it is said that there are two opposite forces in the universe but works to complement each other. Yin is the feminine, inward energy and yang is the masculine, outward energy. Fire opal is a great stone which balances these yin and yang energy forces.


5. Business, Work and Wealth Benefits

Fire opal is an ideal stone to have in your entrepreneurial journey. It provides support during a change process and provides guidence to progress. It also brings the good luck to attract money to your business.

Fire opal is great as a lucky charm when you are trying to make your own independent path in life and define your own rules. It also helps when you are trying to achieve something unique, personally or in your professional life.

This stone is also an amulet to protect in danger. If you are facing harassment or mistreatment at work, this protective energy of fire opal will help you to get yourself out of that situation.  Fire opal also supports the releasing grief which was stored for a long time.

Ok… With that piece of information, we are almost at the end of this post.

Here is a cool video which shows a group of miners trying to retrieve large  fire opal.


Final Thoughts

Fire opal is indeed a unique gemstone in the family of opals. Fire opal gemstone meaning is not of any less importance in the world of metaphysical powers of gemstones and crystals.

I went through a whole bunch of powers and benefits of fire opal under emotional, physical healing, spiritual and chakra energies aspects. I also explained it benefits in your professional and business lives as well.

Hope you liked the article and also learned something new. If you did, it would be great if you can leave a comment and also share the article with other gemstone lovers. Please also let me know any questions you may have.


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Sources for my articles.

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  1. Wow! I didn’t realize that fire opals had those attributes. I’m definitely interested in learning more and following along to learn more about different gemstones and their meanings.

    I think I need to get some fire opals if they will help attract money to my business! I can use all the help and luck I can get.

    Thanks again for sharing! 🙂

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