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April 28, 2020

Beryl Stone Meaning – Its Amazing Benefits

Beryl is a silicate mineral with several varieties. The basic composition of beryl is Be3Al2Si6O18  but it comes in a variety of colors due to minor changes in trace elements. For example, the pink color of Morganite is from the element Manganese. Various types of beryl are found in different parts of the world such as Brazil, Russia, Sri Lanka, USA, Pakistan, Madagascar and Colombia. Emerald, Aquamarine, Heliodor, Bixbite, Goshenite and Morganite are all beryl variations. ( More technical details of beryl can be found here )

When it comes to metaphysical properties of beryl, each and every individual variation has its own meaning but there are common benefits of beryl in general as well. The objective of this article is to discuss the beryl stone meaning and meanings of other variations are separately discussed.  (Check Emerald and aquamarine stone benefits)

image 1 : 1. golden beryl crystal, 2. heliodore. 3. emerald, 4. aquamarine, 5. morganite (light color)

Beryl Stone Meaning

The beryl stone meaning has been used for thousands of years for many purposes. As always, I will discuss the powers of this stone under separate sub categories for the ease of reading and grasping the content. Since I found the legendary powers of beryl very interesting, I will start with that and continue to other areas.  So the order of the content will be,

  1. Legendary Power
  2. Healing Power
  3. Wealth, Business and Work Related Benefits
  4. Love and Relationship Benefits

Let’s go through one by one.

1. Legendary Power of Beryl

Plyni was a Roman author and a naturalist who wrote books about the legendary power of gemstones. According to him, Indian craftsman back in the day, used to cut the beryl into elongated hexagons and laced it with the bristles of elephants. They might have done this to use it in their sacred mystic activities.

It was believed that a spirit who occupy beryl can be summoned for soothsaying. It was used for protection against the storm god as a part of rain magic.

For thousands of years, beryl has represented immortality and happiness. Emerald, which is a variation of beryl, was a symbol of eternal life in the ancient Egyptian civilization. It was also used in celebrating the dead.

Beryl was used in the practice of communicating with the dead souls. Albertus Magnus, a magician from the twelfth century, claimed that beryl can be used against evil spirits but it will lose this strength if it touches a dead body.

You might be surprised to hear that even the British royals in the Middle Ages used the power of crystals. Dr. John Dee, the astrologer of Queen Elizabeth the 1st, used a beryl in his super natural activities. Beryl was famous as a crystal to be used in predictions and seeing things during that period. Even today, in the chakra systems, beryl is considered a stone to stimulate the third eye chakra.

The sixteenth century author, Reginal Scot, claimed that when praying to St. Helen with a finest quality beryl will enable to visualize an image of the saint and also talk to her.


2. Healing Power of Beryl

Healing powers are a major aspect in beryl stone meaning.

Beryl has been used in the past to treat issues in the eye.  Beryl is also very popular as a stone used to treat problems in the throat. Rubbing the crystals on the throat is good for throat inflammation and gargling with beryl infused water is used to treat throat infections and asthma. It is believed that hiccups can also be cured by beryl infused water. Beryl is also used to treat other respiratory issues such as emphysema and tuberculosis.

In the past, beryl crystal was rubbed over the liver to relieve pain. Today, the crystal is applied over the lymphatic system and the liver to remove any toxins.  The stone is believed to increase the resistance of the body for toxins in general.  Beryl is used to treat issues in the bladder and kidney stones as well.

The beryl energy also strengthen the lungs, heart and the blood circulation. It also improves the cardiovascular system and enhances the strength of the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, beryl can help when treating health issues of the spine, liver, heart, stomach and damages in the skull. The stone also relieves effects of concussions.

Some other benefits of beryl are that it improves the strength of the pituitary gland and also supports the absorption of nutrients.

image 1 : Natural Emerald & Diamond Pendant   ( Sterling Silver)

3. Wealth, Business and Work Related Benefits of Beryl

Beryl enhances the clarity of mind helping you to analyze a situation and understand which helps you to take right decisions. A clear mind also helps to do normal problem solving much faster and come up with wiser solutions.

Beryl is another stone which can help you to get rid of idleness and lethargy as it injects you with enthusiasm. However, the stone can bring you so much, there is of course a part you have to play by planning and taking actions step by step.

Beryl brings the power to make your path to achieve your dreams. Beryl is a stone which has long being related with wealth and luxury but also with the luck of achieving those.

It also helps to improve your communication skills and makes you better at explaining your ideas which definitely helps in office work or even in your own business.

The stone has this effect on you which increases your likability (charisma) which will helps you to succeed in your career.  It can also create new business opportunities as others will like to work with you.

If your mind tends to focus on the issues and challenges all the time, beryl will help you to become a person with the positive “can do” attitude. It will help you to focus on the opportunities with the resources you already have.

image 2 : Sterling silver pendant with natural aquamarine gemstone

4. Love and Relationship Benefits of Beryl

The benefits of Beryl when it comes to love and relationship are somewhat similar to the benefits of emerald and aquamarine we have earlier discussed as those also belongs to the beryl family.  But I will discuss those again here for your convenience.

Beryl helps to revive the love in the relationship. It also provides moral support in terms of courage during a bad period in the relationship.

Beryl is especially good for the love of a married couple. It will help you to enjoy your marriage and also solve any issues in the marriage life. The stone encourages good qualities such as empathy, compassion and patience.

The stone also helps to preserve the love in a relationship. As we discussed earlier, the stone encourage to see the positive side of a problem and this is applicable to relationships as well.

Beryl increases honesty and your partner will feel that in your activities. It also helps to preserve the joyful spirit in the relationship and increases hope.

Beryl encourages to love yourself as well, which in-return affects all aspects of your life including the relationship. The stone makes you more peaceful and calm and heal you from inside.


Before I finish the article, just wanted to share a video which shows a group of people going in search for beryl gemstones.

Final Thoughts

Beryl is another fascinating group of minerals which produces a large variety of gemstones. As it is very popular among many gemstone and crystal lovers, beryl stone meaning was discussed in this article.

Many aspects such as its historical beliefs, healing powers and effects in the personal & professional lives were discussed.

I hope you liked the article and if you did, please share it in your social networks and leave a comment. Don’t forget to ask if you have any questions either.


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  2. Wow, great article! I’ve heard about the powers of crystals in healing and chakras and even through singing bowls. Where and how should I place Beryl in the home according to feng shui?

    1. Hi Andrea, Thank you. I am not very familiar with feng shui but from what I have read, it can be used in the center area for harmony, spiritual growth and balance. South area for any relationships related benefits and north for personal development.

  3. Hi Rajith,

    This is a truly interesting article. I was especially fascinated by the healing power of the Beryl stone and its ability to stregthen the lungs, heart and blood circulation. Perhaps its time for me to explore this further and get a piece of beryl jewellrey for my aunt who is getting on in years.

    Thanks for the insight.


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