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April 25, 2020

Tanzanite Metaphysical Properties – Amazing Benefits and Powers


Tanzanite is a gemstone which was discovered relatively recently but captured the hearts of gem lovers very quickly with its unique violetish blue color. Tanzanite is the second most desirable blue color gemstone in the world after blue sapphire and it is also a birthstone for the month of December. In this article, I will be explaining the tanzanite metaphysical properties along with a little bit of background information.


About Tanzanite

Unlike many other gemstone which were known to humans for thousands of years, Tanzanite was first discovered in 1967. Tanzanite is a blue variation of the mineral zoisite and the name was given by the famous Tiffany & Co in honor of Tanzania where it was found.

To date, Tanzania remains the only location where Tanzanite is mined in commercial quantities. The mine is located near a city called Arusha in the base of the famous Mount Kilimanjaro and it is only 8 square miles in size.

The blue color of tanzanite is from small presence of vanadium in zoisite mineral. Heating this for about 30 mins under 600 degrees Celsius improves the blue color. But compared to gemstones like sapphire, this heat treatment is considered a mild treatment and this color change is due to the change in the oxidation state of vanadium during heating.

You can find more technical information on Tanzanite from the official GIA page here.  I will move on to discuss the tanzanite metaphysical properties as that is the main objective of this article.

image 2 : A zoisite crystal with calcite

Metaphysical Properties of Tanzanite.

The meaning, benefits and powers of tanzanite spans across many areas and therefore, I will discuss the topic under few subsections. Namely,

  1. Physical Healing Properties
  2. Wealth, Business and Work Benefits
  3. Spiritual Healing Properties
  4. Love and Relationship Benefits
  5. Emotional Healing Properties
  6. Chakra Healing and Energy Balancing

Let’s discuss these one by one.


1.     Physical Healing Properties

Tanzanite cleanses the blood and helps to remove any toxins. It also improves the immune system and also enhances the liveliness of the body. It is highly useful against too much of sweating.

The stone helps the regeneration of cells, hair and skin. It also provides protection against side effects of medication or surgeries.  One other unique healing energy of tanzanite is that it is believed to help someone bring back from a coma.

If you are getting help of a counselor to overcome the addiction to alcohol, tanzanite might help your cause.  Tanzanite is also good for treating emotional issues such as stress and anxiety.

Tanzanite is believed to help to reduce over acidification and inflammations. Wearing tanzanite for a considerable period of time helps to overcome migraines and skin issues.

The stone is also good for the ovaries and testicles and helps to improve the fertility of women.

tanzanite meaning
image 2 : A 14k white gold tanzanite pendent

2.     Wealth, Business and Work Benefits

Tanzanite provides this calming effects helping you in the work place. It is a stone to have when you are in need of a realistic solution to a difficult problem and also when looking for a change in jobs.  It also helps you to get rid of stress at the workplace and stay relaxed and focused. Even if everyone else around you is freaking out, tanzanite’s energy helps you to say calm.

Tanzanite is also good for tackling with communication difficulties. It ensures good vibes with your colleges and helps you to stay composed.

You will be able to give your attention to the work you are doing without getting scared of the scale of the results you have to achieve.

Tanzanite will support you to find the correct pace for your actions. There are times where you need to act fast and in a hurry and there are times where you need a whole lot of patience. The calmness and patience fueled by the stone will help to distinguish between such occasions.

The stone will help you to strategize your actions when facing tough times and challenges, bringing the success a step closer.

As with many other predominantly blue color gemstones, tanzanite attracts good luck and abundance.


3.     Spiritual Properties

Tanzanite is renowned as one of the best crystals for a spiritual search. The high vibrational power of tanzanite is believed to provide the protection when connecting with higher realms and facilitates to achieve deep levels in meditation. The stone connects the heart and mind making a person have a balance between intelligent and rational thinking vs empathetic and kind heart.

If you are new to exploring psychic powers, the protection provided by tanzanite will be highly useful as it make the brow chakra (the chakra responsible for clairvoyance) to open steadily without thoughts getting overwhelmed.

If you are involved in a field where you have to analyze emotional problems of a person and provide solutions, tanzanite is helpful as it supports you to present spiritual facts in a manner which matches the direction of one’s life.

Wearing tanzanite jewelry helps a person to be consistently in a higher consciousness. It even promotes consciousness in those who see this magnificent stone even is someone else is wearing.


4.     Love and Relationship Benefits

The encouragement this stone provides to express yourself honestly helps to build a better understanding between you and the partner.  You will not be influenced by the society to portray a different self of yours.

The stone stimulates to live a life with awareness and meaning which helps to become a better partner.

You two will be able to focus on what makes both of you happy rather than getting caught to what others are saying and build a stronger relationship.

Tanzanite also helps to remove any uncertainties or anxieties who have with related to being in a relationship or in love.

Tanzanite is also good when you want to transform and become a better person. It will help you to get away with qualities that you don’t like to have as a partner and keep improving.


5.     Emotional Healing of Tanzanite

Tanzanite helps to forget negative things that your mind tends get stuck, overcome worries and bring back happiness to life. The stone helps to overcome fears of past failures and experiences and develop trust again. It promotes positive qualities such as kindness and love.

Another benefits of tanzanite is that it helps a person to find the purpose an objective of life and stop fighting with the inner voice over what he/she should be doing. The stone also helps a person to speak honestly and express what’s in the heart.

image 3 : A tanzanite ring

6.     Chakra Healing and Energy Balancing

Chakra healing is another key aspect in Tanzanite metaphysical properties as Tanzanite stimulates Crown, Third Eye and Throat chakras. Therefore tanzanite is a stone that connects the spiritual power of the mind, intellect and communication.

Tanzanite is also considered as the most efficient stone to synchronize the Heart Chakra with the Third Eye Chakra which makes the better coherence of heart and mind.

The blue crystal energy is the activator of the throat chakra. As the throat chakra acts as a regulator of energy of other chakras, its balance is important for the health of those as well and for the communication of our inner self to the world.  There will be a proper flow of energy in the body and soul and also a free upward flow of energy from lower chakras allowing natural outflow and expression.

The Third Eye or the Brow Chakra controls how we perceive the world and our awareness of it. Our consciousness is controlled through this chakra and our constant communication with the inner self is persistent when this chakra is balanced. A balance third eye chakra also makes us open to our visions and dreams.

Crown chakra defines our spirit, our values and beliefs. It controls our reactions to the external stimuli.  It is also the point which connects us to the spiritual realm.  A balanced crown chakra makes us spiritually strong and gives us a deep understanding of the way of life. It makes us face challenges with a better understanding of how things work.

Final Thoughts

For a gemstone that was discovered recently, the popularity gained by Tanzanite is rather amazing. Hence, tanzanite metaphysical properties is a topic of interest to many fans of this fabulous gemstone. I believe I was able to cover this topic reasonably well in this article and gave you a fairly good understanding to the meaning of another fabulous gemstone.

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Before I finish the article, wanted to share a very interesting video which shows inside a tanzanite mine.

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Sources for my articles.

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