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May 6, 2020

Rutilated Quartz Meaning – A Stone With Super Energy

Rutilated quartz is an exceptional stone and it is considered to bring an enormous amount of energy to the person wearing it. In this article, I will be explaining rutilated quartz meaning in detail.

First of all, let’s quickly understand what rutilated quartz is.

Rutilated quartz is a variation of clear quartz or smoky quartz with hair (or needle) like inclusions inside which are called “rutile inclusions”. There are many different types of rutile inclusions ranging from thin to thick, scattered to dense and parallel to crossed.

Quartz is mainly made of silicone dioxide (SiO2) and rutile is titanium dioxide (TiO2). The hardness of quartz is 7 in the Moh’s scale and the hardness of rutile is 6 to 6.5. Specific gravity o rutile is 4 to 4.2 which is considerably higher compared to 2.65 of quartz.

In the metaphysical world of crystals, rutilated quartz is known to be a stone with electrifying energy. It is also the birthstone for the zodiac sign Leo. (However, there is no specific birth month associated with rutilated quartz)

Therefore, let’s discuss the powers and benefits associate with rutilated quartz.


What Is Special About Rutilated Quartz?

Rutile has this effect of making harmonious with other vibrations, increasing and accelerating those energies.  Therefore, when rutile are present in a clear quartz or a smoky quartz, it has a synergistic effect on the powers of those stones.  It boost and quicken the built-in powers and energies of these two stones. As an example, healing energy of clear quartz and the strengthening, absorbing and grounding influence of smoky quartz will be multiplied.

Rutilated quartz blazes with energy and feels electrifying.  Depending on the person, rutilated smoky quartz might be a better option than rutilated clear quartz. Smoky quartz has less intensity when comes to the amplification capabilities. But it is valuable when manifesting as  its grounding capabilities influences to bring things to the physical world.

image 1 : A Red Rutilated Quartz – Polished Crystal Point

Rutilated Quartz Meaning

Since now we know what this stone is, let’s go through rutilated quartz meaning. As always, I will break it down to the following sections in order to make it easier to read and grasp.

  1. Emotional Benefits
  2. Business and Work Related Benefits
  3. Physical Healing Benefits
  4. Spiritual Benefits
  5. Chakra Healing and Energy Balancing

Let’s go into the details one by one.


1. Emotional Benefits of Rutilated Quartz

The power of rutilated quartz amplifies the consciousness, intuition and make manifestation faster.

Hence, it enables a person to instantly read another person or a situation and understand whether the vibes are good or bad.

The stone also supports you in sustaining mental clarity and focus throughout the task.  Therefore, it is a good stone to have with you when you are involved in an emotionally or physically tiring task for a longer period of time.


2. Business and Work Related Benefits

The mental clarity this stone provides helps to see things that you might not see otherwise. It will shed light to problems that you couldn’t see a solution before.

Rutilated quartz also brings a fun and joyful vibration to your energy field. If you are overloaded with responsibilities and feel overwhelmed, this energy of rutilated quartz will help you to remove that pressure and weight.

If the goals seems too big to achieve and you feel the work you are doing is pointless, the energy of rutilated quartz will help you to keep going just like in the case of Black Sapphire.

3. Physical Healing Benefits

When a body part is removed due to an accident or any other health condition, some people still feels pain from that removed part, which is called the “phantom pain”. As per doctors, this pain is caused as a result of mixed signals from the brain and spinal code. Rutilated quartz is believed to help those patients who are suffering from “phantom pain” to relieve that pain.

This stone also helps to stimulate hair growth and hence it can be used stop hair loss. Healing of wounds can also be stimulated by rutilated quartz.

image 3 : A Large Rutilated Quartz Crystal Specimen

4. Spiritual Benefits

Rutilated quartz injects your energy field with light energy.  It assists a person to gain spiritual knowledge as it activates the deeper mind. This is helpful to improve creative abilities as well as psychic abilities.


5. Chakra Healing and Energy Balancing

Rutilated quartz is a truly unique stone when comes to its chakra stimulating powers. This is a stone which activates all 114 chakras in the body, clear energies and connects from Root to Crown chakras. It brings and exceptionally high amount of energy to you as earlier mentioned.


Stone Combinations to Use with Rutilated Quartz

Another important area to discuss are other stones which can be used with rutilated quartz for additional benefits.

Rutilated quartz works well with all other stones in the quartz family and also enhances the energies of the stone types categorized as the super twelve – Moldavite, Phenacite, Danburite, Tanzanite, Azeztulite, Brookite, Herderite, Satyaloka quartz, Natrolite, Petalite, Scolecite and Tibetan Tektite.

Personal transformation and making a person motivated to strive towards higher purpose can be sped up when used with Moldavite alone.  An instant link to the higher realms can be achieved when used with Phenacite, Danburite, Calcite, Merkabite, Herderite, Elestial Calcite or Brookite.

Grounding and psychic protection can be added to the power of rutilated quartz with Sugilite, Jet, Obsidian or Black Tourmaline.

image 4 : A Rutilated Quartz Gold Pendant

Color Variations and Meanings of Different Rutilated Quartz Types

Rutile appears in rutilated quartz ranges from brown-red to golden yellow and sometimes even silver.

Color of the rutile is important for the rutilated quartz meaning as it shows how the stone will channel its light energy to the body. For example, quartz with red to brown rutile assists the body to integrate higher frequencies of energy to the body and helps to remove blockages which cause health issues and money shortages.

Orange-to-gold rutile light energy stimulates the creative energy and also to receive inspiration from the unseen world while Silver rutile enhances the intuition. ( More technical information about rutile can be obtained from here)

Here is a nice video which shows the faceting process of a rutilated quartz.

Final Thoughts

As a stone which can bring an astonishing amount of energy, rutilated quartz meaning is an important area in the world of crystals and its metaphysical powers.

In this article, I went through emotional, physical healing, work a& business, spiritual and chakra healing benefits and powers of rutilated quartz.

I also discussed the other stone types which can be used with rutilated quartz to have additional benefits and also the meanings of different color variations.

I hope you liked the article and if you did, please leave a comment and it will also be great if you can share this post among other gemstone and crystal lovers.


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