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May 8, 2020

Purple Amethyst Meaning- A Stone Renowned to Bring Calmness


As a stone renowned to bring peace and stimulate intuition, amethyst is a gemstone valued throughout the history of mankind. Due to its high importance in the world of crystals and gemstones, I will discuss the purple amethyst meaning in this article.

Some of you may wonder why I have used the term “purple amethyst” as amethyst is anyway a purple stone. That isn’t true always as there is green amethyst as well which is also referred to as “prasiolite”. But in the context of this article, please note that where I have mention just “amethyst”, I am only referring to “purple amethyst”.

Amethyst gemstone jewelry is extremely popular as the purple hue brings such class and brilliance to any jewelry. Purple amethyst is also the birthstone for the month of February and the zodiac sign Aquarius which makes it even more desirable to use in jewelry.

Amethyst gemstone brings a whole bunch of healing and metaphysical properties and therefore it plays a vital role in the crystal healing domain. Before going on to discuss various benefits and powers of amethyst, lets quickly go through some of its interesting historical facts.

(Check here for more technical information of amethyst)

image 1 : An Uruguayan Amethyst Cluster

History of Amethyst

The name “Amethyst” stems from the Greek word “ametusthos” which means “not drunk” or “not intoxicated”. There is an ancient story in Greek mythology which explains how this stone came to being and got this name.

As per the legend, the god of wine, Bacchus, was offended by an insult by a huntress named Diana (she was later treated as a goddess of hunting). To get his revenge, he declared that he will feed the first person to meet him to his tiger.The first person he met was a beautiful maiden name “Amethyst” on her way to worship the shrine of Diana. When the tiger was charging at her, she prayed to the gods to save her which resulted in turning her into a white shimmering crystal. This made Bacchus regret his actions and poured his purple color grape wine onto the crystal as an offering. This gave the stone its characteristic purple color and also its name. Influenced by this story, amethyst was believed throughout the history to protect from drunkenness.

Amethyst is also referred to as the “Couple’s Stone” and as the stone of faithful love. It is believed that St. Valentine has worn an amethyst ring with the cupid engraved on it. This is probably the reason why amethyst engagement rings are very popular.


Purple Amethyst Meaning

Amethyst has long being associated with its positive influence on mind. But there are so many other purple amethyst meanings as well and I will present those under following sections.

  1. Spiritual Benefits
  2. Physical Healing Benefits
  3. Emotional Benefits
  4. Business and Work Related Benefits
  5. Chakra Healing and Energy Balancing
  6. Paranormal Powers

Let’s go through these one by one.


1. Spiritual Benefits of Purple Amethyst

Amethyst is known as a stone which provides spiritual protection and cleansing. It stimulates the mind and intuition and also believed to assist psychic abilities. Hence, amethyst helps to make the connection with the spiritual realm stronger. Therefore, amethyst is considered as a powerful stone for its spiritual benefits and effects in increasing intellectual capacity.Amethyst is also a well-known stone to support in meditation. Calming the mind, entering the meditative state and maintaining it are stimulated by this stone.

Amethyst energy also helps to activate the deeper mind and stimulates brain functions.When the deep mind is activated, you will be able to better understand the reality of life and the reasons for certain experiences or things happening in the present. This emotional balance of mind, which amethyst produce, helps a person to counteract the strong negative desires in mind such drug addictions (I will discuss more on this under the physical healing benefits).

image 2 : An amethyst pendant


2. Physical Healing Benefits of Purple Amethyst

Healing properties are also an important area in purple amethyst meaning. One of its best known benefits is its ability to curb bad addictions and habits. It can be used to help someone to stop using drugs, alcohol and smoking.

As discussed earlier, this effect of amethyst can be attributed to its ability to clear our mind and aura (energy field) from negative attachments and negative influences. It also helps to create a protective energy field around us to repel negative energies in the surrounding environment. This shield helps a person to protect his/her self from falling back to those addictions. Some refer to this protective shield as an energetic field of spiritual light.

Purple amethyst also helps to balance the nervous system and the brain during the withdrawal process from an addiction and in general as well. Amethyst is renowned for treating insomnia as it helps to calm the mind. (I have discussed more related benefits of amethyst in this article)

Amethyst helps to reduce stress and relive headaches. It is also believed to help to overcome tinnitus and nerve disorders.

Amethyst stimulates oxygenation of blood by improving absorption of oxygen and removing unwanted gases. It supports the digestive tract, heart and skin.

Improving the performance of endocrine glands and hormone production is another benefits of amethyst. Hence, it stimulates the sympathetic nervous system which is responsible for the rapid involuntary response of a body to stressful situations.

This stone strengthen the immune system and hence it is good again minor wounds. Amethyst elixir has proven to be great in treating arthritis.


3. Emotional Benefits of Purple Amethyst

The peaceful mind and the higher intellect this stone stimulates helps you to be logical and stop taking emotional and irrational decisions in life.

Amethyst is also helpful in understanding the reasons behind emotions, behaviors and practices of yourself and other people. With this knowledge, you will be able to help others to emotionally stabilize and change negative behaviors and also do the same for yourself.

Similarly to the stone’s ability to curb negative physical habits, purple amethyst also helps to alleviate negatively addictive thought patterns as well. When comes to addictions such as drugs and alcohol, it is important that the mind also gets free from such imbalances. The ability of amethyst to balance the brain and nervous system assists in building emotional stability required to free a person from such strong addictions.

image 3 : 10K Solid Gold Purple Amethyst Dainty Ring


4. Business and Work Related Benefits of Purple Amethyst

Amethyst brings a similar effect of “protective shield”to the physical environment where it is placed and crystals, geodes or clusters are used for this purpose. When one of these amethyst specimens are placed in a physical space, it brings the feeling of a protective energy field. Robert Simmons in “The Book Stones” refers this protective energy field experience as a “Bubble of Light”. Amethyst brings this protection to any physical space such as houses, offices, vehicles, hospital rooms, etc.

Amethyst is therefore recommended to almost any profession and also for patients as it helps to purify and maintain a clear energy field in the healing space. Those who are driving for long hours can also be benefited by amethyst by keeping it in the vehicle.

A balance between the body and the energy field can be achieved when wearing amethyst as a jewelry.


5. Chakra Healing and Energy Balancing

Amethyst activates the crown and third eye chakras and hence amethyst is great to improve psychic abilities and intuition.

Crown chakra is responsible for how we think and respond to the world. It is the core of our beliefs, values and spirituality. Third eye chakra controls our consciousness and awareness which makes it ideal for meditations.


6. Paranormal Powers of Purple Amethyst

As I have mentioned earlier in other articles, I am not a fan of paranormal activities and usage of crystals in such endeavors. But I will explain such benefits attributed with amethyst as some of you might find it useful.

Psychic abilities are stimulated by amethyst and the stone’s high frequency energy provides protection from low frequency energies which is valuable in psychic work. This high frequency energy provides a protective shield from dark spirits and psychic attacks and helps to stay clear and balanced.

Here is a video which shows a group mining for amethyst.

Cleaning the Amethyst Stone

It is advised to clear the energies of amethyst from time to time. If you are using it to treat another person, clean it after every use and if you are using it for yourself, clean it once every two weeks. If you are using it regularly for healing, better to clean it once a week.

The easiest way to cleanse an amethyst is by holding it under running water for one minute.

Final Thoughts

As one of the most popular gemstones ever, amethyst brings so much more value on top of its unique beauty. I discussed a range of purple amethyst meaning throughout the article covering many areas such as its spiritual, emotional, physical and work life benefits.

Purple amethyst is indeed a remarkable gemstone which will continue to play a dominant role in this particular domain.

I hope you liked the article and managed to learn something new. It will be great if you can leave a comment and share with your friends who love gemstones and crystals.


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Sources for my articles.

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  1. Hi Rajith,

    I really enjoyed your article. I am an Aquarius and I received a pair of earring for my birthdays as Amethyst is my zodiacal stone.
    I am amazed to find out that amethyst stimulates the mind and intuition, treats insomnia and helps to calm the mind. I also found interesting that Amethyst helps to reduce stress and relive headaches and alleviates negative addictive thought patterns. ”A balance between the body and the energy field can be achieved when wearing amethyst as a jewellery.” This is by far my favourite benefit

    Kind regards,

    1. Hi Yoana,

      Great to see that the post is relevant for you and you managed to learn something new. Hope you will be able to experience some of the benefits .

      Thank you for dropping by.

  2. Hi Rajith,

    Thank you for this interesting article. I’ve really learned more about my birthstone through it.
    First of all, I didn’t know there are different colors of amethysts. The purple one is indeed the one I know the best. I have my own piece in the shape of a necklace. Remarkable that there also exist green ones…
    Second, the story about the history behind the amethyst was totally new to me. I am really into Ancient & Greek Mythology so I was surprised to find out about the connection with Bacchus and the goddess Diana.
    Then of course, you really went into detail about the many benefits of the amethyst and this also brought me new info. In conclusion, it’s nice that you payed attention to mention how to keep the stone clean and pure.

    Kind regards,


    1. Hi Catherine,

      I am so glad that you enjoyed the article and managed to learn new stuff. Since there was a lot of information to write, I almost thought of emitting the story of Bacchus and goddess Diana. Now I am happy for deciding against it.
      Thank you very much for the lovely comment.


  3. Hi Rajith, once again you bring another beautiful gemstone to my attention! Your pictures here are amazing (well you have great pictures for all the gemstones on your site) but this is beautiful. I was intrigued to read that Amethyst activates the third eye chakra, improving intuition. The story you related in the history of the amethyst is very entertaining and similar to Greek mythology. It really is interesting that there is so much information attached to these gemstones. Thank you for documenting this.

    1. Thank you very much Ola. I am glad that you liked the article. Yes, there are amazing stories behind these gemstones. Sometimes it is hard to select what to write.

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