Smoky quartz crystal in the context of smoky quartz stone meaning
April 29, 2020

Smoky Quartz Stone Meaning – Its Awesome Benefits for You

Smoky quartz is another variation in the quartz family of minerals. Its color can range from light yellowish brown to very dark brown (almost black). Very dark variation is sometimes called “morion” or “caingorm” and in 1873, J.S. Dana, introduced the term “Smoky Quartz” to the world. Other than the color, all variations of quartz such as amethyst, rose quartz, clear quartz and citrine bears the same physical properties. You can find more technical information on smoky quartz here.

Since smoky quartz is found in abundance, it is relatively inexpensive (deposits are found in Brazil, Russia, Madagascar, Scotland, Ukraine and Switzerland). Even though it is an inexpensive stone, smoky quartz bears many important metaphysical properties. Smoky quartz is also the birthstone for the month of June.

Hence, I am going to discuss smoky quartz stone meaning in this article along with some of its historical beliefs.

image 1 : Orange-brown smoky quartz

Historical Beliefs of Smoky Quartz

Ancient Druds believed that smoky quartz symbolized the great dark power of earth gods and goddesses.  Celts, who mined smoky quartz around 300 B.C. in the Cairngorm Mountains of the Scottish highlands, used smoky quartz in the handles of their weaponry as they believed smoky quartz to be a “power stone”. Many other civilizations used smoky quartz in their traditional ceremonies, truth saying and other forms of rituals.

Smoky quartz was also use by Dr. John Dee, Queen Elizabeth I’s astrologer, to connect with spirits of the lowers worlds.

Even to date, many around the world consider smoky quartz to be capable of absorbing a large amount of negative energy from the environment and releasing to the earth.


Smoky Quartz Stone Meaning

As already mentioned, smoky quartz contains a number of benefits which spans across many areas. Therefore, I will discuss the smoky quartz stone meaning under the following subtopics.

  1. Emotional and Transformational Power
  2. Healing Powers
  3. Wealth, Business and Work Related Benefits
  4. Chakra Healing and Energy Balancing Benefits

When going through these benefits, you will also see how some of these benefits are interconnected.


1. Emotional and Transformational Meaning for Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz absorbs negative energy. Holding the stone helps to release stress, anxiety, panic attacks, negative thoughts and worries. It also provides support to get through difficult time with composure.

Smoky quartz is a talisman which provides security against robbers. It also protects the vehicles and passengers from human error accidents and mechanical breakdowns. People use car charms and other decorative ornaments made for vehicles to protect themselves from accidents and other mechanical issues. The power of smoky quartz to relive stress also helps during long drives.

Smoky quartz is a powerful stone in making you more connected with the environment. If you are a nature lover or a person working closely with the nature, this stone will help you to better resonate with nature.

Another unique benefit of smoky quartz is that it helps to reduce the urge to smoke, gradually. If you are trying to quit smoking, this stone will aid support in your course. It also helps to relieve withdrawal symptoms such as anger and tension.

Stone is believed to help those who are frustrated with living and tends to be suicidal. It helps the mind to resonate with the body better. The stone will help to get to the core of the problem without getting carried away with negative emotions.

2. Healing Powers

(Note : Information provided here shall not be considered as an alternative for professional medical advice)

Healing power is another important area in smoky quartz stone meaning.

It is a stone capable of improving the core stability of the body and reduces healing failures from happening.

Smoky quartz carries the properties of quartz and hence it can be used in treatments where other types of quartz are used. Such as, treatments of kidney, pancreas, adrenal glands and other organs involved in elimination processes as energy of quartz is used to remove toxins from the body.

Smoky quartz is also believed to aid in the proper flow of fluids in the body and the absorption and digestion process of minerals.

As an irradiated stone by nature, the energy of smoky quartz is used by crystal healers to counter the impact of radiation. These includes side effects of medical radiation such as chemotherapy, accidental exposure to radioactive substances, sun burn, etc.

Smoky quartz is used to treat tensions in shoulders and back, muscle cramps and chronic pains. The stone is also used in the treatments of abdomen issues, hips and legs.

The stone is believed to benefit the respiratory system by protecting pulmonary tracts and regeneration of bronchi.  In addition, smoky quartz benefits the reproductive system and tissues of the muscles and nerves.

It is even believed to reduce the effect of electromagnetic waves from power lines, WiFi and other electronic devices, which in effect helps to remove the negative health effects caused by those.

image 2 : Sterling Silver Ring with an Emerald Cut Smoky Quartz

3. Wealth, Business and Work Related Benefits

As with all dark stones, smoky quartz also helps to absorb negative energies from home and work place as well. It takes out bad moods and strong words between employees which affects their emotions. It provides protections against talking behind the back and harassment from colleagues or superiors.

The stone provides support to achieve your goals and dreams. It stimulates logical and practical thinking and helps to become an analytical and organized person.

Smoky quartz stone helps to improve your focusing abilities and survival instincts. It is a good stone to have with you if your work involves traveling in dangerous environments and also if you are going on an adventurous camping trip.

The stone is also good to overcome challenges in communications, be it with one person or in a group.

4. Chakra Healing and Energy Balancing

When it comes to chakra and crystal healing, smoky quartz is believed to be one of the best to stimulate and cleanse the root (base) chakra.  It is also used to guide energy from the upper chakras to the root chakra.

Root chakra is located at the bottom of the back born and it is the underpinning chakra for the spiritual and physical energy of a person. Both physical powers and mental strength increases when the root chakra is in balance.

image 3 : Sterling Silver Smoky Quartz Ring

Final Thoughts

Since smoky quartz is a stone which possesses a number benefits, discussing smoky quartz stone meaning was the main intention of this article. I hope you liked the information about all different benefits of smoky quartz such as emotional benefits, healing power, chakra energies, etc.

If you did like this article, it would be great if you can leave a comment and share in your social groups. Please also let me know any questions you might have.

Last but not least, here is a great video which shows a group of miners going in search for smoky quartz.



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