A blue apatite crystal in the context of blue apatite metaphysical properties
April 27, 2020

Blue Apatite Metaphysical Properties

Apatite is a group of phosphate minerals and it is found in several colors such as green, pink, yellow, violet, blue and colorless. The name “apatite” comes from a Greek word with the meaning “cheat” and this name was given because apatite, with its many colors, is easily confused with other minerals.  Though there are few colors, blue apatite is very popular among jewelers and crystal lovers. Hence, the objective of this article is to discuss blue apatite metaphysical properties.

Even though blue apatite is a well-known gemstone, it is relatively low priced. This is mainly due its low hardness and it’s easily found. Hardness of apatite is 5 in the Mohs hardness scale and it is also used as an index mineral in the scale. Apatite is mined Myanmar, Brazil, India, Kenya, Madagascar, Mexico, Norway, Sri Lanka, South Africa and in the United States.

You can find a lot more technical information on apatite here. So, without further due, let’s get into the main subject.

image 1 : An apatite specimen

Blue Apatite Metaphysical Properties

Blue apatite holds a unique place when comes to the powers and benefits of gemstones and crystals. Therefore, I am going to discuss blue apatite metaphysical properties under four subsections. Namely

  1. Physical Healing Properties
  2. Spiritual and Emotional Healing Properties
  3. Wealth, Business and Work Related Benefits
  4. Chakra and Energy Balancing

Let’s start with the first and continue one by one.


1. Physical Healing Properties.

(Note: These information should not be considered as an alternative for professional medical advice)

Apatite, a calcium rich mineral, contains “hydroxylapatite”, an important component naturally created in the human body. Hydroxylapatite is present in the pineal gland, bones and teeth enamel.

The energy healing with apatite is therefore is used to treat issues with imbalances in the pineal gland, bones and teeth related issues.

Apatite energy is used to remove excess fluorite and calcium in the pineal gland and this can improve sleeping issues as well as issue related to sexual maturity.

An accumulation of matter inside the body is called concretions. Apatite healing reduces these concretions created with excess calcium and fluorite and helps to re-balance the bone building and metabolic processes.

Excess of calcium in the body also cause high blood pressure which can also be reduce with blue apatite.

Crystal healers position apatite over joints to strengthen cartilages, reduce muscle pain and support bone development.  It is also used to treat arthritis and heal teeth.

As apatite also contains phosphorous, it is also used balance phosphorous in the body which helps the growth of bones, kidney functions and to strengthen nerve tissues.

Apatite is also believed the slow the aging of the body and also balance the two sides of the brain when placed on the forehead.

The stone helps to overcome loss of balance and headaches as well as to reduce strain in the eyes.

Apatite is also believed to improve healthy eating habits as it has this ability to raise the metabolic rate and to reduce hunger as well.


2. Spiritual and Emotional Healing Powers of Blue Apatite

Spiritual power is probably the most talked about when comes to blue apatite metaphysical properties.

Just like other dark blue stones, apatite is also associated with activating the psychological power.

The stone helps to develop psychic capabilities and connect better with the spiritual realm.

Hence this is a great stone to have with you if you are planning on taking spiritual path in order to develop the mind.

When trying to develop the mind, it is important to distinguish actual development vs the deceptions (Our mind tends to show us illusions when working with it).  Apatite will help you to see the imaginary work of the mind and separate it from the true status.

The stone is also known to purify the aura of the mental body making it even more attractive for spiritual work. Apatite also acts as a healing stone by helping to restore damages in the mental body.

There is a strong correlation between psychic powers and creativity. Hence, the stone also stimulates the great creative power in the mind and it is also considered as one of the best for improving creativity.

The stone also encourages the creative subconscious problem solving skills in dreams as well. Some believe that placing a blue apatite stone under the pillow will further enhance its ability to influence dreams with creative energy.

If you are a reserved and close person, apatite will help you to be more open and social. It also helps to remove negative emotions such as grief and temper.

image 1 : Neon blue apatite ring – sterling silver

3. Wealth, Business and Work Benefits

If you are lacking aspiration in your life, blue apatite will help you with infusing motivation.  It also improves the energy levels of a person.

It improves your communication capabilities as well as your memory and ability to focus. Therefore, blue apatite is good in your studies.

The ability to improve your creativity and problem solving skills will also be great in your work.  Any profession where you need a high level of focus and creative problem solving skills can be benefited by blue apatite.


4. Chakra Healing and Energy Balance

Blue apatite simulates and balance the third eye chakra and the throat chakra.

Third eye is what controls our consciousness, helps us to filter things important to us. A balanced third eye chakra helps us to interpret and understand what we see. Our mind will also be receptive to imaginations and dreams.

A balanced throat chakra facilitates the proper communication of our thoughts and feelings as it enables the proper release of energy from lower chakras. It controls the energy flow from other chakras.

Final Thoughts

Though there are several colors to apatite, the blue is the most popular and commonly found. Since it is a unique gemstone when comes to its meaning and benefits, the objective of this article was to discuss blue apatite metaphysical properties.

I discussed its physical healing properties, psychological and emotional healing properties, effects of personal life and its chakra energy balancing effects as well.

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Here is a nice video of a person going in search for blue apatite crystals.

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