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April 22, 2020

Red Tiger’s Eye Meaning – Benefits and Powers


Tiger’s eye gemstone family indeed holds a very special place among other gemstones. This is going to be the third article of the tiger’s eye gemstone family as I have already covered the meanings of the yellow/brown tiger’s eye and the blue tiger’s eye.

This article is dedicated to discuss red tiger’s eye meaning.  Red tiger’s eye stone is also known as the dragon’s eye and it also belongs to the quartz family of gemstones. It is an oxide mineral and the color red is due to the level of oxidation.

It is mined in almost the same countries where other tiger’s eye stones are mined and namely Brazil, USA, Canada, South Africa, Namibia and India.

I will now move onto discuss the meaning of red tiger’s eye as it is the main purpose of this article.


Red Tiger’s Eye Meaning


Just as I did for the blue tiger’s eye gemstone, here also I will discuss the red tiger’s eye meaning under the following sections.

  1. Emotional Benefits
  2. Health Benefits
  3. Wealth, Business and Work Related Benefits
  4. Love and Relationship Benefits
  5. Chakra and Energy Balancing


1.     Emotional Benefits

Just like other tiger’s eye stones, the red variation also provides you motivation and inspiration to your life.

This stone is also known as the survival stone because it will make sure that you have the skills required to survive and protect yourself.

Red tiger’s eye will also make sure that you do not get stuck in situations where you have to compromise your values and integrity. The stone will always help to protect your core values and integrity.

Stone encourages you to become a better person. You will put effort to become smarter, knowledgeable and a stronger person.

When you are involved with office work, a project, or work towards achieving a certain goal, stone ensures that you maintain the required passion to become successful. Red tiger’s eye encourage you to keep yourself busy, both physically and mentally. At the same time, the stone help you to take a break and relax when needed.

The stone brings this unique benefit of slowing down your system when required by removing surplus energy and it also helps to balance your aura.

It also helps to activate your creative energy and hence create new things and also come up with innovative solutions to problems.

You might be familiar with the concept of dualism where it says there are two opposite forces working in our lives. The red tiger’s eye helps to balance these energies which are also discussed in terms of yin and yang energies and also a balance between heart and mind.

Stone keeps you calm and focused regardless of your busy and complicated lives.  The red tiger’s eye gemstone also helps to improve your spiritual clarity.  You will be a peaceful person in day to day activities interacting with people around.

The stone injects you the confidence you need to overcome challenges you face in your activities so that you will become successful in those tasks.

Another property of this stone is that it will make you give enough emphasis to yourself, your needs and desires. Stone will encourage you to take care and love yourself.

Showing a bracelet in the context of red tiger's eye meaning
image 1 : A necklace made of red tiger’s eye gemstones

2.     Health Benefits

(Note : The information provided here should not be considered as an alternative to professional medical advice)

The healing benefits of the red tiger’s eye gemstones are somewhat related to those of the blue tiger’s eye gemstone as well.

Red tiger’s eye is beneficial in relaxing a blockage in the bowels or digestive system in general and also it accelerates the metabolism. It can also relax overactive adrenal glands and calm the nervous system.

The red tiger’s eye gemstone is said to be very good for blood related health conditions such as anemia.  The stone is good for the regulation of blood pressure. It is also good for those who are suffering from heart conditions as the stone tends to relax the heart.

The stone is good against infections in the eye and improving night vision.

The bones, teeth and nails are also benefited by the energies of red tiger’s eye and the muscle tissues as well. The stone is great when a person is recovering from a surgery.  The physical energy needed for the body can be provided by the stone and it will also help to regulate the body back to the normal vibrations.  The stone helps to get the body back to normal conditions faster.


3.     Business, Work and Wealth

The stone fuels you with energy and passion to any work you are doing and also the courage and determination. You will become stronger to overcome challenges. The creativity stone fuels you will make you think of innovative ways to make thing work. This automatically has a great positive effect on either your professional life or in the entrepreneurial journey.

As the stone helps you maintain a positive energy, you will not easily give up on your tasks. Red tiger’s eye gemstone will help you to make practically applicable solutions and choices in real life.

Red tiger’s eye also brings you good luck and also prosperity and abundance.


4.     Love and Relationships Benefits

Effects on love and relationships are another key aspect in red tiger’s eye meaning.

As red tiger’s eye boosts your self-confidence and make you appreciate yourself, you will be more confident in relationships. You will even start positively accepting negative things in you.

The stone will make you well connected with your partner. You will feel this both physically and spiritually. The relationships will get stronger as the two will be better bonded.

You will be more welcoming and willing to embrace the love from your partner and at the same time you will be open to give your love back. There will be a balance in how you interact with your partner.

Even in relationship matters, the stone stimulates intellect and strength to overcome challenges.  As you will be stronger, you will also be more faithful in love.

You will be able to get rid of any sadness and grief stuck in your heart. The emotional healing benefits of the stone directly benefits you in love and relationships. Stone helps you to get rid of anxieties and worries about the relationship.

The emotional strength and also the wisdom the stone stimulates will make it easier to make correct decisions for the relationship and for you and your partner as well.  You will think of the future and properly plan your actions.  The mental clarity and concentration power stone stimulates, comes to your help in things that matters for the relationship.  You will find the strength to make logical decisions without getting caught in your emotions.

image 2 : Red tiger’s eye gemstones

5.     Chakra and Energy Balancing

Red tiger’s eye gemstone activates the root chakra, sacral chakra and the solar chakra.  The gemstone hence help you to create that connection between your physical body and the earth.  This strong connection this stone creates between your body and earth is the reason why it is called the survival stone. Your survival instincts and skills will be better when that connection is stronger.


Final Thoughts

Red tiger’s eye meaning holds a unique place among the metaphysical properties of all gemstones. As we discussed, the meaning of red tiger’s eye spans across many areas such as emotional, health, love, wealth and chakra.

I believe I gave you a fairly good understanding of the benefits of red tiger’s eye gemstone and it will be great if you can let me know your comments or any question you might have.

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  1. Are there any physical or mental side effects from wearing too many of these empowering gemstones on your person at one time?

  2. Hey Rajith,

    What is the best way to wear these gemstones?

    And would they be of benefit to toddlers and kids? ha especially overactive hyper kids?


    1. Hey Todd,

      If you are talking about ADHD, a crystal called Lepidolite is known to be great for this. You can place it under the below or on the bedhed when the kids goes to sleep.

  3. Great post. I’ve had a tigers eye for years now but I never thought to look up the meaning behind it. I guess i can thank it for my motivation! Keep it up, I’m fascinated by rocks and gems so I find your posts really enlightening.

  4. Wow, this is another interesting article about another precious stone. Since reading a few articles on your site I have come to learn there are different types of Tigers Eye – color different, Interesting because I am only aware of the Brown colored tiger’s eye.

    This is a very useful article. Thank you.

  5. Very interesting article, in-depth and useful to readers.
    Love the structure of this too, kept me interested and wanting to read on which for me is a key tactic, congrats 🙂
    Thanks for writing and sharing this with us all!

  6. Interesting Article! I now have a better understanding of the benefits of red tiger’s eye. I’m wondering how to recognize the real stone because unfortunately there are many fakes out there. Are there brands or stores we can look out for to find the real thing?

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