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May 7, 2020

Red Aventurine Stone Meaning – A Motivator to Take Actions


Red aventurine is a gemstone which has made its footprint as a stone which provides encouragement and energy to take actions. There are numerous other benefits of this unique gemstone and hence, I will go through red aventurine stone meaning in this article.

Before going on to discuss the meaning, let’s briefly get to know this stone a little better.


What is Red Aventurine?

Aventurine is a variation of translucent quartz. The stone consists of an ample amount of inclusions which reflects the light entering the stone. This reflection results in giving the stone a shimmering outlook which is also called “aventurescence”. This scenario is what gives this stone its importance as a gemstone along with the range of colors it comes in.

Green, red, orange, blue, yellow, pink, white, brown and gray are the colors of aventurine and green is the most common. Goethite and Hematite inclusions in aventurine gives aventurine the color red, which is known as “Red Aventurine”.

The name “aventurine” stems from the Italian word “a ventura”, meaning “by chance”, which refers to a glass type which was discovered by accident in year 1700.

India is currently the biggest producer of aventurine and Brazil, Russia, Spain, Austria and Tanzania are the other aventurine producing countries.

If you are interested in learning technical information about aventurine, you can do so by visiting here.


Red Aventurine Stone Meaning

Red aventurine is another stone which has earned its own personality among the metaphysical powers of gemstones and crystals. It is also the birthstone for the zodiac sign Virgo. Let’s discuss all the benefits and powers of this wonderful gemstone under following sections, one by one.

  1. Emotional Benefits
  2. Physical Healing Benefits
  3. Spiritual Benefits
  4. Chakra Healing and Energy Balancing


1. Emotional Benefits of Red Aventurine

This is probably the most important aspect of red aventurine stone meaning as it offers such a lot of important and valuable emotional healing benefits.

Red aventurine is a stone of energy and liveliness. It also stimulates creativity and awareness in mind as well. The stone also promotes self-expression through actions. Anyone in the creative domain such as artists, musicians, writers, etc. will be able to find the inspiration for their work with the help of this stone. Those who have too many great creative ideas and unable to follow through will also be benefited by red aventurine as it helps to keep the focus till the end of a task.

We often turn back and give up in the face of problems but red aventurine provides us with the desire to take on the challenges and become successful. This stone is another one of those gemstones which provides us with the determination and courage to go on during difficult times. Even in the case of having to work for long hours with same level of attention, the energy of red aventurine stone will be of great help. It will assist you to chose the best possible cause of actions.

The stone also helps to be steady and be emotionally and physically balanced during conflicts.  Red aventurine encourage you to accept your mistakes, promotes self-forgiveness and make you look at your own mistakes positively.

If you are trying hard to make your dreams a reality, the determination, faith and energy induced by red aventurine will be highly useful. The whole process of working towards goals with your talent and self-belief will be facilitated by this stone and the “can do” attitude will be stimulated.

Red aventurine influences the physical body of a person. It helps to transform the body by channeling the energy to take actions. You will be able to properly adjust your energy to make your effort consistent.

Red aventurine also helps to decide on the best actions to take in order to bring your dreams to reality. If you are faced with the decision to select a path from many options, red aventurine energy will help you to decide on the best one. The stone helps to see through the options to get an idea about what lies ahead ultimately and also stimulates better decision-making. Even in cases where your mind has deceived you, the stone will assist you to quickly correct those mistakes.

Another common issue most of us face is that we cannot keep focus and commit to a task. This stone will also help to overcome this problem and ensure that we put our energy to the path we select. Another red aventurine stone meaning is that it will help those who have high ego to think of the bigger picture and be flexible in order to do the best for achieving the vision.

Red aventurine increase the flow of life energy in the body and hence it is useful for those who demonstrate lethargy and inactiveness. The stone will infuse such people with energy to get back in the game. This is applicable for those who are trying to recover from an illness or a surgery to regain their physical energy as well as confidence.

This stone is also helpful to cool down bad tempers and quickly settle disagreements between spouses.

image 1 : Red Aventurine tumbled stones

2. Physical Healing Benefits of Red Aventurine

Red aventurine is another gemstone which helps the proper regulation of blood in the body. This stone is also believed to help strengthen the blood. It is a catalyst to stimulate the red blood cell production in bone marrow.

Red aventurine is also helpful in treating auto-immune diseases. (An auto-immune diseases is the health condition when the immune system attacks the body mistakenly)

The stone also helps the liver and improve the detoxification processes. (Similar health benefits are achieved by Garnet and Bloodstone)

Improving low blood pressure and irregular heartbeat can also be assisted with red aventurine. It also helps in increasing the speed of metabolism, reducing cholesterol levels and relieving negative effects of radiotherapy. Red aventurine also improves the process of blood clotting when wounded.

Aventurine, in general, provides protection from electromagnetic waves around us as it absorb those energies. You can reduce the negative effects of electromagnetic waves of the mobile phone when a piece of red aventurine is kept close to the phone.

Washing from red aventurine elixir is effective against skin diseases. The elixir can be made by soaking a red aventurine piece overnight in de-mineralized water. This elixir is also used in ablutions.

3. Spiritual Benefits of Red Aventurine

As it was mentioned earlier, this stone’s energy helps you to select the best path when you are faced with a choice. The stone supports the same way in your spiritual journey as well. Red aventurine will also help you to keep your focus on the path and at the same time, correct yourself if you haven’t been following the best path similarly to how it helps in your normal activities. It also provides you the energy needed to face the difficulties and pain when following your path and stimulates proper judgment and perseverance.

As a protective stone, red aventurine was used against lightning, fire and theft. It is also believed to provide protection from road accidents.

image 2 : Red Aventurine Pendent

4. Chakra Healing and Energy Balancing

Red aventurine activates and cleanses the Root chakra (Base chakra) which is located at the bottom end of the spine (Red crystals are generally used for this).

Root chakra is the chakra which controls kinesthetic learning, which is leaning through movement and senses of muscles. This chakra is also the foundation for spiritual and physical energy in our body. The physical and emotional energy and self-belief this stone activates, which we discussed earlier in the post, can be attributed to its ability activate the Root chakra.

Final Thoughts

As per the discussed red aventurine stone meanings, there were a wide range of benefits offered by this stone. While the revitalizing energy it provides to carry on during a difficult task might be its most important benefit , all the other emotional, healing, spiritual and chakra healing benefits will be certainly of help in relevant occasions.

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