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May 22, 2020

Purple Sapphire Meaning – Its Remarkable Befits For You 

Throughout history, the most prevalent and well-known form of Sapphires has been and continues to be those with the deep blue hues of the darkening sky. These stones have captured the imagination of civilizations across the globe and have been sought after for their beauty and value. Like other precious stones and crystals, these stones have been and continue to embody esoteric and metaphysical values.

These values do not lie solely with the most well-known blue Sapphire but extend to the other hues such as pink, purple, green, yellow, orange, black, and white (colorless). While these sapphires all share meaning as sapphire gems, they each additionally embody their own unique values. Here we explore the purple sapphire meaning.

What is a Purple Sapphire?

Sapphires, along with rubies are part of the Corundum or Aluminum Oxide (Al₂O₃) variety of gemstones. The color of the gemstones is due to the presence of transition metal impurities. In the case of rubies, this impurity is chromium, which results in its distinctive red color. All other resultant colors, including purple, are known as sapphires.

Purple (Violet) sapphires are the result of the inclusion of Vanadium (V).

Purple sapphires or violet sapphires come in a range of shades from violet to deep purple. As with other forms of sapphires, certain shades and flaws result in unique characteristics that impart increased value on the gem. A form of this gem that is sought after in its own right is the Star Sapphire. This sapphire occurs when the fibrous inclusions of Rutile, form a 6-or 12-rayed star known as asterism. Star Sapphires are often cut into cabochon to accentuate their appearance and highlight their unique quality.

History and Lore of Purple Sapphire

The name Sapphire is derived from the Latin word “saphirus” and the Greek word “sappheiros”, each translating to “blue”.

Also known as the “Plum Sapphire” or “Violet Sapphire”, this color of sapphire is known to be the most powerful. Like all sapphires, it is a Stone of Wisdom, however, this color is known to be particularly potent in promoting spiritual growth bring about inner peace and clarity of the mind, as well as helping those who use it attain their desires.

In the Asian tradition, purple sapphires are closely linked with the characteristics of truth and kinship. IT is said to strengthen ties and keep people on the path of truth.

In Europe, the power of purple sapphires has historically been said to reside in the intensity of the gem. The belief that those who wear the gem, absorb its power, imparting status, and respect. As in the Asian tradition, the stone is regarded as a symbol of knowledge as well as wealth.

Many ancient cultures regarded this stone as a gem of great healing power, both preventative and in treatment. In ancient Egypt, priests used these gems in amulets to ward against evil spirits that could cause great harm.

Today the purple sapphire is still regarded in high esteem as a powerful tool for healing and is often worn for therapeutic reasons.

image 1 : A Natural Untreated Purple Sapphire

Purple Sapphire Meaning

The color purple has been linked to the ideas of strength and reliability. It is also considered to be the color of royalty in the European tradition. These characteristics have been attributed to all sorts of totems and purple sapphires are no exception. Sapphires, in general, are said to be powerful totems of protection and have been worn by kings and soldiers for protection from harm, both physically and mentally, such as witchcraft.

Purple sapphires meaning is closely linked to the Zodiac Pisces, embodying the love and longing of the sign, while strengthening these qualities. As a symbol of love, loyalty and a stabilizing force, it offers a bulwark against eh negative forces that inspire betrayal and dismay. For these reasons, and as a symbol of power, it has been worn by the ruling elite for time immemorial.

Wearing a purple sapphire is said to help us achieve feelings of peace and balance, allowing the wearer to relax. Furthermore, it helps find clear thought, providing concentration, and allowing one to eschew the dissemblance in favor of clarity.

The gem enables the wearer to connect with their emotions while finding ways to effectively communicate them. Moreover, it facilitates control over one’s emotions, especially the more volatile ones.

This governance over emotions makes this gem a useful tool for those who find their emotions ruling their lives, especially those with mood swings with great anger. Wearing the stone enables one to focus on their emotions and avoid unnecessary outbursts.

image 2 : A Purple Sapphire Engagement Ring

Purple Sapphire Uses

Purple Sapphires have many useful applications in many aspects of our day to day lives. They embody the spiritual, metaphysical, and esoteric.

Day to Day Uses

As a stone of healing, this gem has many uses beyond physical health. For those that suffer from anxiety or difficulty learning, the gem focuses the mind, sharpening concentration and awakening the higher abilities of the mind., This makes the stone a perfect partner for those that work with intense concentration such as writers, historians, archaeologists, lawyers and the like.

In Love and Relationships

Bringing emotional stability to the wearer, this gem strengthens relationships by allowing for clear communication of emotions without unnecessary conflict that stems from unchecked emotional outbursts. Furthermore, the gem provides insight into oneself, providing an understanding of oneself and our interactions with others.

The result of control over one’s emotions enables one to open their heart and mind to others, allowing for love and to be loved.

In Wealth

As a stone that allows one to focus their higher intellectual powers as well as their powers of concentration, this stone enables those in professions where these qualities are important to excel. Furthermore, As a gem of awakening, this stone raises your spiritual mental powers, allowing you to find the best path to success.

This stone will boost your creativity and support your artistic pursuits.

Use in Physical Healing

Like other sapphires, the purple sapphire aids in the regulation of the glands of the body, treating blood disorders and preventing excessive bleeding. It is a perfect stone for hemophiliacs as well as the elderly as it promotes vein elasticity and function.

Use in Emotional Healing

Providing emotional clarity, purple sapphires bring a sense of calm and control to the emotions and are particularly effective for those who find themselves out of control of their emotions. It enables the wearer to find balance, calm their nerves, and eliminate worries.

As with all sapphires, star-sapphires have a special potent force in metaphysical healing, These gems are excellent healing stones for those who suffer from feelings of inferiority, anti-social behaviors, or fear of public interactions. These gems are also especially useful in maintaining our goals and ambitions.

image 3 : A White Gold Purple Sapphire

Use with Chakras and Balancing Energy

Stimulating the crown chakra, purple sapphires enable one to connect to higher planes of existence and connect to the universal truth and energy. It promotes balancing the energies of the crown chakra, thus balancing the energies of the entire subtle body.

Purple Sapphire in the Vedic Tradition

According to Vedic teachings, all sapphires are Stones of Wisdom. However, in addition to the universal qualities present in sapphires, each color has its own unique properties.

For gemstones that are of Jyotish (Vedic astrology) quality, purple sapphires are either Pink (light) or purple (dark) sapphires.

Pink Sapphires embody durability, enhances emotional awareness, and bringing out feelings of love and forgiveness. Furthermore, they enable one to release from the past, accepting what is, and giving courage for what is to come.

Purple Sapphires embody the wisdom of spiritual awakenings, causing one to introspect while opening the crown chakra to allow for an unimpeded path or the kundalini energy. These qualities allow the wearer to find peace and acceptance in themselves.

Purple Sapphire Meaning: Conclusion

This September birthstone, besides personifying aspects of beauty and love, is itself a beautiful adornment in its own right. For those who find that the stone aligns with their needs, they will benefit from its esoteric and spiritual qualities. Whether it is in the western or Vedic traditions, this stone is a powerful tool that will enable you to target specific aspects of your life.


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