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May 5, 2020

Owyhee Blue Opal Meaning – Benefits and Powers of A Unique Opal


Owyhee blue opal is a new and a unique variety of Opal. Since it is a new gemstone type, Owyhee blue opal meaning is a topic of interest for many gemstone and crystal lovers.

Opal is also the birthstone for the month of October and for the zodiac sign Libra. For those who have opal as the birthstone, if you do not like the other opal color varieties, Owyhee blue opal will be a great option to consider.

Therefore, the main purpose of this article is to discuss various benefits and metaphysical properties of Owyhee blue opal.

I will also discuss a bit of background information on Owyhee blue opal. If you are interested in learning about various types of other opal types and its physical properties, this article will be a great source o information. I previously wrote a detailed article about the benefits of fire opal which might also be of interest to some of you. Owyhee blue opal works well with some other stones such as moldavite, black precious opal, blue opal, Oregon opal, herderite, and andean pink.

So, without further due, let’s get started by going through some interesting facts of Owyhee blue opal briefly.


About Owyhee Blue Opal

Owyhee opal is a very new variety to join the opal family. It was first discovered in 2003 from the eastern Oregon in 2003. It got the name as it was found near the sacred Indian springs of Owyhee.

The main characteristic of Owyhee blue opal is its sky blue color which resembles the color of fine blue Chalcedony. One more thing to know about Owyhee opal is that it is mostly translucent when take out from earth but it will gradually become opaque. This transition is due to the fact that when the stone is exposed to air, the water contained inside the stone starts to evaporate.

As per a study done by a group of scientist, the blue color of Owyhee opal is due to a light scattering phenomenon known as Rayleigh scattering.  In the normal blue opal (from Peru and France), the color comes from copper silicate inclusions.


Owyhee Blue Opal Meaning

Even though it is a relatively new gemstone variety, it still has many benefits for the wearer. Let’s break down those benefits to following subtopics and go through the list one by one.

  1. Chakra Healing and Energy Balancing
  2. Physical Healing Benefits
  3. Emotional Healing Benefits
  4. Paranormal Powers


1. Chakra Healing and Energy Balancing

The Owyhee blue opal is a combination of pure blue ray and subtle gold patches which activates the throat chakra and the third eye chakra respectively.

This is a great combination as the third eye chakra controls the perception and throat chakra powers the speech and expression. With both activated, a person will be able to see with clarity,  speech and actions will be fueled with confidence and authority.

As the stone helps to clear and balance the throat chakra, it is highly useful for singers as well as speakers. The energy of the stone also helps a person to find the correct words and tones to convey the true meaning.

The Owyhee blue opal is great to overcome low confidence and other effects of blocked energies such as inability to take decisions, shyness, fear, inability to express, inhibition and feeling of powerlessness.

Since the stone injects clarity, the powers it awakens within us does not come out as aggression or arrogance. The powers will be coupled with softness as the mind is filled with certainty.  A person will choose words and actions with soft calm strength in order to strive to achieve his/her goals.

image 1 : Sterling silver earnings with natural Owyhee blue opal

2. Physical Healing Benefits

The energy of throat chakra in this stone is beneficial to the physical body as well and it can be used to treat numerous health conditions in the throat. It is useful for viral and bacterial inflammations, overuse of vocal codes or exposure to smoke.

As mentioned earlier, Owyhee blue opal is great for singers and speakers because it activates the throat chakra and the above mentioned ability of healing overused vocal codes makes the stone even more useful for such professions.

The stone has mild cooling effects for inflammations in other parts of the body as well.


3. Emotional Benefits

The Owyhee blue opal improves a person’s experience of positive emotions but without enhancing negative emotions.

It also makes one be logically fearless and encourages to take calculated risks. When someone is overly thinking about everything that can go wrong, it ads unnecessary fears. Energy of this stone helps a person to do what needs to be done and keep the focus and determination till the end.

image 2 : Natural Owyhee blue opal, Mystic Topaz 925 Sterling Silver Pendant

4. Paranormal Powers

Although I am not personally a fan of seeking paranormal powers, I will share such powers believed to be associated with Owyhee blue opal as some of you might find it useful. It is also a key aspect of Owyhee blue opal meaning.

The Owyhee blue opal, as a stone which helps to open the lucid state in dreaming, stimulates metaphysical capabilities and enhances intuition. The stone is capable of arousing deep memories, even from past births.  It is used in other western mystery traditions and contemporary witchcraft as well. The high celestial vibration it emits, connects to the highest divine guidance and one’s own spirit guides. Owyhee opal is also capable of incorporating higher level frequencies to the aura of a person.

It is also believed to facilitate the mind to mind communication with the unseen spirit world and nonhuman intelligence, through speech and sound, which is known as kything. The stone is considered to be highly effective in understanding the visual symbolism used in spirit guides as the relevant intuition is stimulated by it.

It is also considered a talisman to use again hidden metaphysical magic known as positive magic and against psychic attack. It is also known as a protective stone to use in the practice of traveling to the invisible world beyond the ordinary reality, commonly referred to as shamanic journeys.

Here is a video which shows a person mining for Owyhee blue opal.

Final Thoughts

Since it is a very new crystal type, the documented knowledge on Owyhee blue opal meaning is very rare. Even the chemical facts about the stone are not easily available.

Given the restraints, I presented all the information I gathered and hopefully did justice to the topic.

I do hope you found this post useful and was able to learn something new. If you did, it would be great if you can leave a comment and share within your social circles.


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Sources for my articles.


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  1. This is a great article about Owyhee blue opal,althought I have no acknowlege about this but after I read it I realized that Owyhee blue opal is so ownsome .I suggest that you may show other more differrent types of Owyhee blue opal.

  2. This is a great article ! We love crystals and gems in our house and this is the first time I have heard of owyhee blue opal. I will be looking at getting some because of the benefits you mentioned. Thanks,

    1. Thank you Dustin. It is great to hear that you have crystals with you. Hope you will be able to get good Owyhee blue opal as well.

  3. What an interesting post! I have a couple of “normal’ opals plus other crystals and found this article fascinating. Especially the video, so good. It is very intriguing to know about the powers this stone has for the throat Chakra and the third eye. I think I will definitely end up with one of these stones in my collection soon. Thank you again. ?

  4. So interesting. Thank you for sharing the information that you found. I have a sister that makes jewelry with stones and she would love to read your posts. I would love to share them with her.
    I have never heard of this opal and it is stunning.

  5. Rajith,
    This is some really cool info on the Owyhee blue opal. It is a little freaky reading about the “Paranormal Powers” is possesses! I enjoyed watching the unearthing of the Opel also. How do you decide where to dig to find stuff like this? Very interesting, thank you.

    1. Hi Glenn, thank you for the comment and glad that you enjoyed the post. There are equipment to scan beneath earth and those are used to decide where to dig. Some just decide by looking at the soil with their experience. I am not a mining expert but there are several other methods also used to do this.

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