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May 9, 2020

Tugtupite Metaphysical Properties – A Stone to Release Your Emotions

Tugtupite is a stone which can help you release the emotions hidden deep inside you. Its ability to unearth your lost passions along with other tugtupite metaphysical properties will be discussed in detail in this article.


What is Tugtupite?

Tugtupite is a beryllium aluminum tectosilicate which also contains sodium and chlorine. Its chemical formula is Na4(AlBeSi4O12)Cl and it has a tetragonal crystal system which has similarities with sodalite.

Tugtupite was discovered by Professor H. Sorensen in 1957 from the areas called Tugtup agtakorfia in Greenland, from which it got its name. The tugtupite found by Professor Sorensen is a white mineral according to him but he has mentioned that it turns pink when exposed to sunlight.

Subsequently, pink tugtupite was discovered in 1962 and deeper red tugtupite was discovered in 1965, both from different localities in Greenland. Tugtupite got the gemological interest after the discovery of its deeper red variation. Greenland is still the only country which produce tugtupite in commercial quantities. It has also been found in Canada and in Russia in small quantities.

There is a light blue variation of tugtupite as well but it is much rarer than the pink or red tugtupite.

image 1 : A tugtupite crystal from Greenland

Tugtupite Metaphysical Properties

Even though it is a relatively recent discovery, tugtupite metaphysical properties plays an important role when comes to the crystal healing powers. The meaning of tugtupite centers around its strong ability to arouse dormant emotions but there are other important powers of this stone as well. As usual, I will breakdown the meaning of tugtupite into the following sections and discuss the details one by one.

  1. Emotional Benefits
  2. Chakra Healing and Energy Balancing
  3. Love and Relationship Benefits
  4. Physical Healing Benefits

1. Emotional Benefits of Tugtupite

Tugtupite is a stone which can activate the deepest energies of the heart Chakra.

If you are person who has lost your passion or love towards something, this stone will help you to regain it. Tugtupite is also capable of freeing you from grief stuck inside you and allow you to free those negative emotions and cleanse your aura.

“If the human heart could be seen as a dormant volcano, Tugtupite would be the earthquake that gets lava flowing again” – Robert Simmons, The Book of Stones.

This stone also enables you to express your feelings and emotions in the original form without controlling or getting confused with multiple emotions. Therefore, tugtupite is also great to relieve emotional numbness.

But you have to also be careful because one might tend to express too much of emotions all of a sudden if that person have kept too much of those hidden inside for a long time. Both joyful and sad emotions will be unearthed by tugtupite and hence one may even experience a stronger grief for a short period. But releasing these emotions without keeping hidden inside is beneficial in the long run.

Tugtupite opens the heart and it does not control how you manage the outflow of emotions. Being aware of this will help you to avoid any negative consequences.

Since it also improves the consciousness (this will be discussed under chakra healing), tugtupite will not be a blind activator of emotions. Therefore, being aware of the emotional outflow will not be as difficult as it may sound. You will be conscious of your emotions and therefore managing those will be also facilitated (not controlled though) by tugtupite.

Opening the heart of a person is beneficial in many aspects rather than being an emotionally numb and closed person. Even if there is any pain inside you from mistakes happened in the past, tugtupite energy will help to relieve those regrets.

2. Chakra Healing and Energy Balancing Benefits of Tugtupite

The effect of tugtupite on chakras is another important aspect of tugtupite metaphysical properties.

As it was mentioned earlier, tugtupite activate the heart chakra and its deepest energies. This powerful opening of the heart chakra enables proper energy flow for the upper chakras as well. This facilitates crown, third eye, throat and heart chakras to integrated and harmonize. All these chakras will be energized and you will feel joyfulness, emotionally and mentally as well.

Opening of higher chakras stimulates higher brain functions, resulting in improved consciousness. Stimulated upper chakras also enables connecting with higher realms and improves psychic abilities.

The opening of the heart chakra also helps in meditation as well as it encourages peaceful and calm qualities such as compassion and kindness to grow.

The opening of the upper chakras together with the heart chakra results in a visionary level of consciousness which is connected with the heart. A heart-centered higher consciousness encourages to spread the love and kindness to others.

image 2 : A Pink Tugtupite Sterling Silver Ring From Greenland

3. Love and Relationship Benefits of Tugtupite

The effects of tugtupite can benefit you in your love life a great deal. This stone can help to regain the lost passion and love towards the partner in a relationship. As a healing stone for the heart, it reaches the highest vibrations bringing unconditional love.

The stone also stimulates self-love and make you aware of the importance of your actions to your own happiness. Therefore, this stone might be a good idea for those who often try to put the blame on others when they are unhappy.

There is a legend in Greenland which says that lovers can make the stone glow blazing red from their intense passion.

image 3 : A Gold Tugtupite Pendant

4. Physical Healing Benefits of Tugtupite

Tugtupite is not a stone renowned for physical healing benefits. However, it can be used to strengthen the heart and the nervous system. It also relieves seasonal affective disorder.

Another notable property of tugtupite is that, the white portion of tugtupite turned black in the presence of cancer and toxins. Some crystal healers claim that tugtupite is also capable of purifying the blood, improve hormone production and boost fertility.

Final Thoughts

As a powerful activator of the heart chakra and as a stone with remarkable energies to bring out emotions, tugtupite metaphysical properties are indeed impressive. Though it does not offer physical healing benefits as much as many other stones, its effect of improving the personal life and relationships are significant.

Since it is a very recent discovery, the knowledge available about the powers, benefits and healing properties of tugtupite is limited. But I believe I managed to cover the topic reasonably well and you managed to learn something new.

If you found this article useful, I hope you would not mind leaving a comment or sharing with your friends. I would also be pleased to answer any of your questions.

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