An emerald crystal in the context of emerald spiritual properties
April 26, 2020

Emerald Spiritual Properties – – Amazing Powers and Benefits


With its magnificently unique green color, emerald, the birthstone of May, is one of the most three desired gemstones in the world along with ruby and sapphire. Emerald has been treasured by many civilizations across the world for over 6000 years.

One unique reason for the high desirability of emerald in ancient civilizations is the perceived spiritual power of it. Therefore, the main objective of this article is to discuss emerald spiritual properties.  I will discuss a bit of background information and history of emerald as well.


What is Emerald?

Emerald is the gem quality green variation of the mineral Beryl. The basic chemical composition of Beryl is Be3Al2(SiO3)6. The colorless form of beryl is called “goshenite”. Aquamarine, chrysoberyl and alexandrite also belongs to the “beryl” family of minerals.

The green color of Emerald comes when trace elements chromium or vanadium is mixed with Beryl.  Presence of iron can either give a blue or a yellow tint. To be classified as emerald, the stone should contain the rich green color that fall between the yellowish green to bluish green.  This unique green color cannot be compared to any other green color in gemstones and hence it is termed as “emerald green”. The gemstone “Uvarovite” is the only other gemstone that comes close to the “emerald green”.

Most emeralds are clouded by inclusions and these inclusions are also used to distinguish natural emerald from synthetic lab created emerald. Transparent natural emeralds are rare and very expensive. But even in the transparent emeralds, inclusions are visible from the microscope.

Most emeralds comes from few main sources, Colombia, Brazil, Zambia, Ethiopia and Zimbabwe. There are some other countries who produces emeralds but not in significant commercial scale.

You can find more technical information about emerald from here.

image 1 : An Emerald Crystal Specimen

History of Emerald

Emerald has been traded in Babylon as early as 4000 B.C. Ancient Egyptians considered emerald as a symbol of eternal life and it was also the favorite gemstone of the Queen Cleopatra. Emerald was also worshiped by many civilizations across the world including the Incas and Chaldeans.

It has also been used as an amulet by the Moguls in India, Aristotle and Alexander the Great. The name “Emerald” stems from the Persian word which translated to Greek as “Smaragdus”.


Emerald Spiritual Properties

As it was mentioned earlier, emerald was used and worshiped throughout the history for its spiritual power. There is a vast amount of emerald spiritual properties and let’s take a look at those.

Emerald is a stone long associated with special vision abilities such as fortune telling and finding the truth about someone. The stone improves the clarity of mind allowing a person to focus and it also increase the memory capacity of a person. Increased focus allows a person to improve the psychological abilities and also improve special abilities such as telepathy and clairvoyance.

Emerald is also believed to connect the unconscious mind with the conscious mind. Unconscious mind is connected with our judgement and gut feeling whereas the conscious mind is associated with our intellectual power. A proper connection between these two allows the make intelligent decisions with proper judgement.

Emerald encourages ambition and motivation to keep moving in the spiritual path. It helps to open the heart to spread kindness and unconditional love to people around you and daily activities and also to receive love from others. When you spreading compassion with an honest heart, it brings positive universal energy towards you.

Emerald motivates a person to dream for materialistic wealth as well as achieving something more than physical success.

image 2 : A gorgeous 14k white gold emerald pendant

The mental development emerald encourages has great effects in the work place as well. The clear mind and increased memory it stimulates will immensely improve your efficiency at work or in your own business. Emerald also helps to develop flawless speaking abilities.

There is this belief that just holding an emerald crystal or a tumbled stone for five minutes will help you to remember things. It is also highly beneficial where ability to “correctly foresee what can happen in the future” is of utmost importance.

Emerald brings calmness and a soothing mind which helps in meetings, negotiations and other activities where corporate about a group of people is important.

Emotional healing abilities is also a unique aspect of emerald spiritual properties. The extreme fear of confined places are called claustrophobia and emerald is helpful in alleviating that as well. Emerald is also great if you are seeing bad nightmares helps to overcome insomnia. It is also a good stone to help overcome depression.

Emerald is known as a crystal of heart and it has great effects in supporting a person emotionally. It helps to overcome grief and courage to face losses in life.

The stone remove the sadness and related energies from the aura and replace it will determination. It is helpful is removing the negativity and the feeling of failure and fill a person with positivity and energy to carry on.

Emerald is good for fresh beginnings and recovery processes as it brings the liveliness, fresh energy and good qualities such as love and kindness to the wearer and as well as for the people around.

image 3 : A great set of 14k white gold emerald stud earrings

Spiritual Rituals Associated with Emerald

When it comes to spiritual rituals, emerald is used for rituals in bringing abundance and also in rituals to heal psychic attacks. This stone was historically used as a talisman against dark magic and spells.

When comes to astrology, emerald is a stone of Gemini, Taurus and Cancer. In the traditional Vedic science, emerald is one of the 9 sacred stones related with Venus.


Meditating with Emerald

Emerald is good for breathing related meditation. It encourages inhaling and exhaling to a rhythm which helps to achieve deeper stages of meditation.


Chakra Healing and Energy Balance

When comes to stones which activates the heart chakra, energy field of emerald best resembles the energy field of the activated heart chakra. Therefore, emerald is used to balance the energy field of the heart chakra.

The heart chakra controls our interactions with the world, what we reject and what we accept.  A balanced heart chakra enables us to properly manage controlling someone and being controlled by someone. It also helps us to regulate our responses to the interactions with the world.

Final Thoughts

In addition to its unique beauty, emerald is filled with other meanings and metaphysical powers. The main objective of this article was to discuss emerald spiritual properties and meaning of emerald with regard to its healing energies and other metaphysical properties will be discussed in another article.

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Here is a video which discuss about Ethiopian emeralds.

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